Go Outside!

I have been making an effort to get outside more, visit new places, meet new people and try new things.  It sounds easy, but it really takes a conscious effort. It is a lot easier to stay in your same routine where you are comfortable.

I live in an area where there is no shortage of things to do outside…so there is no excuse! Hiking is a great way to check a few things off the list above.

Blogger Bella Bucchiotti of xoxoBella is hiking using her High Sierra backpack.

For this hiking adventure (check), I went on a hike with a new friend (check, check), to a place that was so crazy close to my home I can’t believe I had never been there before (check, check, check). See how easy that was to do!

This is Steelhead Falls which is located near the Hayward Reservoir Trail in Mission, BC.

Blogger Bella Bucchiotti of xoxoBella is hiking using her High Sierra backpack.

Don’t you love this backpack!?! It is such a great colour and I adore it.  🙂  It is a High Sierra Karadon backpack. It is available in a range of sizes from 5L to 65L making it perfect for short hiking adventures like this or even a week long camping excursion.

All High Sierra Karadon packs have removable and washable straps, hip belt and lumbar padding – which is a good thing! Additionally, you can remove the suspension panel, which will increase the capacity of the pack when needed.

Blogger Bella Bucchiotti of xoxoBella is hiking using her High Sierra backpack.

I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees. – Henry David Thoreau

Blogger Bella Bucchiotti of xoxoBella is hiking using her High Sierra backpack.

A special thanks to Zack Melhus for getting me out of the house and for taking these killer photos!  ?  This was our first outing together and as you can see below, my mom was texting me to see if I was alive or if I had fallen in the water!

Blogger Bella Bucchiotti of xoxoBella is hiking using her High Sierra backpack.

Log off. Shut down. Go outside.

Blogger Bella Bucchiotti of xoxoBella is hiking using her High Sierra backpack.

P.S. I fell in the water (so embarrassing). It happens every single time lol! I need to learn to stay away from slippery rocks.

Have a fantastic Thursday! I wasn’t home much yesterday, so today I will probably be busy catching up and getting things done…so I don’t have to do them on the weekend.  🙂

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  • Stephanay Jnote

    I have never been hiking but it sounds like lots of fun. Very adventurous I must say. I am clumsy just walking a straight line so hiking might have me with broken bones and scratches everywhere. LOL! But would love to try it someday!

  • Looks beautiful! I need one of those hammocks!!

  • Jacqui @TradesofJacqui

    It’s been ages since I’ve been hiking! We have a lot of great spots in Pennsylvania too. No excuse! And agreed with Julie, I need one of those hammocks! Thanks for sharing!

  • Rebecca Swenor

    Hiking through the woods in our area is something most people do. We haven’t been hiking a while so we will have to get out there especially with the leaves changing colors now. Thanks for sharing your hiking adventure.

  • Shirley Wood

    Now that we finally have some fall like temps here in the deep south, I’d love to get outdoors and take a hike! Beautiful scenery makes for a nice hike and a fun day. I dream of a full day unplugged!

  • Love your pics! I made a similar conscious decision at the beginning of the year. Get out more! Now, we go on family walks every weekend, visit lots of little woodlands in the area that we never knew existed. And it just feels like I get so much more out of my weekends 🙂

  • I love getting outside when I feel overwhelmed, it helps me relax and feel more inspired! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  • These photos are breathtaking! Its so hard for me to slow life down and enjoy nature! Definitely need to work on that more!


  • mckenna bleu

    These photos turned out beautiful in the woods!

  • Pam W

    Those photos are beautiful! We went on a hike to several falls last week. It’s always fun to get outside and enjoy nature!

  • Stunning shots! I love your tip about unplugging! It’s so important and hiking is such a great way to do it (mostly because it forces you to sometimes haha, am I right??)

    Rachel | http://www.theconfusedmillennial.com

  • This looks like so much fun! I love hiking in new places!

    Cristina / cristinawashere.com

  • Every time you post an outdoor shot you make me want to head straight to Canada. Such beautiful views!

  • Carrie Colbert

    Yes yes yes! The great outdoors. We need to plan a trip for me to visit (after winter – I don’t do cold well).



  • Dee

    I am not big on going outside, but when I do I always appreciate the beauty in nature and I love so sit outside with a book in my hand and just taking in the peace and quietness .

    • Ive always been a huge fan of being out doors. I use to go camping a lot as a kid.

  • Wow, I can’t believe such a place is close to you, so lucky!


    Tamara – LoveofMode.com

  • Kristine Circenis

    This is such a fun way to get out of the house!!

  • Melinda House

    such a pretty spot!! looks like a blast

  • Jodi-Kay Edwards

    These photos are beautiful! I wish we had more stuff to do outside here!

  • Sami Mast

    Sounds like a fun adventure! And such a cute backpack, I love the color!


  • This looked like a lot of fun! The photos are really nice! I like the new hiking gear!

  • So much to see outside, I love that waterfall. Waterfalls are my favorite! What lovely outside photos to share!

  • This looks like so much fun! I love getting outside and out of the city, especially since I grew up more in the country! What a fun time!

  • Adriana

    Such gorgeous pictures! Getting outside and doing things is SO much fun!

  • Greta Hollar

    I love leaving my phone in the car and going for hikes. So nice to unplug and clear your head!

    Greta | http://www.gretahollar.com

  • What a gorgeous area for a hike. We are heading somewhere new on Sunday, Can’t wait to go explore.

  • Wow, what a gorgeous place to take a hike. I would love to hike there.

  • rika agustini

    What a wonderful place.. I love outdoor acuities and checking out new places

  • sara

    I love this backpack! Great color and style. What a beautiful place for a hike, it is so important to take time to get outside before it is too cold.

  • I’m cracking up at you falling into the water. I need to walk around with a photographer. I love the backpack, I’m always shopping around for a cute one.

    • I always fall.. lol. I always say I’m not gonna fall then I end up falling ahaha. Thank you for stopping by

  • Nadia

    Hubby and I have been dreaming about a) visiting Vancouver & b) moving there. So hopefully both things do come true in due time 🙂 LOVED this post as I love staying active. It’s so important to “turn off” and just enjoy the nature.
    xox Nadia

  • Amanda Love

    Good job for doing something new today! That’s amazing! You’re so lucky to live next to a place that’s worthy of exploring! The falls look amazing and you had reliable gear with you as well!

  • Such beautiful photos and love the Thoreau quote. Can’t wait for the storm to clear up to go on these hiking adventures.
    Jasmine | http://www.mysuitcasejourneys.com

  • Looks like the most amazing adventure!!! Hope you had fun!
    XO Amanda | http://www.glitterandspice.com