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We can all picture the classic and stereotypical honeymoon, in which the couple heads straight from their wedding reception to a sandy beach location, after leaving their reception with a “Just Married” sign on the back window, and cans rattling behind their car. In reality, however, the perfect honeymoon can look just as unique as the couples who go on them. Whether you’re a couple who enjoys classic romantic getaways or seeks more creative and unconventional experiences, there are honeymoon ideas to suit every taste and preference.

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People everywhere may feel inflation’s economic squeeze, but it hasn’t stopped couples from spending on honeymoon travel. According to a 2022 study by The Knot, the average honeymoon cost is $5,100, and 73% of couples plan to take one. It’s no surprise that honeymooning spending is up; the increasing trend toward bucket-list getaways and experiential trips has couples pulling out all the stops to plan the trip of a lifetime.

Classic Destinations for Romance

In the era of the mega-moon, country-hopping on your honeymoon is certainly not out of the question. Take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to link up trips to several classic romantic destinations, or choose a favorite and enjoy everything the city offers.

Exploring The Charm of Paris

They say Paris is the city of love for a reason. The Eiffel Tower, the Seine River, and the charming streets create an ambiance that’s nothing short of enchanting. Couples can make memories while strolling hand in hand through cobblestone streets, savor exquisite French cuisine, and witness the city’s timeless beauty.

According to Brides, it’s increasingly common for newlywed couples to leave a gap between their wedding and honeymoon rather than rushing off immediately after the vows. This approach to honeymooning makes it easier for newlyweds to visit their chosen destinations when the season is right, and it’s a perfect approach for those who prefer to wait until the crowds have died down.

If your idea of a romantic getaway doesn’t involve large crowds of other tourists, consider traveling in the shoulder season, which is between peak and off-season seasons. For Paris, this travel sweet spot falls in the spring and fall.

Enchanting Venetian Getaway

With its intricate canals and historic architecture, Venice offers another classic and uniquely romantic setting for honeymooners. Drift along the waterways in a gondola, share intimate moments in charming cafes, and get lost in the city’s narrow alleys and hidden squares.

Early spring makes for a more intimate trip to this destination, which can become packed with tourists in the summer.

Relax With an All-Inclusive Honeymoon

Honeymooning on white sand beaches is a time-honored tradition for a reason; few experiences can compete with the romantic ambiance created by the sun, sand, and surf. A beach resort vacation is the perfect slow-paced and unhurried backdrop for newlyweds to relax and create memories together.

When it comes to beach vacations and relaxation, all-inclusive is the way to go for total peace. Many all-inclusive resorts even cater to honeymooning couples, offering packages packed with romantic extra touches like candlelit dinners, rose-petaled turn-down services, and massages.


Mexico has many resorts that cater to all ages, but honeymooning couples will be glad to know that plenty of adult-only options can be found.

Mexico is a popular destination for all-inclusive honeymoons, and its accolades are well-earned. With its stunning beaches, warm weather, and vibrant culture, Mexico offers couples a romantic and luxurious getaway.

Many all-inclusive resorts in Mexico provide a range of activities and amenities, including spa treatments, gourmet dining, and water sports.

If couples feel overwhelmed by choices or disagree about the qualities of the perfect resort, it’s wise to choose one with exchange privileges with nearby resorts. This privilege allows visitors to head over to nearby resorts and enjoy their amenities, too.

El Dorado Casitas Royale in Riviera Maya is a great example; this upgraded adults-only resort provides more private accommodations for honeymooning couples, but all of the amenities of the El Dorado Royale all-ages mega-resort are available next door.

The Maldives

All-inclusive honeymoons don’t have to be about day drinking and soaking up the sun. Most resorts offer access to water sports, land activities, and more, but some primarily cater to couples who enjoy activities and adventures, such as scuba diving, water sports, and snorkeling.

Resorts in the Maldives are especially well-known for their aquatic activities. This nation, comprised of many islands in the Indian Ocean, is surrounded by clear, blue water filled with beautiful marine life – this makes SCUBA diving and snorkeling especially popular at resorts in the Maldives.

The Caribbean

When it comes to all-inclusive resorts, the islands of the Caribbean are some of the first to come to mind. These islands are loaded with resorts, with a huge variety of experiences available. 

