Spring Glacier Kayaking

I know I have told you many times that I live in the most beautiful place on earth…but I really do!  In June I went on a helicopter with Compass Helicopter Tours into the mountains to go spring glacier kayaking. Look at the colour of this water!!! Insane, right!?!

Last year I went on a similar helicopter tour in August. I made a mental note that I really wanted to go in June this year when the ice was just starting to melt. There are “rivers” that are formed that are perfect for spring glacier kayaking. However, the timeframe for this is limited as within weeks the rivers will have turned to the lakes I saw last year.

I am glad to know Nick from Compass Helicopter Tours and he knows the best time of year to get to experience the spring glacier kayaking and offers once-in-a-lifetime tours.

Here is one of Joel’s videos from Instagram


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This year I put together a vlog with Joel to show you the beauty of this experience. I hope you enjoy it! Joel actually edited this one for me so give him a thumbs up and make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Check out my glacier kayaking vlog below on or YouTube for better quality > > >

As you can imagine even thought it is June…it is still chilly that high in the mountains. I would definitely suggest pants so you don’t get cold. I work my sneakers, but boots or even hiking boots would likely have been a better choice if you want to walk in the snow at all. Also bring snacks, sunglasses (DON’T FORGET THESE!!) and a bathing suit if you are a dare devil. 🙂

No, I didn’t jump in. Maybe next year.

Here is one last video snippet for you.  Also, if you haven’t seen my other glacier kayaking blog post from last August, check it out HERE.


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