My 2016 in Photos

I meant to have this post up last week, but it didn’t happen. So, for the first post of 2017 I am sharing my highlights of 2016 in photos. It was a big year for me. Lots of changes, hard work and fun all rolled into one.

Personally there were a lot of big and difficult decisions in 2016. I don’t really share too much personal stuff on my blog but you will have to believe me when I tell you they were big events and tough decisions. Adulting is hard.

I traveled more in 2016 that I expected at the start of the year. I went to Chicago, New York City, LA (multiple times), Seattle (multiple times) and Houston. I also did a lot of exploring at home and visiting some amazing places. I live in the most beautiful place on earth. No joke.   🙂

I made more new friends this year that I ever thought possible. My heart is happy and I feel totally blessed.  I also worked with so many amazing photographers. My blog wouldn’t be what it is without their talent.

Even a rainy day at Disneyland can be a good one. Such a fun day! Jenny spend the day at Disneyland with me capturing photos and she knew all the best places for photos.

This photo taken by Jerald was one of the last photos of the year and maybe my favourite for many reasons.

Santa Monica Pier makes the perfect backdrop for photos. I really feel like I am made for a warmer climate and I love California. I know I will be back again in 2017. Once again…lots of good memories and friends made during my trips to LA. Jenny took this fab photo.

I love this photo and I love Jenny my photographer that took it. She’s the bomb and I can’t wait to take photos with her again.

I am glad I got to so many great murals in 2016. This dot wall was one that I wanted to go to for so long. Saad, who took me around to murals all day (lol), took this winner!

I met so many people through my blogging like Ben would took t his photo.  Unplanned adventures like this one were so much fun. We had a lot of snow in the late fall, so I tried to embrace it.

This photo is possibly one of my favourites of the year, too. I have been working on getting more video content on my blog and Braedin has been helping me with that. Plus he was been shooting some new content that I love. We are leaving next week on an adventure and I can’t wait to share the details.

Houston is full of wonderful murals. I was there and stayed with Carrie and had some photos with  Maritere who is just so kind and talented. I am so happy that I met her. Plus, once again, this has to be one of my favourite photos of the year.

I did a lot of jumping in photos in 2016. This capture by Maritere is so fun and full of energy. I heart it!

Alison is another amazingly talented photographer that I work with. She is so good at capturing images that I adore.

This is another photo by Allison that I love and a favourite dress.

Rachel is a photographer that has known me since I was little. We have a lot of fun shooting and mostly it is all local to my home which is nice.

This is another one by Rachel is a total favourite. I love the location, the outfit and my hair. I remember this day because I was late getting there due to bad traffic coming from Vancouver back home. It was a really fast shoot because she had to get home. It all worked out though.

This is one of my most liked photos on Instagram. Braedin probably never thought he would end up shooting jewelry lol.

Venice Beach has so many amazing murals and I am so glad that I got to spend time there in 2016. Jenny took this photo and a bunch of others that day and they are are fabulous.

My mom still takes some photos of me and this is one that she took in Vancouver. It has to be my favourite Vancouver mural.

Another favourite photo by Ben. No reason why…it just is.  🙂

When I was in Santa Monica I had Davis take some photos of me. A bit different style but I absolutely adore how they all turned out. This one is another one that makes the top of the favourite list.

This magical photos is also by Davis. Love, love, love!

I seriously need to get this photo captured by Braedin printed on canvas. It is just epic.

When I was in New York, I spent the day with Ryan who literally took me all over the city to get photos that I wanted. He was so much fun and I can’t wait to go back to NYC to shoot with him again.

Karin took this photo and I love the light in it. She is another photographer that is local to me and I have really enjoyed working with her.

This photo by Saad is one of my favourites and also one of my most liked posts on Instagram in 2016. Who doesn’t love a honey bear?!?

This photo is also on my top favourite of all time list. Thomas captured this and I remember looking at them for the first time and being so in awe of how they turned out.

This one is also by Thomas and I heart it!

Jeremy captured this one in Vancouver. I loved how all the photos we shot that day turned out.

Braedin captured this on a trip to the Oregon coast. We met up with a group of his friends and I am not kidding when I say it was the most amazing trip. I will never forget it. We got up early to capture the sunrise at Cape Kiwanda.

This is another favourite because I love how this campaign for Ford turned out and Braedin made the most amazing video.

My mom captured this image and I love that dress. Warm weather come soon so that I can wear it again! A bike shop around the corner let us borrow a cute bike. People everywhere are always so kind.

My mom also captured this image which was another that made the top likes on Instagram in 2016. She had to borrow a chair from a coffee shop to stand on to get this angle of the crosswalk. She will do anything for a good photo.  🙂

My mom and I shot this at 5:45am one morning in Chicago. Once again, my mom will do anything to get a good shot!

I will forever remember my first trip to NYC. I went with my mom and she captured this favourite photo.

