33 Classic Diner Food Recipes That Will Take You Back

There’s something so comforting and nostalgic about diner food, isn’t there? This classic American comfort food is always good, whether your preferred blue plate special happens to be disco fries, a brisket sandwich, a burger and fries, or shepherd’s pie. With these homey, fun diner food recipes you can bring the classic diner experience to your own dining table in the comfort of your own home, and enjoy every delicious mouthful of these diner favorites.

Disco Fries or Poutine

Food blogger, Bella Bucchiotti of xoxoBella, shares a Canadian poutine recipe with meat. You will love these smothered fries with cheese curds, bacon and gravy.

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Canadian Poutine – Smothered Fries with Cheese Curds, Bacon and Gravy. Photo credit: xoxoBella

Think of Canada’s most beloved dishes and Canadian poutine is sure to come up. Smothered fries with cheese curds, bacon and gravy is such an incredible comfort food dish. It’s a winning snack for this upcoming Canada Day.
Get the Recipe: Canadian Poutine – Smothered Fries with Cheese Curds, Bacon and Gravy

Fried Chicken Sandwich Recipe

A homemade friend chicken sandwich with fries.
Fried Chicken Sandwich Recipe. Photo credit: xoxoBella.

With a perfectly seasoned, golden brown coating and mouthwatering toppings, this fried chicken sandwich is sure to satisfy your cravings and leave you wanting more. Don’t settle for ordinary, elevate your sandwich game with this finger-licking deliciousness!
Get the Recipe: The Best Fried Chicken Sandwich Recipe

Eggs Benedict

Eggs benedict made on a sheet pan.
Sheet Pan Eggs Benedict. Photo credit: xoxoBella.

A little more unusual than the classic eggs benedict recipe but every bit as good, or even better, this tasty dish with homemade hollandaise sauce, Canadian bacon, potatoes, asparagus, and more, makes a great special occasion brunch.
Get the Recipe: Sheet Pan Eggs Benedict

Meatloaf with Glaze

Overhead view of a meatloaf on a cutting board.
Meatloaf. Photo credit: xoxoBella.

Meatloaf needs no introduction but BBQ smoked meatloaf is something you should know about! Seriously, this is an incredible smoker ground beef recipe you can make on a pellet grill or Traeger. The rich, meaty flavour and garlicky tomato meatloaf glaze will make you think you died and went to heaven.
Get the Recipe: Meatloaf with Glaze

Cream Pie

Amaretto cream pie with almond crust in a pie pan.
Cream Pie. Photo credit: xoxoBella.

Make this no bake cream pie recipe with amaretto liqueur and you will certainly end the meal in style. It’s a make-ahead dessert, as long as you add the finishing touches just before serving.
Get the Recipe: Cream Pie

Unsloppy Joes Biscuit Pockets

A biscuit pocket with ground beef filling on a plate.
Unsloppy Joes Biscuit Pockets. Photo credit: xoxoBella.

Air fryer unsloppy joes biscuit pockets are a delicious take on classic sloppy joes. Basically these are not so sloppy sloppy joes for when you want all the flavour without the mess! These manwich sandwiches are easy to make with Pillsbury biscuit dough and ground beef in the air fryer.
Get the Recipe: Air Fryer Unsloppy Joes Biscuit Pockets

Cheddar Bacon Stuffed Burgers

A burger cut in half in a basket.
Smoked Cheddar Bacon Stuffed Burgers. Photo credit: xoxoBella.

Elevate your smoked burgers to the next level with this amazing smoked cheddar bacon stuffed burgers recipe. A smoked stuffed burger makes a hearty meal paired with a bun and your favourite toppings. I love making these bacon and cheese stuffed burgers, especially for friends.
Get the Recipe: Smoked Cheddar Bacon Stuffed Burgers

Onion Soup

Onion soup in bowls.
Onion Soup with Fontina. Photo Credit: xoxoBella

This Italian onion soup recipe is one of the tastiest, with a rich flavor from the mix of fontina, mozzarella, beef broth, and red wine. Serve it in small bowls as an appetizer or in larger ones for a hearty meal.
Get the Recipe: Onion Soup

Mac and Cheese

Side view of mac and cheese.
Mac and Cheese. Photo credit: xoxoBella.

Elbow noodles pair up with gouda cheese, white cheddar, garlic, pancetta or bacon, shallots, and more, to create this seriously impressive dish.
Get the Recipe: Mac and Cheese

Truffle Nacho Loaded Fries

A casserole dish with steak loaded fries.
Truffle Nacho Loaded Fries – Taco Bell Copycat. Photo credit: xoxoBella.

