It’s all About Balance

One of the topics that I love sharing is the little things that I do to try to incorporate healthy habits into my everyday life. I try to balance exercise and Netflix marathons as well as pizza and healthy options. I am not a fitness fanatic or nutritional expert…just a regular person trying to stay healthy, feel good and look good. Probiotics is something that I want to share with you today.

Blogger Bella Bucchiotti of shares about the benefits of Genuine Health probiotics.

If you follow me on my Insta-Stories, you may have heard me with my struggles lately with my diet. I have to take some medication for several months that requires me to cut gluten (Gasp!), dairy (Oy!) and sugar (Kill me now!). The side effects of slipping up are not pleasant so let’s just say I am sticking to this diet!

Blogger Bella Bucchiotti of shares about the benefits of Genuine Health probiotics.

I am a huge fan of yogurt and literally eat it several times a day (smoothies, snack, etc). Having to cut dairy means that I can’t eat my yogurt that I love. I started eating yogurt a lot in high school at the suggestion of several specialists that were helping me sort out some skin (exzema) and personal (yeast infection….sorry if TMI) issues that were a continual problem.

Blogger Bella Bucchiotti of shares about the benefits of Genuine Health probiotics.

Yogurt is rich in probiotics (the good bacteria) and I found that it did indeed help with my issues. Hallelujah! Other foods rich in probiotics are kefir, sauerkraut, miso, pickles, kimchi and kombucha.

Probiotics are known to:

  • Support a healthy digestive system
  • Help improve skin conditions and allergies
  • Boost immunity
  • Improve your mental health

With me relying on yogurt for probiotics (because I don’t know about you but I am not eating sauerkraut every day!), I needed to find a supplement while I was on my special diet. After taking a probiotic supplement for the last 3 weeks, I know that I will be taking it even after I am back to my normal diet. I love how it is making me feel.

Blogger Bella Bucchiotti of shares about the benefits of Genuine Health probiotics.

Genuine Health’s new advanced gut health probiotic 50 billion CFU is what I have been using. Some benefits are:

  • There are 15 human strains that mimic a healthy human gut flora.
  • Clean and toxin-free process.
  • 100% Vegan, Soy-Free, Gluten-Free, and Non-GMO

You can find it at your local health food, grocery and drug retailers or visit to find a store near you.

Blogger Bella Bucchiotti of shares about the benefits of Genuine Health probiotics.

A huge thank you to Brooklyn D Photography for taking these images. She’s legit the 

| Sports Bra | Leggings | Sneakers | Copper Water Bottle |

Blogger Bella Bucchiotti of shares about the benefits of Genuine Health probiotics.

This blog post is brought you in collaboration with Genuine Health.  Thank you for supporting the brands that support me. #LoveYourGut #LoveHowYouFeel #Ambassador






  • Alli Smith

    I’m always looking for ways to make sure I’m getting probiotics in my daily diet. Balance is the key and the little things really add up. I feel so much better after adding probiotics.

  • Robin Rue

    I have heard lots of buzz about probiotics lately and have been wanting to try them. I think I will try these.

  • Candy Kage

    Probiotics are extremely important to a persons body. Not enough can be said about them. Love you are using a copper water bottle. Your work outfit looks fantastic.

  • Jeanette

    I have been looking for Probiotics! I am getting my body back into shape and this is one of the first steps I need to do!

  • I’m sorry you’re dealing with those issues but I am glad you’re getting it all under control. I take a probiotic and it helps so much!

  • blm03

    I take a probiotic every day. I have had stomach issues since I was in my 20’s and probiotics are the only thing that seem to keep me more regular. And I would die if I had to cut dairy. I love my smoothies!!

  • Susan Guinto

    Have heard so much about the health benefits of probiotics. I’ve been struggling about my health as I’m a HUGE fan of rice. Will make sure to add probiotics to my daily diet.

  • Tiffani at Breton Bay

    Such a good read. I fall in the same category…not a nutritionist and not a gym fanatic but want to stay healthy and fit in my clothes. It’s nice to hear about the benefits of the probiotics…it sounds like something I should consider adding to my diet.


  • Finding balance is one of the things I struggle with the most these days. I’m always looking for ways to do better.

  • Balance is always a struggle with me, as I have far too much on my plate. I’ve heard so many great things about probiotics, and it looks like you found a good one!

