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Any of these fantastic recipes with corn is sure to please if you’re craving some of these sweet yellow kernels of deliciousness. These recipes will turn our beloved corn into something amazing. Make a show-stopping taco cake, a comforting white bean and corn soup, or the classic creamed corn. There’s corn recipe here for you. They’re all so good, you might just have to try them all!

One Pot Gouda and Cream Cheese Corn

cream corn in a bowl.
One Pot Gouda and Cream Cheese Corn. Photo credit: xoxoBella.

One pot gouda and cream cheese corn is an extra-special and very delicious side dish. It’s an amazing Thanksgiving or Christmas corn recipe and pairs nicely with any kind of meat you want to cook. The combination of gouda, cream cheese and heavy cream gives this cheesy corn casserole recipe a rich taste and it’s a cozy, comforting side dish the whole family will love.
Get the Recipe: One Pot Gouda and Cream Cheese Corn

Smoked Elote – Mexican Street Corn

Homemade elote corn on a cutting board.
Smoked Elote. Photo credit: xoxoBella.

Smoked elote, or Mexican street corn, is corn on the cob served south of the border style. It makes a perfect side dish with any grilled protein and the smoke flavour really brings out that sweet corn on the cob taste.
Get the Recipe: Smoked Elote – Mexican Street Corn

Slow Cooker Spicy Corn and Jalapeño Cheese Dip

Spicy corn and jalapeño cheese dip in a black bowl.
Spicy Corn and Jalapeño Cheese Dip. Photo credit: xoxoBella.

Spicy corn and jalapeño cheese dip makes great party food. You can make this jalapeño corn dip in the crockpot and make it as spicy (or not) as you choose. This slow cooker dip recipe is always a BIG hit and this easy street corn dip doesn’t last long. I love this cheesy Mexican-style appetizer with chips.
Get the Recipe: Slow Cooker Spicy Corn and Jalapeño Cheese Dip

Mexican Elote Street Corn Kale Salad with Spicy Yogurt Lime Dressing

Overhead view of salads with elote on a table.
Elote Street Corn Kale Salad. Photo credit: xoxoBella.

A street corn kale salad is light, refreshing and totally delicious. Inspired by Mexican elote, this recipe boasts a rich variety of colours and textures in every mouthful. Mix it all together, and you have a fiesta of flavours in your mouth!
Get the Recipe: Mexican Elote Street Corn Kale Salad with Spicy Yogurt Lime Dressing

Street Corn Nachos

A plate of nachos and street corn.
Street Corn Nachos. Photo credit: xoxoBella.

These elote Mexican street corn nachos offer a delicious twist to the classic Mexican nachos recipe, featuring a zesty cheese sauce and unique toppings that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. Once you try them, you’ll surely agree that the combination of elote and nacho chips is an unbeatable culinary delight.
Get the Recipe: Street Corn Nachos

Texas Cowboy Caviar Dip

Cowboy caviar dip and tortilla chips.
Texas Cowboy Caviar Dip. Photo credit: xoxoBella.

Despite its name, this Texan recipe doesn’t actually contain any fish or caviar, but it’s a delicious and colorful appetizer that’s perfect for summer barbecues, and a great option for those looking for a vegan Southwest-style dip or a bean and corn salsa.
Get the Recipe: Texas Cowboy Caviar Dip

Fiesta Chicken Pasta Casserole Bake

A casserole serving on a white plate.
Fiesta Chicken Pasta Casserole. Photo credit: xoxoBella.

Fiesta Chicken Pasta Casserole Bake is filled with chicken, pasta, corn and beans. It’s a great way to use leftover chicken or a rotisserie chicken and this cheesy chicken bake is a delicious weeknight dinner.
Get the Recipe: Fiesta Chicken Pasta Casserole Bake

Bacon Loaded Cornbread Pudding – Corn Casserole

Corn casserole dish on a table.
Air Fryer Bacon Loaded Cornbread Pudding – Corn Casserole. Photo credit: xoxoBella.

Bacon loaded cornbread pudding pairs with everything from chicken to ham or steaks. It’s a wonderful potluck dish and this is the best corn casserole I’ve made. It’s easy to put together this air fryer cornbread pudding made with Jiffy cornbread mix. This bacon corn casserole will become a family dinner tradition.
Get the Recipe: Bacon Loaded Cornbread Pudding – Corn Casserole

Easy Pasta Salad with Creamy Basil Dressing

Vegetable pasta salad on a white plate
Easy Pasta Salad with Creamy Basil Dressing. Photo credit: Salted Mint.

