Raspberry Orange Soda

A friend recently gave me a Sodasteam machine that she wasn’t using much. I have been experimenting with ideas to use it. I can’t believe I didn’t get one of these before because Iย  love it so much! I have been trying a lot of recipes with it and this is one of three ideas I have posted on the blog this week.

Raspberry Orange Soda

I am not too interested in using the syrups that you can buy for the Sodastream, but using fruit seems like a great alternative to me. This drink has raspberries and fresh squeezed orange mixed together with the soda water. You could always had alcohol if your a big kid, but I’m not, so I will keep it as is! This drink is refreshing for a hot summer day or when your having party it is just so pretty. It is a must try in my books.


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