Jerald has a way of capturing the happiest me. I heart this photo.  🙂

When I was in Chicago, I met up with Ali, who took me around to a number of murals. There are so many there! I love how they all turned out, but this one has to be a favourite.

Bless you if you managed to make it through this post. I hope you had a good NYE and I can’t wait to see where this blog will take me in 2017. Thank you so much for all your support and encouragement. I would not be able to make this happen without you.
















  • Ruthie Ridley

    Wow, so many magical moments this year! You work with VERY talented people! I love your heart for adventure! You will see a lot of amazing things in your lifetime!

  • Your photos are so fun and you are adorable. What an amazing year you had!!

  • So cute! Looks like you had an incredible year! Wishing you a just as incredible 2017!

    Casey //

  • Kara Ziegler

    What an amazing adventure your 2016 has been! I’m loving all the mural walls you’ve found. It’s one of my goals to find more of these in our travels.

  • The pictures are gorgeous! Looks like you had a pretty eventful year! As I look at your pictures I realize that I am the one usually behind the camera and this year I need to be more in front of it! Happy New Year!

    Bridget ||

  • What an awesome year! I love that jumping shot with the umbrella! Too cute! Cheers to 2017!

  • Candy Kage

    I have enjoyed following your fashion adventures this past year and all the fun places you visit.

  • Jamie

    Love looking through your year through photos- what a fun way to re-cap 2016! Obsessed with your style, and you are a gem at braids!

    Looking forward to following along into the new year!

    xx, Jamie

  • Hannah Stark

    Your pictures are phenomenal!! You have so much color and energy in each of them. I loved scrolling through and seeing all the amazing places you have been!

    xoxo, Hannah

  • EmmyKate

    you look so cute in all of the photos

  • Miss ALK

    SO many amazing photos and adventures! Jealous of all of the pretty murals that you got to see this year! Charlotte definitely needs more murals.

    xoxo A

  • Elly Leavitt

    those snow pics are so so gorgeous! And I love the jumpsuit you’re wearing in the first pic x

  • You look absolutely gorgeous in all your photos! They are all so fun.

    with love, Danielle

  • What a great year! All of these photos are gorgeous! Happy New Year!


  • Ashley Zeal

    These are so great! I’m so happy we “met” this year! LOL. I love following along with you! Happy New year babe!

  • Sami Mast

    These are all so cute, Bella!! You seriously always look so gorgeous in them! Love that Honey bear mural, where is that?!


    • Its in LA, right across from the dot mural…so if you go you can get photos at both. 608 Mateo Street

  • These are my favorite posts of the year! Such great photos, love all your backgrounds!

    XO Strawberry Chic

  • I wish my mom would do anything for pictures like yours! She doesn’t even really know how to get to the camera on her iPhone, hahah! These pictures are all so gorgeous and I can’t wait to see more in 2017! Adulting is hard but it’s worth it in the end (so I’ve heard)


  • Lauryn Lasko

    You really have such awesome shots! I really like the “beach” bungalow one and the rooftop one!


  • lexi

    What an adorable post! Loving all of these photos. Happy new year!
    xx Lexi, Glitter, Inc.

  • I love this little stroll down 2016, you had some great adventures! Cheers to an even more adventurous 2017!


    Lee Anne

  • Nicole Leffew

    All of your pictures are so colorful and happy, I love them! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for 2017! Lovely Bella! XO

  • All of these photos are amazing! You worked with so many wonderful photographers.

  • Vivian Tang

    You have gorgeous photos! I especially love the photo where you’re wearing a black jumpsuit and that colorful wall!


  • I’m obsessed with all of these pictures! I love that you take so many pictures in front of beautiful walls. The first wall instantly caught my attention because I’m from Houston and I recognized it. It’s so cool to see many other beautiful murals in other cities as well!

  • How do you even narrow down all of the amazing pictures you take?! I’m so jealous you’ve been able to work with so many talented photographers. It sure helps that you’re absolutely stunning and have a great sense of style, too 😉

    Best wishes to you and your blog in 2017! <3

    Kayla |

  • THIS IS SO AMAZING AND COLORFUL. You have a lovely blog, Bella. And in every picture, you look so happy and full of life. Absolutely love your style. 🙂 Happy New Year.

  • hzajac13

    What a great year!

  • Wow, gorgeous pics dear!
    Your fave is also my fave! Such a nice winter pic!

    Happy 2017
    xoxo, Colli
    Beautyblog tobeyoutiful

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    Your pics are just stunning! I wish I had some photography friends like you!

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    Wonderfully amazing photos! So much color and vibrancy! Looks like you had a great year!

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    Rachel | The Confused Millennial

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    You seriously have the most beautiful pictures always!! I love these – I can’t wait to see your pictures this year!! 🙂

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    Styled Adventures

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    Your photos are always the BEST. Seriously, I need to know the secrets!! lol. But you had such a fabulous, colorful year! xoxo

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