This easy pasta salad is tossed with the easiest, creamiest basil dressing and topped with all the best things from a late summer harvest. Juicy peaches and fresh tomatoes, sweet corn and creamy avocado and crunchy green beans all tossed into a bowl with bowtie pasta for the perfect summer meal.
Get the Recipe: Easy Pasta Salad with Creamy Basil Dressing

Charred Corn Avocado Salad

Corn avocado salad with roasted red onions
Charred Corn Avocado Salad. Photo credit: The Devil Wears Salad.

This Charred Corn Avocado Salad with Roasted Red Onions combines all the fresh flavours of summer in a salad bowl. Sweet, smoky charred corn mixed with avocado, cherry tomatoes, roasted red onions and a lemon Dijon dressing makes it a perfect side salad for any barbecue or potluck gathering.
Get the Recipe: Charred Corn Avocado Salad

Cowboy Stew

Bowls of cowboy stew.
Cowboy Stew. Photo credit: Averie Cooks.

All the cowboys, cowgirls, and meat lovers are going to love this easy stew recipe with ground beef, bacon, and sausage! There are also beans, potatoes, and corn simmered in a flavorful chili powder, smoked paprika, and cumin broth. Ready in 45 minutes, this is pure hearty comfort food that the whole family will enjoy!
Get the Recipe: Cowboy Stew

Street Corn Pasta Salad

A bowl of street corn pasta salad.
Street Corn Pasta Salad. Photo credit: The Cookie Rookie.

This Mexican street corn pasta salad is a great side dish for taco night, Cinco de Mayo, or any weeknight. It’s creamy, delicious, and so easy to make!
Get the Recipe: Street Corn Pasta Salad

Mexican Spaghetti Casserole

A skillet with spicy Mexican spaghetti topped with jalapenos.
Mexican Spaghetti Casserole. Photo credit: Britney Breaks Bread.

You have never had spaghetti like this! Mexican flavors spice things up just right for a family favorite feast! Add corn, jalapenos and plenty of tomatoes to make this fresh flavorful meal.
Get the Recipe: Mexican Spaghetti Casserole

Corn Fritters

A platter of corn fritters with dip in a small bowl.
Corn Fritters. Photo credit: Jo Cooks.

These fritters are packed full of corn and they are fried to perfection. I know you will love this dish on a summer night after you have picked up some fresh corn. Serve with sour cream or dip for a total treat for your taste buds.
Get the Recipe: Corn Fritters

Corn Ribs

A plate of corn ribs with seasoning and dip.
Corn Ribs. Photo credit: Sugar and Soul.

Corn ribs are a viral sensation for good reason; they are delicious! This recipe will have you making them at home like a pro for summer snacking that always hits the spot.
Get the Recipe: Corn Ribs

Oven Roasted Corn

A plate of oven roasted corn on the cob with butter.
Oven Roasted Corn. Photo credit: My Incredible Recipes.

Who knew you could get the perfect ear of corn from the oven? This recipe roasts it in the oven for a tender and tasty spin that you will want to make time and time again.
Get the Recipe: Oven Roasted Corn

Bacon Corn Dip

A skillet of bacon and corn dip.
Bacon Corn Dip. Photo credit: Jo Cooks.

Add some fresh corn to your snack time with this wonderful bacon corn dip. It goes great with crackers or chips and has such a tasty cheesy flavor!
Get the Recipe: Bacon Corn Dip

Mexican Street Corn Potato Salad

Mexican street corn potato salad
Mexican Street Corn Potato Salad. Photo credit: Three Olives Branch.

Mexican Street Corn Potato Salad is a great side dish recipe for a summer BBQ! Gluten free, vegetarian, and a healthy potato salad made with plain Greek yogurt. Mexican Potato Salad inspired by elote perfect for grilling.
Get the Recipe: Mexican Street Corn Potato Salad

Grilled Corn Salad

Corn and vegetable salad in a bowl.

