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If you are looking for an unforgettable northern lights hotel in Fairbanks, be sure to add The Borealis Basecamp to the list. I had the chance to take a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Fairbanks, Alaska to stay at the Borealis Basecamp.

It was such an amazing and unique experience! From the comforts of the Aurora camping dome, the Basecamp was a great place to see the northern lights and enjoy some quiet time and snowfall away from the city lights.

Blogger Bella Bucchiotti of shares her stay in an aurora dome at the Borealis Basecamp in Fairbanks Alaska.

This blog post is brought to you in collaboration with Borealis Basecamp Thank you for supporting the brands that support me.  

Getting to The Borealis Basecamp

The Borealis Basecamp is conveniently located about an hour’s drive from the Fairbanks International Airport and getting to the camp could not be any easier. The Basecamp has a shuttle service that is included with every package. The shuttle will pick you up from any major hotel in Fairbanks, or right at the airport.

If you prefer to drive yourself, it’s highly recommended that you have 4-wheel drive and snow tires to avoid getting stuck and needing a tow.

The Borealis Basecamp Amenities

Two people standing outside of a northern lights viewing dome in Fairbanks, AK.

The spot is a hub for aurora chasers, and with no light pollution, and so few people, the Borealis Basecamp is one of the few spots in the world that offers around 250 nights of swirling green, red, and purple lights each year. Nature at its finest!  

Visitors have the choice between booking the quintessential igloo or the cubes. Both are private rooms with ample amount of amenities.

Each igloo has 16-foot windows which allows you to lay in bed and watch the night sky light up. You’ll also find a cozy bed, beverage bar, mini-fridge, WIFI, and even a fully equipped bathroom. There is a 3-person maximum in each dome.

Similarly to the igloos, the cubes also have floor-to-ceiling windows (however, there aren’t windows on the ceiling), comfy beds, and full bathrooms. The cubes may be better suited for families as each room has a “treehouse” bed for kids!

The Borealis Basecamp Packages

Girl standing under the northern lights with snow on the ground.

A stay at this bucket list northern lights hotel near Fairbanks, Alaska is definitely a splurge. However, the packages are jam-packed with adventures which makes it truly a bucket list experience. Although each season is likely magical, I absolutely loved visiting in the winter (and it’s your best chance to catch the northern lights).

Winter Packages

Winter packages are available from November 15 through April 10 and they typically sell out far in advance. The choices range from 2 nights to 4 and include a plethora of activities. In addition to your accommodation and shuttle, winter packages include opportunities for dog sledding, snowmachining, reindeer meet and greets, and photo sessions.

Fall Packages

If hoping to check out the beautiful fall foliage during your trip to Fairbanks, an autumn stay at the Basecamp would be magical. The autumn packages are available from August 21 through November 14, however, peak fall foliage is typically at the beginning of October.

These packages also range from 2-4 nights and include UTV rides, dog sledding, and sunset tours.

Summer Packages

For those of you who are hoping to avoid the chilly winter temps, a summer trip to Borealis Basecamp is your best bet. From June 7th to August 16th, guests can experience the magic of the base camp during the warmer months. These packages range from 1-3 nights and include the same opportunities as the fall packages. It’s important to note that your chances of catching the Northern Lights are significantly lower at this time.

Meals at the Basecamp

Latitude 65 dining Yurt at Borealis Basecamp.

Our meals were served in another dome at the on-site restaurant. Latitude 65 serves daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner with so many local and fresh choices. Every meal was delicious and much needed after long days of activities. My personal faves? The soups for lunch and ribs for dinner! DELISH!

The dining Yurt is open 24 hours for guests to hang out, play games, or relax, but meal times are specified and dinner recommendations can be made at check-in.

When is the Best Time to See the Northern Lights

Blogger Bella Bucchiotti walking towards igloo with the northern lights in the sky.

Fairbanks, Alaska is one of the very best places to visit to see the Northern Lights due to the long season and limited light pollution. The Aurora Season in Fairbanks stretches from August 21 to April 21. During this time period, you can spot the magic an average of 4 out of 5 days.

