27 Burger Recipes to Make Your Summer Sizzle

Burger recipes run the gamut from basic comfort food to upmarket takes on this timeless classic dish. There are so many ways to prepare a great hamburger. Try the Greek lamb burgers or stuffed pizza burgers if you’re in the mood for something deliciously different. Or pick the feta burger or brie and truffle burgers if you love cheese in your burger recipes. There are plenty more burger recipes besides, so you should be able to find your dream burger in this collection. So fire up the grill, and let’s start on these recipes for burgers, buns, and bliss!

Smoked Blackened Salmon Sliders

A platter with salmon sliders on it.

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Smoked Blackened Salmon Sliders. Photo credit: xoxoBella.

Add this smoked blackened salmon sliders recipe to your must-make list for a flavourful summer BBQ dish. Featuring pickled red onions and wasabi mayo, these salmon burgers can be made in a pellet grill or Traeger.
Recipe here: Smoked Blackened Salmon Sliders

Smoked Cheddar Bacon Stuffed Burgers

A burger cut in half in a basket.
Smoked Cheddar Bacon Stuffed Burgers. Photo credit: xoxoBella.

This smoked cheddar bacon stuffed burger recipe is a must-try. The flavourful and moist patty is perfect for a hearty meal, especially when paired with your favorite toppings!
Recipe here: Smoked Cheddar Bacon Stuffed Burgers

Air Fryer Juicy Lucy Burgers

A plate of double decker burgers piled high with lettuce, tomato and plenty of melty cheese.
Air Fryer Juicy Lucy Burgers. Photo credit: Busy Day Dinners.

Pop some patties in the air fryer and get these ultra juicy burgers. These are perfect for a fast food option, made healthier at home.
Get the Recipe: Air Fryer Juicy Lucy Burgers

Stuffed Pizza Burgers

A pizza burger on texas toast.
Stuffed Pizza Burgers. Photo credit: The Kitchen and a Latte.

Serve these burgers on thick slices of Texas toast garlic bread, with loads of cheese and sauce for a meaty mash up of favorite classic meals. The whole family will love this for a twist on the average pizza night!
Get the Recipe: Stuffed Pizza Burgers

French Onion Stuffed Au Gratin Burgers

A french onion stuffed burger on a plate.
French Onion Stuffed Au Gratin Burgers. Photo credit: Cupcakes and Kale Chips.

Stuff burgers full of french onion soup for such an explosion of flavor. This burger pairs well with swiss cheese and fries for a comfort food mash up meal.
Get the Recipe: French Onion Stuffed Au Gratin Burgers

Whiskey Bacon Cheddar Burgers

Bacon cheddar burgers made with jack daniels.
Whiskey Bacon Cheddar Burgers. Photo credit: Julie’s Eats and Treats.

Give your next burger night a distinctly delicious flavor by adding whiskey to the mix. Pile these beautiful burgers high with bacon and cheddar plus your favorites like lettuce for a really hearty meal.
Get the Recipe: Whiskey Bacon Cheddar Burgers

Gorgonzola Buffalo Burgers

Grilled Gorgonzola Buffalo Burgers in a Pretzel Bun on a plate.
Grilled Gorgonzola Buffalo Burgers in a Pretzel Bun. Photo Credit: xoxoBella

Looking for a unique burger recipe? Try grilled gorgonzola buffalo burgers, served in a pretzel bun and topped with blue cheese or gorgonzola. Perfect for BBQ season, so add this to your list of best burger recipes!
Get the Recipe: Gorgonzola Buffalo Burgers

Cast Iron Smash Burgers

A double patty burger with pickle, tomato, onion and lettuce.
Cast Iron Smash Burgers. Photo credit: Sugar+Soul.

Get in on the smash burger craze with this easy and hearty recipe. Use your favorite cheese for an irresistible and juicy burger.
Get the Recipe: Cast Iron Smash Burgers

Jamacian Jerk Burgers

Burger with caramelized pineapple.
Jamacian Jerk Burgers. Photo credit: Britney Breaks Bread.

Top this Jamacian jerk burger with carmelized pineapple for a flavorful dinner option that pairs great with a tropical drink.
Get the Recipe: Jamacian Jerk Burgers

Easy Cheeseburger Sliders

A pan of cheeseburger sliders with one being lifted out by a spatula.
Easy Cheeseburger Sliders. Photo credit: Busy Family Dinners.

These little sliders are small in size, but they have so much beefy flavor in each bite. Make a pan of these with french fries and salad for a super satisfying meal that even the kids will love.
Get the Recipe: Easy Cheeseburger Sliders

Grilled Bison Burgers with Pimento Cheese

A grilled burger with pimento cheese on a plate.
Grilled Bison Burgers with Pimento Cheese. Photo credit: The Toasty Kitchen.

Bison burgers are a flavorful and lean option to toss on the grill. To make them extra flavorful, add pimento cheese to the top for a total treat. This is one of the best burger recipes!
Get the Recipe: Grilled Bison Burgers with Pimento Cheese

The Better Feta Burger

A burger with arugula, feta, bacon and peppers.
The Better Feta Burger. Photo credit: The Crumby Kitchen.

These burgers have double the feta, plenty of spicy arugula and crispy bacon. Be prepared for an explosion of delicious flavor in every bite.
Get the Recipe: The Better Feta Burger

Bison Burgers

A bison burger on a bun with lettuce and tomato.
Bison Burgers. Photo credit: In the Kitch.