Embrace the flavors of summer with this vibrant grilled corn salad that’s perfect for BBQ side dishes. Skip the heavier ingredients and indulge in the simplicity of fresh corn, making it a refreshing and versatile option for weekend camping trips, lakeside days, or casual backyard gatherings.
Get the Recipe: Grilled Corn Salad

Chicken, Avocado, and Corn Burritos

A chicken, avocade and corn burrito sliced on a cutting board.
Chicken, Avocado, and Corn Burritos. Photo credit: We Are Not Martha.

These Chicken, Avocado, and Corn Burritos are topped with feta sauce and make for a fresh and flavorful weeknight dinner that’s incredibly quick and easy! This burrito recipe is a unique twist on traditional Mexican burritos, incorporating eclectic ingredients like juicy chicken, creamy avocado, sweet corn, and tangy feta sauce.
Get the Recipe: Chicken, Avocado, and Corn Burritos

Grilled Fish Tacos

A plate of fish tacos with cabbage and corn.
Grilled Fish Tacos. Photo credit: Makes and Takes.

Make a flavorful taco with flaky fish, red cabbage and corn for a fresh summer meal. This serves perfectly on the deck in the company of friends for an easy meal that is sure to impress on Taco Tuesday.
Get the Recipe: Grilled Fish Tacos

Brown Rice Salad

A bowl of healthy brown rice salad with corn and pecans.
Brown Rice Salad. Photo credit: The Cinnamon Jar.

Brown rice, fresh corn, pecans and herbs come together to make such a good salad. This dish tastes amazing with fresh corn!
Get the Recipe: Brown Rice Salad

Taco Cake

Taco cake on a white plate.
Taco Cake. Photo credit: Coley Cooks.

Taco Cake! Layers upon layers of crispy tortillas, seasoned meat, black beans, corn, spinach, and cheese! Like Mexican Lasagna but better.
Get the Recipe: Taco Cake

Corn Cakes with Feta

Corn cakes topped with feta crumbles.
Corn Cakes with Feta. Photo credit: We Are Not Martha.

These corn cakes have something special included. Feta cheese makes these taste perfect. Serve them on the side of grilled meats, or with a sandwich for a flavorful and fresh addition to any meal.
Get the Recipe: Corn Cakes with Feta

Canned Corn, Black Bean and Avocado Salad

A corn and bean salad in a large bowl.
Canned Corn, Black Bean and Avocado Salad. Photo credit: Knife and Soul.

Revitalize your BBQ spread with this flavorful canned corn, black bean, and avocado quinoa salad that will banish blandness from your plate. Packed with sweet corn, smoky black beans, creamy avocado, tangy feta, and a refreshing cilantro-lime dressing, this salad offers a delightful combination of textures and flavors. It’s a quick and easy all-rounder that can be ready in just 30 minutes, thanks to the use of canned corn.
Get the Recipe: Canned Corn, Black Bean and Avocado Salad

Bacon and Corn Pancakes

A plate of bacon and corn panakes topped with a sunny side up egg.
Bacon and Corn Pancakes. Photo credit: We Are Not Martha.

You are going to love these tender cakes that have such a savory flavor. Bacon and corn are perfect partners for a unique offering at any meal.
Get the Recipe: Bacon and Corn Pancakes

Mexican Street Corn Fries

A platter of street corn fries.
Mexican Street Corn Fries. Photo credit: Britney Breaks Bread.

Mexican street corn fries are inspired by one of my favorite foods – Elotes! These fries have a delicious crema with lime juice, topped with cotija cheese, and cilantro. It’s a recipe that you will LOVE!
Get the Recipe: Mexican Street Corn Fries

Corn and Poblano Rice

A scoop of corn and poblano rice on a plate with a fork.
Corn and Poblano Rice. Photo credit: Coley Cooks.

Dress up rice with fresh corn and tasty poblano peppers for a satisfying side that works with so many dishes. You are going to love this budget friendly side dish.
Get the Recipe: Corn and Poblano Rice

Elotes in a Cup

A cup of mexican street corn salad.
Elotes in a Cup. Photo credit: Hilda’s Kitchen.

Get the flavor of Mexican street corn in a mess free serving by adding it to a cup. This serves well at a party, or as a side dish for an at home meal with the family.
Get the Recipe: Elotes in a Cup

One Dish Corn Mac n Cheese

A plate of corn mac n cheese.
One Dish Corn Mac n Cheese. Photo credit: Sugar and Soul.

