A Deet Free, Bite Free, Worry Free Summer

No matter the season—fall, winter, spring or summer—I can find an activity to get me outdoors. With the summer months, comes a few of my favorite pastimes including camping, hiking, running, biking and kayaking. If you are like me and a magnet for bugs…a deet free insect repellent is key to survival this time of year.

In years past, taking part in any of these summer activities meant dousing myself in harsh chemical bug sprays or heading indoors well before I wanted to, to avoid an incessant, pesky swarm of mosquitoes.

Now, thanks to Quantum Health’s Buzz Away Extreme, gone are the days of needing to escape Mother Nature! Buzz Away Extreme is a plant-based mosquitoes and tick repellent. I felt good about replacing my old bug spray with this DEET free and effective alternative. Yeah for deet free!

No harsh chemicals? CHECK!


The formula is a blend of plant-based ingredients, including citronella oil, geranium oil, lemongrass oil, cedarwood oil and a variety of other aromatic essential oils. Another plus? This all-natural repellent doesn’t leave a sticky or greasy residue, or an overwhelmingly harsh “bug spray” smell.

So, whether I’m packing for a weekend camping trip, a full-day hike or an afternoon by the lake, I’m always sure to bring my trusty Buzz Away along. The long-lasting effects ensure I’m protected all day long so I can enjoy Mother Nature rather than avoid it!

DEET-free. Grease-free. Bite-free. Worry-free!

A huge thanks to Ben for the fabulous photos.

Thanks for following along on all my adventures and for all of your support.  🙂 Have a great week!



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