Get Glowing Skin for Back to School

I often get compliments about my skin and the healthy glow I have. I don’t wear a lot of makeup, so it is my skin that is naturally healthy. Like everyone, I get breakouts and use cover-up to manage those, but typically on any regular day I will just wear mascara and some face powder...Read More

Antipasto Bites

Antipasto is a typical Italian appetizer which is made of various yummy ingredients, such as cured meats, fresh cheeses, and herbs. Antipasto actually means "before the meal". These Antipasto Bites are a finger food twist on a traditional antipasto appetizer platter. They are perfect for grabbing due to the sturdy TRISCUIT cracker base and...Read More

Easy Rose Swirl Cookies

Rose swirl cookies are pretty fancy looking and perfect to have with tea. They are so pretty....almost too pretty to eat! Truth be told, they are actually super-duper easy especially when you use a Keebler cookie for the base. I made two packages of cookies into the rose swirl cookies in only 20 minutes ... Read More

Smoothie Freezer Packs

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so it is important to make it a good one! This is where eating quick, healthy meals and being organized come in handy. For this reason, make ahead smoothie freezer packs are just what you need to have on hand... Read More

Fresh Greens One Pot Pasta

With school, work, volunteering and all the other things I have happening it is often difficult to find time to actually cook a meal to eat. Maybe it is because I am half Italian, but I use pasta as my go-to meal. It is totally my comfort food... Read More

Breakfast Banana Split

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. As they say...skip ropes, not breakfast! This breakfast banana split is an easy, delicious and fun way to start your day. Sometimes just taking an extra minute to give your food a little different presentation will turn your usual yogurt, berries and granola into a breakfast banana split that you can't wait to eat... Read More

Oatmeal Breakfast Bowl

I don't know about you, but I can't get too far into my day without having breakfast. Especially on school days...I get a headache and want to curl up in a ball. I don't think I could ever sit through the morning of lectures on Starbucks alone! This oatmeal breakfast bowl is quick, yummy and it will keep you full until lunch. ... Read More

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