You only need one dish to make this epic mac n cheese that adds plenty of flavorful corn to the mix for a hearty side to enjoy so many meals.
Get the Recipe: One Dish Corn Mac n Cheese

Vegan White Bean and Corn Soup

A bowl of creamy corn and white bean soup.
Vegan White Bean and Corn Soup. Photo credit: I Heart Vegetables.

Make a hearty soup with white beans and corn, and serve this for a flavorful meal that everyone can enjoy as it is vegan. This serves well with tortilla strips or tortilla chips.
Get the Recipe: Vegan White Bean and Corn Soup

Corn Salsa

Corn, onions and tomatoes made into salsa in a bowl.
Corn Salsa. Photo credit: Corrie Cooks.

You are going to want to snack on this tasty corn salsa all summer long. It is fresh, flavorful and pairs so well with salty tortilla chips!
Get the Recipe: Corn Salsa

Easy Corn Pudding

Slices of golden corn pudding sliced in a casserole dish.
Easy Corn Pudding. Photo credit: Recipes From a Pantry.

This fluffy corn pudding is a southern side dish staple. You will love how versatile this dish is! Serve it with grilled meats, roasted main courses or whatever you like.
Get the Recipe: Easy Corn Pudding

Corn on the Cob Coins

Slices of corn on the cob piled on a plate with dip.
Corn on the Cob Coins. Photo credit: Naughty Kitchen.

These tasty corn on the cob medallions are so tasty. Make a platter of these and serve them with Mediterranean dip for a side that you are going to want to make again soon!
Get the Recipe: Corn on the Cob Coins

Mexican Corn Casserole

A bowl of Mexican corn casserole with cojita cheese.
Mexican Corn Casserole. Photo credit: The Cookin Chicks.

Top this corn casserole with tasty cojita cheese for a fast, flavorful and filling side. Take this to a party or serve it with grilled meats for a delicious dinner option.
Get the Recipe: Mexican Corn Casserole

Velvetta Corn with Basil

A bowl of cheesy corn with basil.
Velvetta Corn with Basil. Photo credit: Mama Likes to Cook.

You can cook this easy cheesy corn in the microwave if you like for the fastest and cheesiest side dish! This is great with fresh corn, canned corn or even frozen corn!
Get the Recipe: Velvetta Corn with Basil

Grilled Corn and Tomato Panzanella Salad

Corn and tomato panzanella salad on a plate.
Grilled Corn and Tomato Panzanella Salad. Photo credit: Craving Something Healthy.

Save your stale bread to make this delicious summer salad. The grilled corn makes this dish memorable and full of fresh flavors.
Get the Recipe: Grilled Corn and Tomato Panzanella Salad


A small bowl of esquites corn salad.
Esquites. Photo credit: Nest and Nosh.

This corn salad tastes absolutely exquisite on a summer day. Serve this with grilled meats for such a tasty side dish featuring in season corn.
Get the Recipe: Esquites

Shrimp And Corn Bisque

Delicious shrimp chowder served with bread and corn.
Shrimp And Corn Bisque. Photo credit: Aubrey’s Kitchen.

This shrimp and corn bisque is creamy, rich and full of flavor! Ready in less than 30 minutes, this shrimp corn bisque is the perfect warm, cozy Fall
Get the Recipe: Shrimp And Corn Bisque

Grilled Corn and Goat Cheese Salad

A small bowl of goat cheese and corn salad.
Grilled Corn and Goat Cheese Salad. Photo credit: Carne Diem.

Grilled corn goes so well with goat cheese. You will love the slightly sweet vibe of the corn mixed with the tangy goat cheese for a super good side dish option.
Get the Recipe: Grilled Corn and Goat Cheese Salad

Corn Nuggets

A plate of corn nuggets with a jar of dipping sauce.
Corn Nuggets. Photo credit: In the Kitch.

These corn nuggets make the best side dish! They are crunchy on the outside, tender on the inside and they are absolutely delicious!
Get the Recipe: Corn Nuggets

Corn Fried Rice

A plate of fried rice with plenty of corn.
Corn Fried Rice. Photo credit: Motions and Emotions.

Fried rice with plenty of corn mixed in makes a good side. Add a protein for a full meal that is budget friendly and so easy to make.
Get the Recipe: Corn Fried Rice

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