The Perfect Compact Travel Camera

Last fall when I went to LA, I showed the compact travel camera that I was using in an Insta-Story and I was overwhelmed with messages asking about it. I promised that I would do a post… it has just taken me a while to get to it. Today’s post is about the small travel camera that I have been using, which is perfect for me.

Blogger Bella Bucchiotti of xoxoBella.com shares about the Sony a6000, her favourite travel camera.

Today’s post is about a great compact travel camera, the Sony a6000, which I ordered from Amazon.ca that comes in white, silver or black. I love that it is a size I can throw in my purse and not have any trouble carrying around all day.  I also love that I can send the photos directly to my phone if I want to post them on social media. It is very handy!

These ocean photos, taken a few weeks ago in Bandon, Oregon were taken at sunset with the Sony a6000. I love the colour in them!

Blogger Bella Bucchiotti of xoxoBella.com shares about the Sony a6000, her favourite travel camera.

You can purchase the Sony a6000 with 2 interchangeable lenses, too. I also have my eye on this retro looking case for it that I adore.  🙂

It has advanced controls where you can adjust the settings just like your DSLR, but it also as simplified manual settings. Also similar to my DSLR, you can purchase different lenses for it, which is fantastic.

Blogger Bella Bucchiotti of xoxoBella.com shares about the Sony a6000, her favourite travel camera.

My regular DSLR camera, which I rarely take on trips because it is bulky and heavy is the Canon 70D with the Canon 24-70mm f2.8L lens.  I love this camera and lens combination… but just not for carrying around all day.

Blogger Bella Bucchiotti of xoxoBella.com shares about the Sony a6000, her favourite travel camera.

I am now a member of the Amazon.ca Associate Program and a couple times a month I will be sharing some of my favourite finds and purchases from Amazon.ca.  🙂  I think my next one will be some spring fashion finds, so stay tuned for that post soon.

Blogger Bella Bucchiotti of xoxoBella.com shares about the Sony a6000, her favourite travel camera.

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  1. Anna English wrote:

    So interesting… I purchased this and tested it out for a few weeks. Sadly I returned it because I wasn’t happy with the photo quality!

    Posted 3.23.17 Reply
  2. Sarah Lindner wrote:

    I was looking at this camera and these shots are gorg! Totally thinking of getting it!

    Sarah Lindner

    Posted 3.23.17 Reply
  3. Ashley Zeal wrote:

    I need a new camera so badly!!! Looks great!

    Posted 3.23.17 Reply
  4. Annaliese wrote:

    I had so much trouble lugging around my huge DSLR on my recent travels. A camera like this looks ideal for trips!

    xoxo A

    Posted 3.23.17 Reply
  5. Kristine Circenis wrote:

    These pictures are beautiful! I’m looking for a light camera and this seems like a great option!


    Posted 3.23.17 Reply
  6. Carrie Colbert wrote:

    Oh wow – good to know! I end up not taking a camera, since I just have my big one.


    Posted 3.23.17 Reply
  7. Kate wrote:

    What a fantastic camera

    Posted 3.23.17 Reply
  8. Sarah K Tripp wrote:

    These photos are stunning! I need a little point and shoot and this just may be it! xx

    Posted 3.23.17 Reply
  9. Ashley Mason wrote:

    This seems like such a great camera! I have the Canon Rebel.

    Posted 3.23.17 Reply
  10. simplyxclassic wrote:

    looks like such a great camera! i definitely need to get a compact camera!

    Posted 3.23.17 Reply
  11. sophia lu wrote:

    Love the pictures you took! I just got a similar sized camera and I love how easy it is to carry around too 🙂


    Posted 3.23.17 Reply
  12. Elly wrote:

    omg what gorgeous photos!! been on the hunt for a new camera for a while now, will def check out this sony one!

    Posted 3.23.17 Reply
  13. Ashley Garza wrote:

    Gorgeous photos! I’ve heard great things about this camera and have considered buying it! Thanks for the review babe!

    Posted 3.23.17 Reply
  14. Jenny wrote:

    These came out so nicely! I’m totally going to check out this camera.

    Posted 3.23.17 Reply
  15. i’ll have to look into it! thank you!

    Posted 3.24.17 Reply
  16. Steph K wrote:

    I need a new camera. I will def. be checking this out, thanks for sharing!

    xo, Steph


    Posted 3.24.17 Reply
  17. Cameron wrote:

    Looks and sounds like a great camera! I love my Nikon DSLR though, but this one takes some amazing photos!

    Posted 3.24.17 Reply
  18. Jenn wrote:

    So pretty! Glad you shared this! I have a DSLR but it’s pretty clunky, tbh so I’m thinking of eventually finding something better.

    insta | bloglovin’

    Posted 3.24.17 Reply
  19. I’m obsessed with this camera too!!! its’ legit the best!!

    Posted 3.24.17 Reply
  20. I have a smaller Samsung camera that I bring along with me on trips, it’s so much better than carrying my heavy Canon everywhere!


    Posted 3.25.17 Reply
  21. Ruthie Ridley wrote:

    These photos look amazing!!! I want this camera!!

    Posted 3.26.17 Reply
  22. Maggie Tate wrote:

    Yes! I totally needed to read this! thanks for sharing

    Posted 3.26.17 Reply
  23. Macarena Ferreira wrote:

    This camera is so great! I have something very similar by Samsung. 🙂

    xo // http://www.thematerialgirl.co

    Posted 3.26.17 Reply
  24. Marie Ernst wrote:

    Aaah is this your secret to amazing photos? I NEED IT!

    Posted 3.26.17 Reply
  25. Meghan wrote:

    That is a very cool camera!! I need something small and easy and compact!

    Posted 3.26.17 Reply
  26. Alex wrote:

    This looks like such an awesome camera and your pictures are AMAZING!!!

    Posted 3.27.17 Reply
  27. Brooke & Meggan wrote:

    Ahhh I’ve been eyeing this camera!!

    Posted 3.28.17 Reply

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