Bison meat is lean and delicious, so why not add it to your next burger night for a bold flavor that pairs great with tomatoes and lettuce?
Get the Recipe: Bison Burgers

Jalapeno Burgers with Queso on Bacon Rolls

A queso topped jalapeno burger.
Jalapeno Burgers with Queso on Bacon Rolls. Photo credit: We Are Not Martha.

These burgers are spicy, so cheesy and have a homemade bacon roll. You are going to love every glorious bite of these!
Get the Recipe: Jalapeno Burgers with Queso on Bacon Rolls

Greek Lamb Burgers

A load lamb burger with tomato, cucumber and feta cheese.
Greek Lamb Burgers. Photo credit: Jo Cooks.

Get your Greek food fix with this lamb burger recipe. Adding cucumbers to burgers is such a refreshing and delicious idea that compliments the feta cheese perfectly. This will become one of your favorite burger recipes.
Get the Recipe: Greek Lamb Burgers

Meat Lovers Cheeseburger

A loaded meat lovers burger with pulled pork and bacon.
Meat Lovers Cheeseburger. Photo credit: Sugar+Soul.

A juicy burger meets pulled pork with this unique recipe. Don’t forget to top things off with salty bacon for a meat lovers treat!
Get the Recipe: Meat Lovers Cheeseburger

Waygu Beef Cheese Burgers

A wagu beef patty with cheese on a toasted bun.
Waygu Beef Cheese Burgers. Photo credit: The Heirloom Pantry.

Marbled wagu patties and wasabi mayo make this burger unforgettable. I know you will love this from the first bite for a gourmet burger experience. Add this to the list of tasty burger recipes!
Get the Recipe: Waygu Beef Cheese Burgers

Brunch Bagel Burgers

A burger with cheese and fried egg served on a bagel with tater tots.
Brunch Bagel Burgers. Photo credit: The Gifted Gabber.

These bagel burgers are totally indulgent. Juicy burgers and fried eggs are tucked between chewy bagels with plenty of cheese for a burger you can start, or end your day with.
Get the Recipe: Brunch Bagel Burgers

Mushroom Swiss Burgers

A burger piled high with mushrooms and swiss cheese.
Mushroom Swiss Burgers. Photo credit: Dizzy Busy and Hungry.

Mushrooms and swiss are a classic combination for burgers. This recipe gets 5 star ratings every time for an unforgettable dinner option. Serve with fries or a salad for a full meal.
Get the Recipe: Mushroom Swiss Burgers

Wine Country Burgers

Burgers with bacon onion jam topping.
Wine Country Burgers. Photo credit: A Grateful Meal.

Goat cheese, bacon onion fig jam and beef patties are all you need to get these elegant yet easy wine country inspired burgers going. I know you will love this medley of flavors.
Get the Recipe: Wine Country Burgers

Cheesy Ground Beef Sliders

A plate of cheesy ground beef sliders with fries.
Cheesy Ground Beef Sliders. Photo credit: Entirely Elizabeth.

Ground beef sliders with plenty of cheese make for such a flavorful and fast dinner. Your family will love this fuss free option that tastes so much better than fast food.
Get the Recipe: Cheesy Ground Beef Sliders

Brie and Truffle Burgers

A burger with brie, mushrooms, arugula and truffles.
Brie and Truffle Burgers. Photo credit: Christina’s Cucina.

Top these brie truffle burgers with mushrooms and arugula for such a wonderful combination for an at home meal that tastes like it came from a trendy dinner place.
Get the Recipe: Brie and Truffle Burgers

Rodeo Burgers

Bbq burgers on buns with onion rings.
Rodeo Burgers. Photo credit: Julie’s Eats and Treats.

If you are in the mood for a burger with bold bbq flavor you are going to love this recipe. Who could resist this with the crunchy onion ring addition to the burger?!
Get the Recipe: Rodeo Burgers

Big Mac Pinwheels

Pinwheels with hamburger and big mac sauce.
Big Mac Pinwheels. Photo credit: Maria’s Mixing Bowl.

Skip the drive thru while still getting that iconic Big Mac flavor! These pinwheels are easy, delicious and bring lots of Big Mac flavor to the table while being budget friendly.
Get the Recipe: Big Mac Pinwheels

Five Guys Copycat

A five guys copycat burger.
Five Guys Copycat. Photo credit: The Scatty Mom.

Save this recipe to save tons of cash while still getting the five guys flavor you crave. This easy to recreate at home recipe is just as good!
Get the Recipe: Five Guys Copycat

Smoked Gouda Beer Burgers

A burger piled high with greens and gouda.
Smoked Gouda Beer Burgers. Photo credit: Life as a Strawberry.

Give your burger night a delectable grown up flavor by adding gouda and beer to the mix. This has a deep flavor that you are going to fall in love with from the first bite.
Get the Recipe: Smoked Gouda Beer Burgers

Baked Cod Fish Sliders

baked cod burger
Baked Cod Fish Sliders. Photo credit: Entirely Elizabeth.

Make these delicious, bite sized Fish Sliders in under 20 minutes. They flaky baked cod on toasted buns, topped with fresh lettuce, red onion, and a tangy homemade dill sauce.
Get the Recipe: Baked Cod Fish Sliders

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