6 Fun Pet Activities During Quarantine

As you all may know, Beau is my little fur baby and I love him dearly! But poor guy – I know he can be bored sometimes. Well, the thing is, he loves his runs, loves to nap, and LOVES his dang orange ball (what is up with that, little dude?) So, I came up with a few pet activities during quarantine that I just KNOW he will adore. Ehhh – I will def love them more than he will.

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You can do these pet activities with most any kind of pet you own, so let me know how they go or tag me on IG when you post them so I can see what you all have been up to!

Fun Pet Activities Every Pet will Love

1. Exercise – Dog Activities

Taking your pup isn’t just great for them to burn off energy – but you, too! Get them outside and take them to their fav dog park (if one near you is still open) or even a nearby park that they love. You can even go up to mountains or the lake for some extra fun in the sun if that is allowed where you live. I am pretty sure this is one of Beau’s favourite pet activities during quarantine.

Bring your pet out on your errands, even if it is to pick up toilet paper lol.

Here is Beau with his favourite ball. I have several because I am not sure he would survive losing it.

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2. Pet Crafts!

Anything from pressing their paws in clay or washable paint to press on a piece of paper, you can get really creative with cute art projects with your pup. You can even send it to your parents so they have a nice little gift from their grandpup!


Some may say I spoil Beau, but he is kind of my best bud and during this quarantine, he is pretty much all I see.

3. Teach Them New Tricks!

Youtube is great when it comes to getting inspiration or even clarification when it comes to teaching your pup a new skill. You can even make it advanced like throwing something away in the trash or getting something from the fridge. You will probably want to make sure you have a ton of treats ready! Beau isn’t keen on tricks (but he loves the treats), so I would say this isn’t one of his favourite pet activities during quarantine.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could teach your dog to fold laundry!?! I wish!

4. A Photoshoot!

Who said quarantine wasn’t a time for killer selfies? You can dress you and your dog up for an incredibly adorable photoshoot where you’re both matching or you know, just be taking pics soley of your furbaby since they are too sweet!

5. S[paw] Day!

Although many animals don’t like to get a bath, for those who do love being pampered, having a brush through their hair, or even having a blow dryer in the face – consider it a spa day! Or you know, you can totally just pet them all day and let them sunbath as they do their own thing. Nah, we are crazy pet parents and we know it! 😉

6. Spread Some Smiles

Consider posting pictures of your beloved pet online or maybe Facetime one of your friends who you know is obsessed with your own version of Beau. Maybe even get a hold of a local hospital and see if you can send in cute pics with an uplifting, encouraging note to let them know things will get better soon.

I hope you might consider doing some of these adorable pet activities with your even more adorable pets! Make sure you send me tons of pics of your days home together because 1. I love animals. 2. I love when everyone is having a great time!!

Until next time! If you are looking for more posts about Beau, you can find my favourite HERE.

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  1. DeBalino wrote:

    Oh my goodness Beau is absolutely adorable. I LOVE that you put this post up, because I know about 20 people who have pets and have no idea what to do with them while staying home. Beau must absolutely know how much you love him. So cute!

    Posted 4.23.20 Reply
  2. Reese Woods wrote:

    What a handsome little fur model! I’m glad you guys are keeping each other company!

    Posted 4.23.20 Reply
  3. Raina wrote:

    This is so fun! Our dog is loving all the attention

    Posted 4.23.20 Reply
  4. Tracy Shaw wrote:

    This is the sweetest post! Your dog is gorgeous too! We just have a cat and I think he’s really wondering why we aren’t leaving the house. 🙂

    Posted 4.23.20 Reply
  5. I’m loving this post. With two active dogs at home, it’s not easy. They don’t have the option to go to dog park, so we’ve been looking to do other things indoors and in the yard.

    Posted 4.24.20 Reply