My Fall Reading List

There really is nothing like a crisp fall afternoon. You are curled up by the window in your favourite, snuggly blanket and reading the best…

8 Reasons Why I Love Audiobooks

I would like to consider myself to be someone who will always appreciate reading and learning. I love being able to read about topics or ideas I may have no idea about and dive deep into it. Thankfully, my bookworm bug can always be satisfied with stories on! Listed below, I have my top 8 reasons why I love audiobooks and I adore everything about Audible.

On the Go and Traveling with Audible

Y’all already know how amazing Amazon is, but have you gotten started with Audible yet? With Summer 2019 in full swing, I thought I’d talk about why you should have signed up with Audible yesterday and how you can get a F R E E audiobook!

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