TRX: You Need to Try It!

I love trying new fitness classes because it is a great way to meet new people and keep fitness fun. Recently I tried a TRX workout at TNT Fitness and it has been on my exercise rotation since!

I am told that TRX was developed for the Navy SEALs.  Yes, I am training to be a secret weapon! 🙂 TRX suspension training uses two cables on your feet or hands to partially suspend your body and use your body weight as resistance. It is a pretty intense core workout. Every move challenges your core and your coordination.

TNT Fitness TRX Class

My boyfriend (Jeffery) started doing a TRX workout at TNT Fitness with his hockey team. I was really interested, so I decided to try a TRX class. Oh my gosh… I just about died that first class! It was really challenging and but a totally awesome workout.

I know what your thinking… what is she talking about, this looks easy! 🙂 Don’t kid yourself because as with most fitness classes, it’s as challenging as you make it. Some of the things I love about TRX are that:

  • It is a fantastic core workout
  • It is low impact
  • It engages my whole body
  • All levels can enjoy this workout
  • You can control the intensity

TNT Fitness TRX Class

Tag Dundas is the TRX instructor at TNT Fitness and each class he is always smiling and ready to kick my butt!!! I have been doing the TRX classes for a few months, but I still consider myself a beginner. Tag has been helping me with my postures and I feel like I am really benefiting from that helpful instruction. My summer body is on its way and it is all thanks to Tag!!

TNT Fitness TRX Class

Set some goals. THEN DEMOLISH THEM!

TNT Fitness TRX Class

If you live in the Fraser Valley, you should check out  TNT Fitness in Abbotsford. It provides the same world class training standards that all professional athletes receive and is delivered by Canada’s first Master TRX Trainer.

Come and give it a try. The first class is always free.  🙂  Tag is in Ireland right now learning some new TRX techniques, and I can’t wait till Monday when I can go get my butt kicked again!

TNT Fitness TRX Class

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