Packing for a Weekend in the Country

With the spring officially here and summer almost in touching distance, it means the arrival of many other wonderful things too. There will be lazy days in the sun, picnics by the water and of course, weekend in the country!

Preparing and Packing for a Weekend Away

Start to get prepared for yours now. Packing for a weekend in the country is significantly different to packing for a weekend in a busy city. Time to prepare means you won’t forget anything. You might even have time to source and buy a few fun extras…   🙂

Insect Spray

While the country means lots of wonderful things, it might also mean lots more bugs than you’re used to. Keep yourself protected from itchy and unsightly stings or bites with some insect spray. When spraying, focus on your ankles especially. This is a hotspot that bugs love to head to! Re-apply if and when you feel like it, but be warned – the smell is often very strong.

Preparing and Packing for a Weekend Away

Comfortable Flats

The squirrels and cows won’t be impressed by your designer shoes! Leave them at home for a change, and give your feet a break. Vans are a good idea, because while still stylish and fashionable, they’re flat. This means that you can see the sights on a bike or take walks comfortably.

Preparing and Packing for a Weekend Away

A Pool Inflatable

If there is a pool where you’re headed, and sunshine is predicted, pack a gorgeous pool inflatable. Unlike a few years ago, when it was a blue rubber ring or a neon lounger, there are loads more available now. You’ve probably seen the celebrity Instagram snaps of them playing around on swan pool inflatables. You can also find adorable unicorn ones, or how about a giant pineapple?

Eye Mask

When it comes to your senses, the chances are that where you are going will be very peaceful. This means a restful night’s sleep… or does it? Even if you don’t need earplugs to block out noise, you might want to take an eye mask to block out the light!

Preparing and Packing for a Weekend Away

A Backpack

Handbags are one of my obsessions, and we couldn’t live without them, yes. But on a country weekend, a functional backpack is a far more sensible option. Using one means you can toss it on your back and go, wherever that might be. They’re also big enough for carrying things like your camera if you’re off to see some amazing nature or landscapes. Plus, a backpack means your hands are free. Go for a leather design with a drawstring top and tassels.

Preparing and Packing for a Weekend Away


This one should kinda go without saying! Be sure to pack a good quality sunscreen, even if you’re only away for the weekend. It should have both UVA and UVB protection to guard your precious skin sufficiently. Make sure it is a high enough factor, too.

Have a great weekend! It looks like it is going to be beautiful here!

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  • hzajac13

    These are great packing tips. Now I just need to have some time to get away.

  • Candy Kage

    Cute casual great outfits for a country get away.

  • Amy Scott

    I wish I access to a pool that allowed those things. Those swans last year killed me! Insect spray though – I wouldn’t last 30 seconds in Georgia without it. EVERYTHING eats me alive!

  • Oh my goodness those inflatables are so much fun! II have to admit I wish I could just go away for a weekend in the country! x

  • All such good tips! I never leave without insect spray. Love those fun floats you found!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  • TheLocdBella

    If there’s one thing I never leave without is my insect spray. I hate getting bit ny anything because I have sensitive skin… last thing I need is to look swollen on my getaway.

  • Lily Travella

    Great tips. Insect repellent and sun cream definitely.

  • Great tips and lovely pics as always. Loved the comment “squirrels and cows won’t be impressed by your designer shoes” LOL 🙂

  • Alison

    This is a great list! I love eye masks and completely agree with them! I also think the pool inflatable is such a fun and easy item to bring!

  • These are great packing tips for the country, I live in the country all of the time so I would love a city getaway sometime 😉

  • I love the photos, you look so nice! Very nice tips there, I wish I could go on small trips too!

  • Great packing list! Living in AZ, I don’t get too many opportunities to go out to the country, but those pool floats! I want them all 🙂

    – Nicole @

  • Perfect tips for packing list, Bella. We should use these tips in limited opportunities.


  • I love these packing tips! I can’t tell you how many time though I forgot my bug spray and sunscreen never a good combination to forget!

  • Catherine Sargent

    This is a great packing list. Here is Florida bug spray and sunscreen are a must.

  • Tori Gabriel

    Great list. I must add that you should put insect repellent everywhere! I had the little buggers get me THROUGH a canvas chair!

  • I am in love with your bathing suit! You’re so right about the eye mask. We lived in Alaska for 4 years and it was my best friend during the summer. I travel with one everywhere I go.

  • Taty Pradilla

    I could not live without insect spray out there. Shoes, yes comfortable shoes are key too

  • Love the one of you in the sun hat! SO SO cute!

  • Jeannette

    It looks like you had a great weekend away! I live in the country so these are everyday essentials for us! You really make county living look adorable though.

  • Jeanine @

    looks like a lovely weekend away. would love to pack up and head away for the weekend especially into the country. i bet it was so lovely and peaceful.

  • Such a adorable photos! Love those floats, too!

    xo, Jennifer

  • adapperchick

    These inflatables are so cute! My top must-haves would be the insect spray (bugs freak me out) and the sunscreen. I really like the bathing suit!

  • I love the inflatables and your pictures are adorable! It looks like you had a fun weekend away… I love getting out into the country and enjoying some sunshine and fresh air.

  • Jennifer H

    That’s a great checklist for a weekend trip! Bug spray is sooo important!

  • Lee Allport

    I love your photography first of all. Second those pool rafts are hilarious. Which would I choose…popcorn, definitely.

  • Karla Pitzen

    This would be a good list for our camping trips! Bug spray and sunscreen are so important (especially because I have little ones) and seem to be the most easily forgotten items!

  • Bug spray is so important – and I love your list. Sadly my three little boys like to add to any list I make and so we always end up packing practically everything! I hope you have the most wonderful weekend!

  • Rashmi & Chalukya

    Your post has covered all important items to pack to visit the countryside. Agreed insectspray and sunscreen are definitely a must

  • Argell Sednaoui

    Bug spray and sunscreen is a must wherever I travel.Great post that covers so much things that can be important not only for contryside visits, but for travel in general.

  • Lizelle Cruz

    I always bring bug spray whenever I go outdoors!! I also bring flats since it’s gonna get really tiring in sneakers or closed shoes after hours of walking.

  • cathy

    What a great list of things to pack for a weekend away! Tons of bug spray is especially needed when travelling to the county!

  • Agree with all of these. Definitely a whole different scene in the country. A backpack is a must, and a fold up picnic blanket is a good idea too.

  • Eloise Maoudj-Riley

    Never forget the bug spray! you can’t have a good time when the bugs are attacking you : ) I agree with your list to take along to the country… I want to go to the country for a weekend, I need a break!

  • Great packing guide. I’ve never thought of taking pool inflatable but usually miss having one when I’m chilling in the pool.

    • It is just a fun thing and since they fold up they don’t take much space.

  • I wouldn’t have thought about bringing with me a pool inflatable. I do agree though on the bug spray, it’s a necessity, especially in environments with a lot of vegetation and water.

  • The Perfect Storm

    LOL Those are such ADORABLE floats. I need the pizza one so much! Of course sunscreen is always a must have!

  • Practical tips indeed! in addition to what you mentioned, I will also bring the following:
    – flip fops
    – lots of water
    – fully recharged powerbank for the gadgets and emergency lights


  • Bernadette

    Sunscreen is a must here, we are usually outside for a least a little everyday. And we love a good, fun pool floatie!

  • Where’s the bikini in your last pic from? SO cute!

  • So many cute inflatables! We already have the Pineapple and the pizza!

  • miranda

    i love the pictures! its always nice to have a country get away! yur getaway seems so beautiful from the pictures! love love the inflatiables