These loaded truffle nacho fries aren’t like anything you’ve had before. Various tasty ingredients are combined to make them, and they’re amazing served hot. Wedge fries combined with strip steak, nacho cheese sauce, shredded cheddar cheese, or whatever kind of cheese you prefer.
Get the Recipe: Truffle Nacho Loaded Fries

Omelette or Frittata

A vegetable frittata cooked in a cast iron skillet.
Italian Frittata Recipe. Photo credit: Italian Frittata Recipe.

Straightforward to make and a treat to eat, this Italian vegetable frittata recipe is definitely a winning recipe. It’s simple to prepare, and you can mix and match the fillings depending on what you have in the refrigerator. It’s the perfect way to use up any vegetables or cooked meats you need to use up.
Get the Recipe: Italian Frittata Recipe

Steak Nachos

Seared Steak Nachos with Tomatillo Serrano Salsa.
Seared Steak Nachos with Tomatillo Serrano Salsa. Photo credit: xoxoBella

Nachos always make a satisfying snack, especially when paired with homemade salsa or pico de gallo. These seared steak nachos are especially good if you’re a fan of this Tex-Mex classic. There are plenty of nacho toppings including juicy steak and different kinds of chillies are used to give a wonderful spicy taste to the dish.
Get the Recipe: Seared Steak Nachos with Tomatillo Serrano Salsa

Ham Soup

Overhead view of a bowl of ham and bean soup.
Ham Soup. Photo credit: Ham and Cannellini Bean Soup.

Use leftover ham to create a delicious and hearty ham and cannellini bean soup, one of the author’s favorite recipes. This comforting soup is a perfect alternative to chicken noodle soup and a great option for those seeking leftover ham or Cannellini bean recipes.
Get the Recipe: Ham Soup

Bacon Steak Wraps

A steak wrap cut in half on a plate.
Bacon Steak Wraps. Photo credit: Bacon Steak Wraps.

Enjoy a rich and hearty lunch with these bacon steak wraps featuring a homemade blue cheese dressing. Add add your favorite ingredients for a personalized touch to this easy-to-make lunch.
Get the Recipe: Bacon Steak Wraps

Meatball Marinara Subs

Two meatball subs on a tray.
Meatball Marinara Subs. Photo credit: xoxoBella.

Savor the juicy homemade meatballs, tangy marinara sauce, and fluffy brioche buns in Italian meatball marinara subs – a satisfying comfort food that’s perfect for lunch or busy weeknights. These sandwiches are far tastier than the fast-food version and sure to please anyone, regardless of their Italian heritage.
Get the Recipe: Meatball Marinara Subs

Cobb Salad

Overhead view of a cobb salad is a large glass bowl.
Cobb Salad. Photo credit: xoxoBella.

This homemade Cobb salad with leftover ham is a delicious and visually stunning meal salad that’s perfect for summer. With a beautiful arrangement of ingredients including crispy bacon, hard-boiled eggs, and fresh veggies, it’s a must-try recipe for anyone looking for a filling and satisfying dinner salad.
Get the Recipe: Cobb Salad

Brisket Sandwich

A homemade brisket sandwich in a basket.
Smoked Brisket Sandwich. Photo credit: Smoked Brisket Sandwich.

Enjoy a hearty smoked brisket sandwich with homemade pickled red onions and other toppings for a special dinner. Learn how to make this amazing treat that pairs well with various side dishes. Lunch recipes like this will become family favourites!
Get the Recipe: Smoked Brisket Sandwich

Shepherd’s Pie

A Dutch oven with a shepherd's pie.
Shepherd’s Pie. Photo credit: xoxoBella.

Leftover turkey shepherd’s pie is an easy weeknight dinner using leftovers, such as turkey and mashed potatoes, as well as onion, herbs, vegetables, and Guinness for flavor. It’s a delicious and hearty meal that everyone will enjoy.
Get the Recipe: Shepherd’s Pie

Crispy Homemade Chicken Fingers

Crispy chicken strips  with fries and ketchup on the side
Crispy Homemade Chicken Fingers. Photo credit: The Stay At Home Chef .

Crispy homemade chicken fingers are even better than your favorite restaurant! You can bake, fry, or air fryer your chicken fingers to make them exactly to your liking. This 30 minute meal is going to be a huge hit!
Get the Recipe: Crispy Homemade Chicken Fingers

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Havarti grilled cheese on a plate.
Havarti Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Photo credit: The Crumby Kitchen.

This Havarti Breakfast Grilled Cheese Sandwich is made with crispy bacon, fried eggs, and two kinds of Havarti cheese! It’s simple, yet perfect for any meal.
Get the Recipe: Havarti Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Conneticut Style Lobster BLT

A lobster blt on a bun with chips on the side.
Conneticut Style Lobster BLT. Photo credit: Burrata and Bubbles.

BLT’s are a classic diner food for good reason; they are delicious! This recipe brings a distinct twist to this sandwich; lobster! Make this for an upscale lunch option from your home kitchen.
Get the Recipe: Conneticut Style Lobster BLT

Air Fryer Home Fries

A platter of home fries with a dish of ketchup nearby.
Air Fryer Home Fries. Photo credit: Organically Addison.

