7 Easy Tips to Stay Healthy This Winter

As the cold moves in, it is time to adjust your routine to respond to the changes that it brings. Winter is a beautiful time of year, but the approach of winter means that cold and flu season is also on its way. Today’s blog posts shares 7 easy tips to stay healthy and strong this winter by incorporating daily habits that are proactive against colds and flu and will also boost your immune system.

Cold-Q to the Res-Q

Cold-Q is an all-natural oral spray that attacks cold and flu viruses where they live. You just simply spray it on the back of your throat and it will attack colds right where they live. It works immediately by attacking the virus in the early stages of development. Keep Cold-Q on hand and use it at the very first sign of cold and flu symptoms like a sore throat, runny nose or coughing. You just continue to use it until the symptoms are gone. How awesome does this sound?!? It is a lifesaver for me.

If you don’t catch it in time and already have a cold or the flu, just start using immediately. A study showed that about 80% of patients who sprayed with Cold-Q were free of symptoms within two days of treatment with the product as compared to the control group which showed less than 10% response by day 3.

Blogger Bella Bucchiotti of xoxoBella is sharing 7 easy tips to stay healthy this winter including the use of Cold-Q an all-natural spray that attacks cold and flu viruses where they live.

I particularly like that it is made from a formula of natural herbs, free of pesticides, preservatives, heavy metals and is non-GMO. It is also super convenient and easy to use.

You simply apply 5 sprays to the back of the throat, 3 times per day. Continue spraying until you no longer feel symptoms of a cold and flu. You should wait 30 minutes after spraying before you eat or drink.

Cold-Q is available at many health food stores, as well as available for purchase online worldwide. For more information, visit www.coldq.com.

Bundle Up

We were all taught at an early age to bundle up in the winter. It is still true! Dress in layers and you will be warm and comfortable at all times.  The extreme temperature change from indoor to outdoor can stress the immune system.

Blogger Bella Bucchiotti of xoxoBella is sharing 7 easy tips to stay healthy this winter including the use of Cold-Q an all-natural spray that attacks cold and flu viruses where they live.

Stay Hydrated

Two thirds of your body is made of water, so staying hydrated is one of the most important things you can do for your health this winter. I have read that you should aim for drinking eight glasses of water daily…and lattes don’t count!

Blogger Bella Bucchiotti of xoxoBella is sharing 7 easy tips to stay healthy this winter including the use of Cold-Q an all-natural spray that attacks cold and flu viruses where they live.

If you are tired of drinking water, try drinking warm water or adding berries and fruit to your (warm or cold) water to naturally flavour it. It also looks pretty, too!

Eat Healthy

Eat your way to health this winter! You need to eat healthy to stay healthy this winter. A diet containing a lot of fruits, vegetables and lean protein works well for me. If you’re struggling to get the recommended servings of fruit and vegetables each day, try juicing them.

Blogger Bella Bucchiotti of xoxoBella is sharing 7 easy tips to stay healthy this winter including the use of Cold-Q an all-natural spray that attacks cold and flu viruses where they live.

Plan your meals so that you have no excuse for not eating right. Eating foods that are high in Vitamin C will help keep your immune system strong, so include citrus fruits, kiwi, and broccoli in your winter diet. A healthy diet will also help you by fighting hunger, keeping your mood stable and decreasing your stress levels.


Physical activity is essential to winter health. Continue your exercise routine through the winter to stay fit, boost your immune system function, decrease your stress level and keep your weight down.  Always try to add at least a half hour of exercise to your day. Not only will it help you to stay healthy this winter, but it will also give you more energy.

Blogger Bella Bucchiotti of xoxoBella is sharing 7 easy tips to stay healthy this winter including the use of Cold-Q an all-natural spray that attacks cold and flu viruses where they live.

Not all exercise has to be at the gym. Head outside on the nicer winter days and get some much-needed fresh air. Deep breathing, exercise and relaxing in the fresh air will make you feel amazing and totally recharge your batteries.

Wash Up Often

As children, we learned that hand washing is important. Frequent hand washing is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of germs and control infection. Be extra diligent about hand washing during the cold and flu season. Also, always remember to wash your hands before touching your face or eyes.

Get Enough Sleep

Getting about eight hours of sleep every night is essential for avoiding dark circles under the eyes, and it is also essential to keeping healthy. It is so important for those that want to stay healthy this winter. During the winter months with work, holidays and other activities, it is typical for sleep to be neglected.  Don’t let that happen!

Blogger Bella Bucchiotti of xoxoBella is sharing 7 easy tips to stay healthy this winter including the use of Cold-Q an all-natural spray that attacks cold and flu viruses where they live.

How do you plan to stay healthy this winter?

