8 Cute Amazon Beauty Products You Are Going to Want Now!

Now let’s face it, if you are like me EVERYTHING cute is what you want ASAP. Cute is my weakness! If you need a nudge in the right direction to load up that Amazon cart, here is your sign babes. Tell your significant other that it’s my fault when you get about 20 different packages with cute Amazon beauty products on your front door step. 😉

Cute Amazon Beauty Products

You may have noticed I have been on an Amazon binge lately! Well, what else are you supposed to do in the house bored? Online shopping, of course! Cute is my weakness!

TONYMOLY Takopore Blackhead Scrubber

You can’t convince me that everyone doesn’t need this blackhead scrubber in their life like yesterday. This adorable little blackhead scrubber will make you forget all about what you are even doing! This little guy is actually a blackhead scrub stick so when you use it, it will be kind of like putting a deodorant stick on your face that will help exfoliate the dead skin and blackheads away!

Lip Smacker Fanta Cup Lip Balm

Wanna get taken back to your childhood in just a moment? Well with this Fanta Lip Smacker in your purse, you can relive all those fun parts instantly! Go back in time when you weren’t allowed to wear real makeup yet but your mom let you have some tasty (I know you’re not supposed to eat it whatevs) Lip Smackers! And now it’s in a really cute little cup to add some more adorableness to your life.

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TONYMOLY Magic Food Banana Sleeping Pack

First what you need to know is that this banana sleeping pack packaging ruins all packaging for you in the future because it is just so darn cute. Second, it smells like the best thing ever. You are just either going to have to take my word for it or get it yourself to experience it! So what it is, is an awesome night mask for troubled skin, but mostly recommended for complex, combination skin for best results. You wake up in the morning to wash it off and your skin feels buttery and perfect!

Lip Smacker Frappe Cup Lip Balm

Now maybe you’re not a Coca-Cola or Fanta kind of person, that’s fine! Maybe your tastes are more upbeat with Frappes and fun coffee-like drinks! With a twist of the cap, you can pop on some fresh and good smelling frappe lip balm – better pucker up, buttercup! I just love these cute lip balm Amazon beauty products.

TONYMOLY Haeyo Mayo Hair Nutrition Pack

You can’t deny how funny and light-hearted this mayo hair nutrition packaging is – it’s amazing! (BTW this would be a GREAT prank.) Most of us know that putting mayo in your hair will make it look shiny and new, but who wants to deal with that smell? This hair mask is made with the nutrients that are normally found in mayo to help give your scalp moisture and help repair your dry hair!

Etude House Missing U Hand Cream, Panda Story

Ever think you would be able to carry a panda in your purse? Now you can PLUS it will also moisturize your hands! Part of the proceeds will actually go to “Save the baby Harp Seal” so help aid in the rescue and preservation of the Harp Seal and their young! Not only are you getting a great hand lotion out of this, but you are also helping a fantastic cause. There are four total in the collection, but how in the world can you pass up this sweet baby panda hand cream?! I need this whole set of cute Amazon beauty products.

TONYMOLY Panda’s Dream Brightening Eye Base

Ummmm….how cute is this brightening eye base?!? It is hard to resist anything in panda form if you ask me. If anyone understands dark circles, it is pandas. Awaken your tired eyes as you moisturize, and illuminate your skin. This lightly tinted base that can be worn alone or underneath your concealer.

Lip Smacker Fox Foxy Lip Balm

This cute fox lip balm is one of 5 lippy pals in this series make it easy to keep your lips moisturized with fun, tasty flavors. This super cute packaging features an adorable fox and you won’t be able to resist smiling when you apply it! You will keep your lips moisturized and smiling all day long!

So now that your life (and cart) is filled with uber cute Amazon beauty products aka cute goodies, you need to let me know how you like them! Personally, I am obsessed with all of them but yeah, that’s just me! A lot of these items are perfect for stocking stuffers, little gifts for those behind on birthdays (been there!), and they are wonderful just as a sweet treat yourself gift to you!

Have you seen any other cute Amazon beauty products that I should add to the list?

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  1. Brandi Crow wrote:

    Oh my gosh, these products are so cute. Thanks for sharing these Bella

    Posted 9.12.20 Reply
  2. Kelly Edwards wrote:

    The panda bear is so cute!! I totally need it in my life.

    Posted 9.12.20 Reply
  3. Erin Madison wrote:

    These products are so so cute!!! Do they smell good?!

    Posted 9.12.20 Reply
    • Bella wrote:

      yes! they all smell amazing

      Posted 9.13.20 Reply
  4. Mimi wrote:

    They are all so cute! I’m glad to see you are getting more into beauty and makeup!

    Posted 9.15.20 Reply
  5. Sandy wrote:

    Oh wow, I’ve never seen such cute products before! I especially love the black head scrubber and fanta. How fun are these?!

    Posted 9.15.20 Reply
  6. Cassie wrote:

    You found ALL the adorable packaging!! I might just need to get some of those lip smackers for my 4 year old twin girls!

    Posted 9.16.20 Reply
  7. Rosemary wrote:

    Oh my goodness, these are so adorable. I see so many gift ideas for my nieces. I love the panda quite a bit 🙂 Thanks for the ideas.

    Posted 9.16.20 Reply
  8. Poppy wrote:

    Oh my Gosh, I need these- brb just going to spend all my money on these adorable beauty products. Thank you so much

    Posted 9.19.20 Reply

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