    April |

  • Adriana

    Yogurt does the same thing for me!! It never fails to amaze me how much it helps my diet. These probiotics look amazing, I need to try them!! P.S. I looveee your athleisure look! 🙂

  • Sydney Power

    Very cool, I love that water bottle! I have the same one!

  • Kate Blue

    I’ve heard so many good things about probiotics! You look fab!

  • Eloise Maoudj Riley

    Probiotics is the new health benefit-loving craze for the body… happy there’s an option like this out there for healing : )

  • Kate

    Such a cute sports bra

  • Love this workout look and those shoes girl!

  • Pam

    I take probiotics every day.They can help with so many different things! I have IBS so they’re necessary for me.

  • Anna Hubbard

    Girl you are stronger than me – I would not be able to cut all that stuff out! Glad to hear probiotics are helping out!
    -Anna |

  • I had to incorporate probiotics in my diet as well. Unfortunately I don’t like yogurt so I do eat sauerkraut and drink ginger tea each day which seem to help me. You look great in your photos in there obviously doing a great job balancing having fun with being healthy too

  • Greta Hollar

    I’ve heard great things about this probiotics! What your doing is working because you’re glowing!

    Greta |

  • Your shoes are supa cute! Great info.

    Alix |

  • Stephanie Pass

    I know the feeling have to cut things out. Being pregnant right now, I’ve had to remove a lot of things from my diet with gestational diabetes. Drives me crazy sometimes.

  • I agree with you it’s all about balance! Love your workout gear pretty girl!

  • Ashley Mason

    This is awesome! I agree that it’s so important to balance your life. I don’t have any diet issues that would cause me to cut anything out, but lately I’ve been thinking about reevaluating my diet. I tend to eat things that aren’t too great for me and make me feel exhausted.

  • Danik Bates

    I know where you are coming from Bella and only recently changed my diet big time so I can look good, feel good and keep competing in marathons. But Probiotics – do they really improve your mental health. How do you know the change? 😀 But seriously, totally agree with everything you said and keep on going. Its all about mental strength when it comes to training.

  • I had no idea there was a probiotic that was 100% Vegan, Soy-Free, Gluten-Free, and Non-GMO. That’s the only reason I have not been able to use one yet. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Shelby Skaggs

    you look amazing! and balance can be tricky, and no fun at times, but it is key!


  • Kita Bryant

    I try to eat yogurt as often as possible as well. However, it makes me gag sometimes so probiotics is the way I go most days, haha. Never heard of this brand before. I’ll have to check it out!

  • Tamara Bowman

    You look much healthier than I do, haha! A few kids did its toll but you’re right, it’s important to make time for being healthy!

  • My mom has been trying to get me on probiotics and I feel like I’ve heard so much about it! Love this post 🙂

  • I love this workout outfit. Finding a great balance is so important! Glad you’re able to find a way to make it work for you!
    Katie | Millennial on the Move

  • You look amazing lady! I am all about the probiotics 🙂

    • Aww thank you Lindsay and I am all about them too. They have helped me so much.

    • Aww thank you Lindsay and I am all about them too. They have helped me so much.

  • I eat yogurt everyday for the probiotics too, but I never thought about taking it as a supplement. I can’t believe you have to cut out all of that stuff. Hope it goes by fast and you can get back to your normal diet! You look adorable, by the way, love that workout look! Happy Friday Bella! 🙂


    • Its really tough and I have learned to deal with it pretty well, I have become a huge fan of gluten free bread.

    • Its really tough and I have learned to deal with it pretty well, I have become a huge fan of gluten free bread.

  • I need to get MORE probiotic-rich stuff…I have probiotics in my skincare, but I’ve always like yogurt with it!

    Coming Up Roses

  • I’ve heard cutting dairy can help with a lot, but I didn’t think how that also cuts out probiotics!

    xo Amanda John
    XO Strawberry Chic

  • We love probioticcs here at home and we just have a local product that is so good and gives us the probiotics we need.

  • I take probiotics and they seriously help a ton with bloating! My doctor advised me to take them a while back and they have seriously changed things for the better! x, kenz

  • Lauren Ashley

    You look absolutely AMAZING! I actually had to cut all of that + caffeine, too a while back! I felt so good but it was so difficult. But I want to get back into it because I felt so much better and no migraines!

  • You look great. Both my husband and I take probiotics but we have yet to try this brand.

  • Victoria Stacey

    Balance is super important! I love taking probiotics, it’s really help! I took it while travelling to help with my stomach adjusting. You look great!