While I have been compensated by Cold-Q, all opinions are mine. Thank you for supporting the brands that support me!


xoxoBella is a popular travel and lifestyle blog featuring travel inspiration, fashion, recipes, dog mom tips and fitness motivation. Bella Bucchiotti lives with and advocates for Type 1 Diabetes and Celiac Disease awareness.

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  1. Pamela Arsena wrote:

    I know for me staying hydrated is the key for me staying healthy. I notice when I don’t drink enough water I don’t feel well at all.

    Posted 10.30.16 Reply
  2. wow! this is amazing! This winter will be exciting!

    Posted 10.30.16 Reply
  3. arita muhaxheri wrote:

    Great tips girl , staying hydrated is really important for your body and it definitely helps keep the toxins away ?

    Posted 10.30.16 Reply
  4. Great tips! We are currently living in the tropics so winter is not on the way for us! However, we are still susceptible to a cold! We live on a boat and i find as soon as we have “landlubbing” guest on board we end up with a cold or other illness (tummy bug) that they have brought along with them. I will be one step ahead of them next time! 😀

    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  5. Some great tips here! Thank you. I am going to meal plan this week. I’ve gained a lot of weight and it’s killing me. With winter approaching I’m so scared of how much more I will gain if I don’t plan ahead and stay strict.

    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  6. Carrie Colbert wrote:

    What a great idea and great tips! Way to go, Bella!



    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  7. Mafambani wrote:

    thanks for sharing those tips. I like the ColdQ, because I know these kind of sprays but they are not only herbals. I drink more tea in the cold season as it’s harder to drink more water when it’s cold. Also I practise a lot yoga. Stay healthy & thanks for the post.

    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  8. Alli Smith wrote:

    I always tend to gain a few pounds during the winter/holiday season. This time, I’m going to use your tips to stay healthy and fit during the winter months.

    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  9. KarenAnita wrote:

    I’m usually much more behaved in the Autumn/winter season i must say! Probably because i love the freshness of the air and get out a lot more

    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  10. Kecia wrote:

    Thanks for the reminders of how to stay healthy during the winter! I am going to work hard to get out and exercise more. And I probably should get some ColdQ to keep on hand.

    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  11. Jacqui @FlightsFancyMom wrote:

    Staying hydrated and getting enough sleep are two of my problems! I’m a night owl that has to wake up early lol. I’m getting somewhat better with my water since I’ve been on Phentermine though. Hopefully I can keep it up! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  12. Tania Potter wrote:

    Stunning photos! And, oh my word, does your cat really have those beautiful eyes? It definitely takes more effort to eat healthily and stay hydrated in winter so these are great reminders.

    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  13. linda spiker wrote:

    Great tips! I have never heard of Cold-Q! I will have to give it a look!

    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  14. Ruthie Ridley wrote:

    Great tips girl!! You are such a creative influencer!! XO

    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  15. Paula wrote:

    These are awesome tips! It’s so important to stay hydrated and stay active. Both of those can help drastically improve your immune function.

    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  16. These are amazing tips! It’s so important to drink plenty of water. I always add lemon to water.

    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  17. C A M I wrote:

    These are great tips girl, I love all of them!

    Have a gorgeous week!

    My Vogue Style | http://www.myvoguestyle.com

    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  18. WhatWouldVWear wrote:

    Great tips, B! Totally agree on drinking lots of water and those pics of you are too cute!
    Happy Monday, love!
    xoxo, Vanessa

    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  19. Jolina wrote:

    In the winter, exercise is really one of the first activities we drop. It’s just such a hassle to bundle up and off and then up again! But you’re right, it’s so important. And yes, with colds going around, washing our hands often is a must!

    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  20. Vera Sweeney wrote:

    I love these tips!!!! The kids are always bringing home germs it seems from school and sickness!!

    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  21. Thank you for these tips! I’m currently fighting off a cold, so I appreciate them! The sleep thing is so not an understatement. I can definitely see a difference when I allow myself to get enough. Also I love your tip on fruit in water!


    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  22. Cold-q sounds great. It’s amazing how much eating healthy and staying hydrated do for our overall health year around.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  23. Dee wrote:

    I have never heard of Cold-Q, but I am going to have to check it out myself. I do my best to drink a lot of water and to make sure I get my vitamins in, so won’t get sick.

    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  24. Great tips! With two school-aged kids, we get plenty of germs in our home. I’ll have to see if Cold-Q is available in my area!

    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  25. Pam W wrote:

    I need to pick up some Cold-Q. I swear that I catch everything that comes around during the winter time.

    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  26. Great tips! Not getting enough rest is my greatest weakness. These are all such good reminders to stay healthy!

