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They are almost too cute to spook! You can’t have a Halloween party without themed appetizers, and you’re definitely going to want to make some of these Halloween appetizer recipes. Even if you aren’t having a party, it’s still fun to whip up some snacks. Whether you’re looking for mummy style hot dogs, spider bagel bites, a monster veggie tray, or bread stick bones, we’ve got you covered with this collection of wonderful appetizers that are perfect for Halloween. They’re all easy to make too.

Spooky Halloween Skull Potatoes

Spooky Halloween Skull Potatoes on a cutting board
Spooky Halloween Skull Potatoes. Photo credit: xoxoBella.

Are you looking for fun Halloween side dish or appetizer ideas? Consider these Halloween skull potatoes, which will bring the scare factor into your festive celebrations! These shrunken head spooky potatoes pair with any kind of meal. The spices and seasonings ensure they’ll be delicious.
Get the Recipe: Spooky Halloween Skull Potatoes

Halloween Antipasto Eyeballs Appetizer

Halloween antipasto eyeballs appetizer on a wood cutter board.
Halloween Antipasto Eyeballs Appetizer. Photo credit: xoxoBella

Although there

Halloween Bruschetta Appetizer

Halloween bruschetta  with skull mozzarella head.
Halloween Bruschetta Appetizer. Photo credit: xoxoBella

Bruschetta isn’t typically considered a Halloween party dish, but this Halloween bruschetta appetizer recipe is well worth a look. Your Halloween guests will love this tasty dish. If you like bruschetta, you are going to love this unusual, scary good Halloween version which features black pesto along with mini skull-shaped mozzarella balls.

Mummy Halloween Hot Dogs

Mummy Halloween Hot Dogs on a plate
Mummy Halloween Hot Dogs. Photo credit: xoxoBella.

Considering this 4-ingredient Halloween dinner is so simple, you should definitely make mummy Halloween hot dogs this year. This scary hot dog snack is great for everyone, especially the kids, since they’re fun to look at and tasty to eat. If you love hot dogs, you are going to love spooky pigs in a blanket.
Get the Recipe: Mummy Halloween Hot Dogs

Puking Pumpkin Nachos

A pumpkin puking cheese for nachos.
Puking Pumpkin Nachos. Photo credit: Starving Chef.

Make a spread of nachos that might make your guests spread out at first glance. This idea has cheesy spewing from the mouth of a pumpkin for a great savory starter that is sure to start a conversation!
Get the Recipe: Puking Pumpkin Nachos

Spider Bagel Bites

A hand holding a spider bagel bite pizza.
Spider Bagel Bites. Photo credit: Plant Based on a Budget.

These bagel bite pizzas are so yummy, you should anticipate that they will grow legs and walk away from the spread of appetizers. Everyone will love these easy bite sied snacks.
Get the Recipe: Spider Bagel Bites

Monster Veggie Tray

Mason jars filled with vegetables, decorated with googly eyes.
Monster Veggie Tray. Photo credit: Maple+Mango.

This idea is so easy! Make this veggie tray with mason jars and googly eyes, and offer a variety of dips to make a healthy appetizer that offers something for every ghost, ghoul and goblin.
Get the Recipe: Monster Veggie Tray

Halloween Taco Dip

A dish of taco dip with a sour cream web and an olive spider.
Halloween Taco Dip. Photo credit: Little Sunny Kitchen.

This taco dip is so much fun to serve at a party. It has all of the great taco flavors you would expect, but it also features a sour cream spider web and a tasty olive spider to snack on.
Get the Recipe: Halloween Taco Dip

Rattler Breadsticks

Breadsticks shaped like snakes with a pepper tongue.
Rattler Breadsticks. Photo credit: The Cagle Diaries.

Don’t be shocked if these simple and shocking breadsticks sliter away on Halloween night. They are so good that everyone will want to grab a bite of these snake sticks.
Get the Recipe: Rattler Breadsticks

Spider Spinach Dip

A dish of spinach dip with olive spiders.
Spider Spinach Dip. Photo credit: Two Pink Peonies.

If you like spinach dip, you will want to make this for Halloween. All you need are a few carefully cut olives to make this dip a spooktacular starter.
Get the Recipe: Spider Spinach Dip

Olive Eye Biscuits

A bowl of cheesy biscuits with an olive to make them look like eyes.
Olive Eye Biscuits. Photo credit: Garlic Salt and Lime.

These cheesy biscuits are stuffed with olives for eyes. They make the perfect snack to share at a Halloween cocktail party. Prepare for your friends to keep a watchful eye on the platter of these biscuits!
Get the Recipe: Olive Eye Biscuits

Mozzarella Eyeballs

A tray of mozzarella balls with sauce and olives.
Mozzarella Eyeballs. Photo credit: Salty Side Dish.

This easy appetizer is so tasty! Use marinara sauce and olives to make mozzarella balls look like eyeballs. Keep an eye on the food at your party, because these are going to disappear!
Get the Recipe: Mozzarella Eyeballs

Breadstick Bones

Breadsticks shaped like bones.
Breadstick Bones. Photo credit: Retro Housewife Goes Green.

Shape canned breadsticks into bones and serve these with marinara sauce on the side. This is a spooky starter that is easy for a last minute addition to your creepy Halloween dinner.
Get the Recipe: Breadstick Bones

Halloween Caprese Skewers

Caprese skewers that look like skulls, bleeding balsamic vinegar.
Halloween Caprese Skewers. Photo credit: Make with Mara.

Bring big caprese flavor to your appetizer options with these spooky skulls! They are oozing with classic flavor that everyone will enjoy.
Get the Recipe: Halloween Caprese Skewers

Black Bean Spaghetti Spoons With Eyes

Black bean spaghetti spoons with egg eyes.
Black Bean Spaghetti Spoons With Eyes. Photo credit: Surf and Sunshine.

This spaghetti spoon idea is loaded with delicious garlic flavor. It adds a freaky hard boiled egg eye to the pasta for a filling starter that will hold everyone over until the main course.
Get the Recipe: Black Bean Spaghetti Spoons With Eyes

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