Some resorts, like Jamaica’s infamous Hedonism II, cater to a party demographic, while others, like Sandals Royal Plantation, are designed for a quiet, romantic, boutique experience.

Cold-Weather All-Inclusives

The stereotypical all-inclusive honeymoon takes place on a warm, sandy beach, but there are all-inclusive options for couples whose perfect honeymoon destination comes with a heaping helping of snow.

For example, Triple Creek Ranch in Montana offers year-round activities that change with the seasons, from fly-fishing in the warmer months to snowshoeing and skiing when the snow falls. Couples can enjoy the same ease of planning and relaxation that any other all-inclusive resort offers while participating in their favorite outdoor activities.

Honeymoon in The Great Outdoors

For some couples, “the great outdoors” can only describe a beach cabana or a patio table at a winery. For others, however, a more rugged outdoor adventure is the perfect way to kick off a life together.

National Parks

For couples whose love language is “acts of outdoor adventure,” why not try honeymooning in one of the 63 national parks across the United States? Honeymooning in national parks allows adventurous couples to connect and enjoy nature’s beauty while staying active.

There’s little more romantic than looking up at a starry sky, and national parks can be the ideal place to do it. Fourteen of the United States’ national parks are designated International Dark Sky Parks and Sanctuaries, making them exceptional places to stare at the sky together.

Popular parks like Grand Canyon National Park and Arches National Park make the list, as do lesser-known gems like Cape Lookout National Seashore in North Carolina.


For a luxe take on an outdoor honeymoon, consider a glamping resort. The glamping (that’s glamour + camping) industry was worth 2.73 billion in 2022 and continues to grow, marking its increasing popularity.

Glampers don’t have to hassle with pitching a tent; they can stay in luxurious accommodations such as yurts, luxury tents, and cabins and enjoy amenities that are associated with hotels.

For example, Treebones Resort in Big Sur advertises king-sized beds, massages, and a four-course dinner. Visitors can enjoy these lavish amenities after hiking, kayaking, and whale-watching. It’s truly the best of both worlds for couples who love adventure but also want to relax and enjoy some pampering on their honeymoon.

Have It All With a Honeymoon Cruise

For a honeymoon that blends relaxation, adventure, romance, and, most of all, convenience and ease of planning, look no further than a cruise.

Cruises are uniquely set up to offer everything couples need for a super romantic getaway. From cozy cabins for snuggling to luxurious onboard food, drinks, and experiences that’ll make honeymooning pairs feel like royalty, it’s all there for the taking.

Just as their meal buffets offer a waistline-threatening array of delicious treats, cruises are a buffet of experiences. Port days allow exploring new destinations, but there’s always the option to just kick back and soak up the sun on a top deck.

With cruise ships growing bigger and more amenity-laden than ever, there are plenty of experiences to enjoy onboard. For example, Royal Caribbean’s record-breaking Icon of the Seas is loaded with waterslides, pools, whirlpools, and more than 40 dining locations.

Other cruise lines, like Virgin Voyages, are explicitly designed for an adults-only crowd and may be especially appealing to honeymooners. This cruise line ditches the buffet experience in favor of more intimate dining options that are perfect for lovebirds.

With destinations in the Caribbean, Europe, and the South Pacific, these cruises may be an ideal compromise for couples who can’t decide between the all-inclusive experience and a country-hopping international trip.

Adventure Together on a Honeymoon Safari

One honeymoon idea that has been gaining popularity in recent years is a safari honeymoon. With more and more travelers embarking on bucket-list trips now that travel restrictions have been lifted, it’s no surprise that couples might opt for this type of once-in-a-lifetime experience.

If you’re picturing a sweaty and grueling trek across the savannah with no romance in sight, think again. Many safari resorts offer romantic extras like couples massages and adventurous add-ons such as hot air balloon rides to supplement the already incredible experience of sighting animals like lions and elephants.

Not every couple agrees on the perfect honeymoon destination, and that’s okay! If one partner prefers adventure and the other dreams of beautiful beaches, consider a “bush and beach” option. This type of trip adds a relaxing beach stay to the end of an exciting safari, and they can be custom-planned by safari travel agencies. 

Here, There, or Anywhere for a Honeymoon

Whether couples choose an all-inclusive luxury resort or a bucket-list safari adventure for their first trip as a married couple, one thing is certain: their honeymoon will mark the beginning of a new and exciting chapter in their journey together.

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