According to Explore Fairbanks, visitors who stay 3 or more nights will have a 90 percent chance of seeing the Aurora Borealis. Sounds like great odds to me!

Tips for Finding and Photographing the Aurora Borealis

Although staying at this epic northern lights hotel in Fairbanks will already greatly increase your chances of an aurora viewing, unfortunately, sightings are ultimately up to the great Mother Nature.

Girl standing inside northern lights hotel in Fairbanks.

Here are some more of my best tips for spotting and photographing the Northern Lights!

  • Visit during Aurora Season (August 21st-April 21st)
  • Use Soft Serve News to help track the aurora
  • Stay up late
  • Bring a good camera! Joel shot these photos on a Sony A7riii
  • Be patient
  • Utilize the Basecamps wake-up calls

Other Things to Do near the Basecamp

As stated above, the Basecamp packages offer more than just a somewhere to sleep. Even though the Northern Lights viewing is the star of the show, the following adventures were a close second. Some of the following activities are included in your stay, and others are highly recommended if you have additional time.


One of my favourite activities that we tried was a dog sled tour! While I have been mushing before, this time was even better. We had the best guide and his dogs were the cutest. It’s about a one-hour tour, so my advice would be to wear warm clothes and a good jacket, like the Parajumpers down I wore.

Blogger Bella Bucchiotti of sitting on a dog sled in the snow.


Another great daytime activity was snowmobiling. I was a rookie, so admittedly I was pretty nervous. Having never been on a snowmobile before, I kept worrying I would flip, fall, or crash. I am happy to report that none of the above occurred despite my poor driving.

It was a blast and by the end of it, I was really enjoying speeding through the snow. We yet again had a wonderful guide, who was both kind and knowledgeable. He took us through some really awesome trails.

Depending on the package you choose, these tours range from 1 hour to 6.

Blogger Bella Bucchiotti of sitting on a snowmobile in Fairbanks, AK.

Reindeer Meet and Greet

This was so much fun and also included in our package. We were able to pet and walk with the reindeer around the grounds and learn so many interesting facts about Rudolph and his friends.

Day Trip to Chena Hot Springs

Before or after your Borealis Basecamp stay, I highly suggest planning a day trip to Chena Hot Springs. Although it’s not included in your accommodation package, it’s just 1.5 hours away. Day passes are available and you’ll have access to the hot springs lake, hot tubs, and interior pool. It’s the perfect way to relax while taking in views of the beautiful Chena River.

Window of aurora borealis dome in Fairbanks.

Explore Downtown Fairbanks, Alaska

Downtown Fairbanks, Alaska, offers a blend of cultural charm and outdoor adventure, making it a fun stop before or after your stay.

You can walk along the Chena River, visit the locally owned shops and art galleries, or grab some fresh seafood at a local restaurant. The Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center is a great stop if you are wanting to immerse yourself in the rich history and traditions of Alaska’s native cultures.

My Fairbanks, Alaska Trip Vlog

Want to see more about this magical stay? You can watch my Alaska travel vlog below or directly on YouTube for better quality. I mean… look at those colorful Northern Lights!!

Is a Stay at Borealis Basecamp Worth It?!

Blogger Bella Bucchiotti of shares her stay in an aurora dome at the Borealis Basecamp in Fairbanks Alaska.

1,000 percent…YES! Our winter stay at Borealis Basecamp was so magical. I loved how cozy the interior of the dome was and the well-thought-out daytime itineraries. We were able to stay busy during the days and have front-row seats for northern lights viewing at night. I’m so very thankful for the clear skies we had!

I enjoyed the fact that we didn’t need to book a Northern Lights tour but instead were able to watch the show from the comfort of our cozy dome. Truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience and definitely worth the splurge.

Add this Northern Lights Hotel Fairbanks to your bucket list ASAP! The aurora viewing was out of this world.

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