Things to do in Quarantine – 6 Fun Challenges

I came up with a few at-home challenges for all of you who may be having a hard time finding the good while staying isolated in your cozy homes. These 6 fun challenges are some things to do in quarantine. You can even do these when this all passes, but if you feel yourself in need of a challenge and going a little stir crazy with it, then def do these now!

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6 Fun Things to do in Quarantine

This whole “don’t leave your house unless it is for the essentials” thing is putting a strain on quite a few people. Don’t get me wrong – we need to be staying in our houses to help #FlattenTheCurve. However, some of my friends who are extraverted or aren’t used to working from home are on a real struggle bus at the moment.

1. Cook a Challenging Vegan Meal

This is to all my homies that don’t have a vegan lifestyle. I challenge you to make a complicated vegan dinner one night – just to try it out! With veganism enhancing nearly every single day, you don’t have to shiver at the idea of having to eat just tofu and a celery stick. It has gotten sooo much better – even within the last year or two!

Blogger Bella Bucchiotti of shares a recipe for split pea lentil soup which is dairy free, gluten free and made in a crock pot. Everyone loves comfort food and this is a great recipe to try.
Split Pea Lentil Soup

Jump on Pinterest to find a recipe that may spark your interest to make. You can see an option below that I love making, but I am considering making a vegan fish and chips out of celery root next. Join me in this challenge if you are looking for a BIG challenge (you will need more than a day for it FYI)

Blogger Bella Bucchiotti of shares her recipe for gluten free sweet potato gnocchi. It is perfect for a gluten free and vegan diet.
Gluten Free Sweet Potato Gnocchi

2. Deep Clean

Some of us *cough cough* are just not that great of maintaining a clean space. Hey, we’re human! Take some time during your self-isolation to really dig out some of that old stuff you do not need. After all, it IS spring (even though we have no idea what day it is half the time) so that means it is time for spring cleaning! Gut out your fridge and throw away old takeout.

Maybe even clean out and wash your car. I mean, you’re not going anywhere in it, so might as well make it part of the project, too! There are so many things to do in quarantine.


3. Make a Make-Shift Home Office

A lot of us are working from home for the first time EVER! It is kind of daunting at first, isn’t it? Not to worry my sweet friends! Now you have the opportunity to create your own at-home office. Due to some recent psychological studies, you shouldn’t sleep in the same place you work. Meaning? Don’t lay in bed all day on your computer because it is going to do some not fun things to your precious head. Maybe you don’t like the idea of being inside for your office? That’s cool, too. Figure out a way to have a collapsible office you can easily take onto your patio and back inside when you’re done. Just whatever you do – keep work out of your bed!

Blogger Bella Bucchiotti of shares her experience using Modsy 3D design on her tiny condo.

4. Create Your Own Gym

Exercise is probably one of the most crucial things you can be doing while being self-isolated. Especially since the gyms are closed and for some of us, our work is the only fitness that we do! Try your hand at creating your own at-home gym. For all the gym regulars, I am sure this was already on your list of things to do in quarantine.

Maybe think outside the box a little and use those old wine bottles, fill them with water, and use them as weights! You can even use your front or backyard to do some quick sprints or use it as a place to do some real, sweaty cardio. Grab some old wooden or plastic crates to create a perfect bench to do some reps on. Pinterest has loads of ideas and I’m POSITIVE you can do this!

5. Support Local Businesses

If you are considering some apps to order in for tonight, look up local restaurants or cafes to get dinner from instead of chains. Yes, everyone is suffering during these times, but it is harder for those Mom ‘n Pop shops to bounce back from them. Not to mention, you are helping someone else out by giving them a tip when they safely deliver to your door.

Mask & Pet Bandana from Etsy

If your work lunches at home just aren’t cutting it and you are craving something from your favourite café, order in one day for a treat. Who said order in has to be for dinner?! Supporing small business is one of the best fun things to do in quarantine.


6. Take Fun Quarantine Photos

This is a time in history that we are all living through, so why don’t you document it! Take fun photos of how you are keeping busy, or just bored at home. Brush up on your photos skills and document some memories that you will likely be telling your grandkids about.

How are you challenging yourself during this really, really strange time in the world? This is the perfect opportunity to take time for yourself and get to really sit with your inner thoughts. Get yourself realigned with your passions, your values, and your future.

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We are all in this together and if you ever need any support or motivation – you always know I’m your gal! Well, friend, I hope you are staying sane, healthy, and most importantly, HAPPY!


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  1. AiringMyLaundry wrote:

    These are some great ideas! I have been supporting small businesses. I think that’s important.

    Posted 5.18.20 Reply
  2. Love all of these ideas! Especially #5. We’ve been trying to do all we can to support our local businesses during this time.

    Posted 5.18.20 Reply
  3. Tisha Voigts wrote:

    We are in a rotation at work where we have a week of, deep cleaning has been on my list. Getting some spring cleaning done and purging is much needed.

    Posted 5.19.20 Reply
  4. Love these fun activities! There’s always something to do, even when in lockdown!

    Posted 5.19.20 Reply
  5. Amber B. wrote:

    I’ve been doing pretty much all of these! So much cleaning and catching up on house projects…and yoga! Lots of yoga!

    Posted 5.19.20 Reply