Etsy Prom Dress Pick

floral border 4Finding the perfect prom dress is not an easy task. Not wanting to spend a ton makes it even more difficult!

I tried on so many dresses and I wasn’t finding what I wanted.  I was looking for something with tulle (of course), not sleeveless and most importantly something that was different than everyone else would be wearing.

I came across a dress on Etsy that had potential (see above) but it was short and yellow. I messaged the shop owner and she was awesome to get information on exactly what I wanted.  The best part, it was so cheap!  We weren’t sure how long it would take to come from China, but it arrived within 3 weeks and fit perfect.

The shop on Etsy has since closed, but she now as a site here. In addition to prom dresses, she also makes wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and also tulle skirts.  They are all well priced and well made.

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floral border 4