    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  27. Brandy wrote:

    What easy ways to stay healthy this winter. I appreciate you sharing some tips. Winter is the hardest season for me due to lack of sunlight 🙁

    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  28. such great tips! you are so darling!


    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  29. Suzanne wrote:

    Great tips! Getting enough sleep is so crucial. I can’t believe it’s this time of year already!

    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  30. Dana Brillante-Peller wrote:

    Great tips! I have to say that your cat has the most beautiful eyes!

    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  31. Nicole Parise wrote:

    All solid suggestions! I am very bummed about my latte’s not counting. That is my life elixir!
    xx nicole

    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  32. Sainab Sharif wrote:

    Ohh I really want to try the Cold Q, I havent tried it before. Some great natural ways to avoid getting ill this season!

    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  33. Ashley wrote:

    These are great tips! I’ve never heard of Cold Q, but really want to give it a try! As a teacher, I am exposed to so many kid germs and I’m always trying to do whatever I can to prevent getting sick!

    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  34. TheNewClassy wrote:

    I may have to try Cold Q this winter. I seem to struggle with winter and the cold temps. I get colds and bronchitis quite often. Perhaps Cold Q can help me.

    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  35. Jenny wrote:

    These are all awesome tips! I totally need to focus on keeping myself healthy this winter.

    xoxo, Jenny

    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  36. I’m a teacher, so I especially love this! Not only is it about staying healthy, but also self preservation. I have to say – I am obsessed with your sports outfit. Peach is my favorite color and it looks great on you. 🙂 Thanks for the great reminders!

    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  37. I haven’t heard of Cold Q, but I know I hate being sick! Hoping to avoid the sickness this year!

    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  38. Patricia Conte wrote:

    Love the idea of Cold Q! I need to keep my eye out for it. I’ve worked from home for so long (avoiding co-workers’ germs), but am doing some consulting in an office this year…yikes!

    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  39. prettyandfun wrote:

    Thank you for sharing these great tips. I’ve never heard of “Cold Q”, but I will definitely look for it in my local stores or online.

    Posted 10.31.16 Reply
  40. savita wrote:

    Such a great and most entertaining tips, thanks for sharing. “Cold Q” is the new things for me.

    Posted 11.1.16 Reply
  41. Rafaela wrote:

    Oh these are great tips, I really need a cold Q now!!


    Posted 11.1.16 Reply
  42. Ami Rose wrote:

    A really informative post. Love the colour in your photos! That coat looks so cosy.

    Ami xxx

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  43. These are great tips! Also, side note and totally not the point of this post, but I love that spoon! It’s adorable!

    Posted 11.1.16 Reply
  44. Jeanine @ sixtimemommy.com wrote:

    I’ve never heard of Cold-Q before, sounds really interesting! i seem to ALWAYS get sick once the weather changes, moreso than my kids or anyone else so this would be great!

    Posted 11.1.16 Reply
  45. Hannah wrote:

    love these photos!
    xo, Hannah

    Posted 11.1.16 Reply
  46. Christine wrote:

    Thanks for the reminders. I really need to learn to drink water more. I am going to get myself moving more and work on the sleep. New month new me!

    Posted 11.1.16 Reply
  47. Mai C. wrote:

    These are awesome tips to stay healthy and avoid the common flu! I’ve never tried Cold-Q before, it sounds amazing!

    Posted 11.1.16 Reply
  48. Ricci wrote:

    I can’t wait until it’s cold enough here to bundle up!!

    Posted 11.1.16 Reply
  49. Noel Lorenzana wrote:

    Great write up! I love the tips and I will definitely check out cold-Q when the time comes. Stay lovely and fit!!

    Posted 11.1.16 Reply
  50. Elly Leavitt wrote:

    Your mug is so cute! And I agree on staying hydrated- super important x

    Posted 11.1.16 Reply
  51. Erin Elizabeth Beaupre wrote:

    Great tips! Water makes a huge difference in my general wellness, I try to chug it year round 🙂 -Erin at http://www.stayathomeyogi.com

    Posted 11.1.16 Reply
  52. mckenna bleu wrote:

    I love adding fruit to my water!

    Posted 11.1.16 Reply
  53. Rashmi & Chalukya wrote:

    This tips are so simple but everyone definitely needs a reminder to follow these up. Eating healthy, staying hydrated and exercise are crutial for better living. Thanks for sharing these Bella 🙂

    Posted 11.1.16 Reply
  54. Great tips! I always try to stay hydrated! I am actually going to make my afternoon green tea in a few!

    Rachel | The Confused Millennial

    Posted 11.1.16 Reply
  55. daniela_vaughan wrote:

    I think you might be a real life Disney princess. How cute and colorful are all of your photos?! I can tell you … SO CUTE AND COLORFUL!