Home fries make breakfast at the diner special. There is nothing quite like them with their crispy exterior and soft interior. This recipe makes them in the air fryer for a fuss free breakfast addition that everone will love.
Get the Recipe: Air Fryer Home Fries

Cajun Chicken Sandwiches

A chicken breast sandwich with lettuce and tomatoes.
Cajun Chicken Sandwiches. Photo credit: Love From the Oven.

Skip the wait at the diner and get the spicy chicken sandwich flavors you crave with this easy recipe. You can make these in the air fryer for a fuss free and fast lunch option.
Get the Recipe: Cajun Chicken Sandwiches

Spinach Tuna Melt

A tuna spinach melt sandwich, grilled to golden brown perfection.
Spinach Tuna Melt. Photo credit: Served From Scratch.

This tuna melt packs healthy spinach into every bite. This is such a delicious and easy sandwich to make for a hearty and nutritious lunch. This sandwich will remind you of a great diner patty melt, all grown up!
Get the Recipe: Spinach Tuna Melt

Hot Turkey Sandwich

A hot turkey sandwich with peas.
Hot Turkey Sandwich. Photo credit: xoxoBella.

Having a bunch of leftovers to use up after your Thanksgiving feast is no fun, especially when the fridge is full to bursting with them. There are only so many recipes you can use that leftover turkey in before you get tired of it – or are there? The following recipe might just change your mind.
Get the Recipe: Hot Turkey Sandwich

Fried Pickles

A plate of deep fried pickles.
Fried Pickles. Photo credit: Fresh Coast Eats.

No need to dash out to the diner for a late night snack, you can make these delicious fried pickles at home, anytime you want them! These are easy, and pack a perfect pickle punch in every bite. Serve with ranch for a dippable delight.
Get the Recipe: Fried Pickles

Diner Style Hashbrowns

A plate of eggs, bacon and golden brown hash browns.
Diner Style Hashbrowns. Photo credit: Grand Baby Cakes.

It isn’t breakfast at the diner without a helping of golden hash browns. This recipe is so easy and it makes diner style hashbrowns to the delight of your breakfast companions. Make these on a weekend for a delicious at home meal.
Get the Recipe: Diner Style Hashbrowns

Belgian Buttermilk Waffles

A plate of fluffy waffles with butter and berries. Bacon strips on the side.
Belgian Buttermilk Waffles. Photo credit: The Art of Food and Wine.

Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside Belgian waffles make the best breakfast to get at the diner. This recipe is so easy, you can recreate it at home on a leisurely weekend.
Get the Recipe: Belgian Buttermilk Waffles

Chocolate Ice Cream Soda

A tall glass of chocolate ice cream soda with a straw.
Chocolate Ice Cream Soda. Photo credit: The Art of Natural Living.

Bring a nostalgic flavor to your day with this easy ice cream soda recipe. It is perfect for chocolate lovers and it only needs 3 simple ingredients to recreate at home. Add an extra straw and share with your sweetie for a romantic and indulgent treat.
Get the Recipe: Chocolate Ice Cream Soda

Classic Diner Burger

A classic cheeseburger, diner style.
Classic Diner Burger. Photo credit: Cooking With Curls.

Get the flavor of a great diner burger, piled high with all of the toppings, from your home kitchen. With melty cheese, perfectly fried hamburger and your favorite condiments, you will enjoy every bite of your copycat diner dinner.
Get the Recipe: Classic Diner Burger

Classic Reuben Sandwich

A Reuben sandwich cut in half and stacked.
Classic Reuben Sandwich. Photo credit: The Good Hearted Woman.

Salty corned beef, tangy sauerkraut, and thousand island dressing make this sandwich taste just like a classic diner food option. Everyone will love a Reuben for lunch with coleslaw on the side.
Get the Recipe: Classic Reuben Sandwich

Patty Melt with Secret Sauce

A plate with a patty melt on rye with caramelized onions, sliced in half.
Patty Melt with Secret Sauce. Photo credit: The Toasty Kitchen.

Patty melts are always a favorite diner food. This recipe is meaty, cheesy, and has the yummiest secret sauce. Make this on a night when you crave burgers but don’t have any buns on hand.
Get the Recipe: Patty Melt with Secret Sauce

Chicken Fried Steak

A plate of chicken fried steak smothered in white gravy.
Chicken Fried Steak. Photo credit: Grand Baby Cakes.

Chicken fried steak smothered in sawmill gravy is diner style comfort food. Serve this with creamy mashed potatoes on the side for a fast and flavorful dinner that tastes even better than you remember it being at your favorite diner.
Get the Recipe: Chicken Fried Steak

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