Why You Need Post-it® Notes For the Greatest School Year Ever

It’s no secret – everyone loves Post-it® Notes! They come in a variety of sizes, colors, and patterns and naturally we will pick out the ones that will fit our desks and personalities. But, why else should you be stocking up on them before the school year starts? Here are four reasons why you need Post-it® Notes for the greatest school year ever!

Trust me, without Post-it® Notes, I would have been so lost in school! They helped me stay organized, jot down ideas, and overall just made my life easier!

Here are four ways I use them to get me to ace all of my courses and how you can, too!

Not a student? Well, keep reading because these are life hacks that can help you in your personal life and business, too!

Note Taking + Marking Spots in Your Books is Now Breezy

The simplest of practices can enhance your learning and studying skills – so start them now! As you are reading or studying, when a moment comes where you think you will need this information – get a Post-it® Note out – I really like the Post-it® Flags for this! When it comes to learning a ton of new words and their definitions or even a historical timeline, write the information on a Post-it® Note and hang it on your wall for a visual reference! You will bring to life what you are learning and that will help you visualize what is needed for your studies. While you are reading and need to highlight certain spots without the use of an actual highlighter, mark the page you are with a Post-it® Note and leave a little flap of it off on the side. This is a great built-in bookmark that will guide you exactly where you need to be!

Learning a Language Has Never Been Easier with Post-it® Notes

Are you prepping for your summertime trip to Italy or studying a new language? Are some of these new words becoming too similar to others in the Italian language? No worries when you have Post-it® Notes! As you walk around you house, place the Post-it® Notes with the translation of the item onto everything and anything that you will need to learn for when you are abroad! This will also be extremely useful if you have to learn certain masculine/feminine pronouns, too! Once you get used to these everyday words, start writing your grocery list or to-do list on a Post-it® Super Sticky Lined Note and keep it visible to you by sticking it over your desk or on the fridge. You can even start color-coding them as you learn verbs, adjectives, and nouns! As you progress in learning the language, start writing simple sentences on a Post-it® Note and hang them all over your walls to stay constant in your learning.

Give Out Affirmations – Everyone Needs Them

What better way to start your day than with a little pick-me-up? The night before a big final or a high stress situation, give your future self a little pep talk by writing a sweet and uplifting affirmation on a Post-it® Note and leave it hanging on your bathroom mirror. You look at it fondly and remember that you can conquer anything that this school year may bring for you! Have roommates? Great! When you know their huge volleyball tournament is coming up, leave a Post-it® Note in her bag or on her uniform to give her some motivation and let her know that you are thinking of her today! Even if you want to leave some fun inside jokes with your friends – write them down and leave them all around the apartment. It will bring laughter and feed a positive culture in your living environment. A little encouragement or kindness to someone everyday makes this world shine a little brighter.

Organizing → Good Habits → Success

At the end of the day, Post-it® Brand Products aim to help you do nothing short of succeeding. When you know there are going to be small details about projects you will need to be on top of or you need to create a countdown for when a paper is due – get organized with your handy Post-it® Note! Once you start using these in your everyday studying life (because hey, that’s school!), you will create good habits that will only perpetuate a successful year. Experiment with colors to help distinguish between projects or classes and see what works for you. Are you a visual learner like me? Create a whole calendar of events using nothing but Post-it® Notes over your desk to guarantee you will never miss a due date (or even class!) again.


Don’t forget to grab a couple packs of Post-it® Notes before the school year kicks off. Good luck with all of your studying!

So Many More Reasons to Love Post-it® Notes

These are only four great ways the Post-it® Brand can get you to your goals this school year. Find different ways that they can bring you to a fruitful school year and see what works for you! Everyone’s different in their learning and organizational styles. If these don’t work for you and, something else does – let me know. I would love to see how others work, too!

Let’s hope you don’t get dumped via Post-it® Note like Carrie in Sex and the City! Is that better than being ghosted? I think that is the topic of another blog post. 🙂


Now, I would be totally remiss if I didn’t instead remind y’all of a scene from the Grey’s Anatomy wedding. Meredith and Derek exchange vows via Post-it Note…are you happy-crying, too?


Bonus Post-it® Notes Life Hack!

Keep a Post-it® Note on the fridge so that you can write your grocery list as you use items. On shopping day, grab the list and stick it to your cart as you make your way through the store. Shopping made easy and efficient!

Go and kill it this school year….you got this!

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