    Posted 11.1.16 Reply
  56. Great tips. I am always looking at healthy ways to keep the family from catching a cold. I will have to try this product out!

    Posted 11.1.16 Reply
  57. ohh i definitely need that in my life!! Thanks for sharing love!


    Posted 11.1.16 Reply
  58. Greta Hollar wrote:

    I’m so bad at remembering to drink water during the winter! Love these other tips!

    Greta | http://www.gretahollar.com

    Posted 11.1.16 Reply
  59. i always try to make sure I’m sleeping enough in the winter! If I feel like I’m getting sick I always try to take naps.

    Kayla | kaylablogs.com

    Posted 11.1.16 Reply
  60. This are super great tips! I am dreading Winter so bad . I am really bad at remembering to drink water. I will have to remind myself to drink more.

    Posted 11.1.16 Reply
  61. chubskulit wrote:

    You look so trim! That mango is making me salivate, love those fruits!

    Posted 11.1.16 Reply
  62. You’re perfect! Seriously!

    Posted 11.1.16 Reply
  63. Katie wrote:

    I love these tips, Bella! A nasty cold has been spreading around my school lately so hopefully these will help me avoid it (and other sicknesses this winter!).


    Posted 11.1.16 Reply
  64. Sarah wrote:

    Love these tips! Sleep is so important to keep a healthy immune system! I’ve been trying to drink at least 8 cups of water a day too, though it doesn’t always happen 🙂

    x Sarah

    Posted 11.1.16 Reply
  65. Kristine Circenis wrote:

    Great tips, Bella! I am a HUGE proponent for staying hydrated as the weather cools down, even more so than when the weather is scorching.

    Posted 11.1.16 Reply
  66. rika agustini wrote:

    These are very useful tips! Drinking water and eating right are so important to keep our body healthy

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  67. Wow great tips! I need to get some of that Cold-Q for when I travel especially.

    Posted 11.1.16 Reply
  68. I had like a 2 week cold that I just got over! I’m currently trying to boost my immune system with sleep, exercise, eating healthy and some extra supplements! I’m going to check this out if I get sick again!

    Posted 11.2.16 Reply
  69. Laura wrote:

    Such great tips and beautiful pictures!

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  70. Elana wrote:

    Ah you always take the most gorgeous photos! These are great tips for staying healthy.

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  71. Tescha wrote:

    Great tips and amazing photos. I have gotten into the habit of drinking warm water in the morning and evening

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  72. Sara Kate Steadman wrote:

    That last picture is stunning!! You look absolutely radiant.

    Sara Kate Styling

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  73. Tiina A wrote:

    These are all vital tip what comes to stay healthy and not catching a flu. I try to follow them as much as I can and remember. I should exercise more though.

    Posted 11.2.16 Reply
  74. These tips are great. I definitely need to remind myself to keep exercising and eating healthy during winter – especially because I am going to on a holiday in December so I would really like to look my best. Thanks so much for sharing these tips, Bella 🙂


    Posted 11.3.16 Reply
  75. Miss ALK wrote:

    I might have to try Cold-Q next time I’m feeling under the weather- it sounds great!

    xoxo A

    Posted 11.4.16 Reply
  76. Wolfie wrote:

    Beautiful photos and good tips! I’ll try them 🙂 Thank you for this post!

    Posted 11.4.16 Reply
  77. AccidentalHipsterMum wrote:

    Cold Q sounds good. I think staying hydrated is so important, I normally drink a lot but I do tend to notice if I’ve been too busy to make sure I drink plenty I feel terrible. Great tips x

    Posted 11.4.16 Reply
  78. Rachel Golden wrote:

    When I was in high school I was constantly getting sick because I thought I was too cool to wear a coat. Now I look like the abominable snowman with how many layers I wear! It will be 59 degrees and I’m already breaking out my scarf, hat and warm coat! I definitely don’t mess around anymore! 😛

    Posted 11.4.16 Reply
  79. Joanna wrote:

    I think that washing hands and keeping our bodies hydrated are the most important 2 things that we can do to prevent colds. Viruses tend to stick to our hands and it only takes one trip to the mouth or nose, and we spread them through all our body…

    Posted 11.5.16 Reply
  80. Chrissie M wrote:

    Eating healthy and getting enough rest are the top 2 on my list….oh with the hand washing of course. Great helpful post

    Posted 11.5.16 Reply
  81. Anosa wrote:

    These are some really awesome tips, not heard of cold-Q before but practice the other tips

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  82. Melissa Chee wrote:

    Great post and AMEN to getting enough sleep… that one always does me in 😉

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