Be Like a Tree

One of my favourite things to wear in the summer is dresses. Dresses that aren’t tight fitting are so cool on warm days. They are perfect for taking in all the tourist activities, work or events. The maxi dress has been an obsession of mine lately. Oddly enough I always felt too short to wear them but I have embraced them and loooooove them now. I seriously can’t get enough of them.

This maxi dress is from my favourite local store, Hunnis. You can also shop online.  🙂  The brim hat is one that I think I may wear way too much, but I adore it! Am I the only one that wears things on repeat?!?

I really like the floral print on this maxi dress and how it contrasts with the black.

I love how these photos turned out. Getting in the tree wasn’t an easy feat, but so worth it. Whatever it takes for the photo….right??!   🙂

Be like a tree. 🍃 Stay grounded. 🍃 Connect with your roots. 🍃 Turn over a new leaf. 🍃 Bend before you break. 🍃 Enjoy your unique beauty. 🍃 Keep growing.

A special thank you to Allison Kuhl for the most amazing photos. ❤  She’s the best!

Hangers| Dress | Hat |

Here are some of my favourite maxi dresses:


Have a great week! I have lots I want to accomplish this week. I was sick most of last week and feel like I didn’t get nearly enough done. I hate summer colds so much. Glad to have my voice back!  🙂







  • Amanda Nicole Hughes

    These photos are so fun! Especially love the shots of you in the tree!

  • Kate Blue

    Such gorgeous photos! This dress is so pretty!

  • Gorgeous pictures! Love that dress!

  • This dress is gorgeous on you! I love a good maxi dress in the summer too!

  • Yup, dresses are all I wear in the summer! Love yours- the pretty print is gorgeous!

  • megan

    these photos are stunning! love the dress girl!

    xo megan

  • Ruthie Ridley

    Love this dress and these amazing pics!!! XO

  • You remind me of a little garden faerie or something. So cute with the florals on your dress and being one with nature in that tree. These photos are so beautiful – as all your photos are!

  • Brandi Matthews

    Loving this dress on you!!!
    Xx Brandi

  • Love your dress. I haven’t climbed a tree in forever. I used to climb them all the time when I was a kid.

  • Sydney Power

    What a beautiful dress!

  • Those photos are stunning and so is that dress! I love a good maxi dress for summer.

  • Glad you’re getting over that summer cold! They are the worst!

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  • Stefanie Eadie

    ahhh love the shot of you in the tree! this dress is so pretty on you! love your style 🙂

  • i’m in love with this floral print and so cute paired with the hat!

    cute & little

  • birdieshoots

    I’ve been into loose, breezy dressy lately too, they’re perfect for this time of year!

    Birdie Shoots