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Ramen aren’t just for students, you know. These noodles are a clever starting point if you want to whip up a flavorful meal. They’re versatile and delicious, and there are plenty of amazing ramen recipes to make. You might like to try the Moroccan ramen, ramen carbonara or kimchi noodles, or maybe you’d like them all! If you’re in the mood for noodles, you definitely can’t go wrong with these wonderful noodle-based creations!

Miso Mushroom Ramen Soup

Ramen loaded with mushrooms and vegetables served in a bowl with a spoon.
Miso Mushroom Ramen Soup. Photo credit: xoxoBella.

This homemade miso mushroom ramen soup is a perfect alternative to takeout and a great option for a delicious lunch. With simple ingredients and a variety of tasty vegetables, this easy mushroom ramen is vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free, making it a cozy and healthy dinner idea.
Get the Recipe: Miso Mushroom Ramen Soup

Slow Cooker Miso Ramen

Ramen soup with tofu in a white bowl.
Vegan Miso Ramen Soup with Tofu. Photo credit: xoxoBella.

Get ready to savor the robust and hearty Asian flavors of this slow cooker vegan miso ramen soup, packed with fresh veggies like tofu, mushrooms, celery, bok choy, carrots, garlic, sesame oil, and chili sauce. It’s an easy-to-prepare dish that’s sure to impress.
Get the Recipe: Miso Ramen Soup with Tofu

Miso Ramen with Chicken, Tofu and Spicy Tahini

A bowl of ramen.
Miso Ramen with Chicken, Tofu and Spicy Tahini. Photo credit: xoxoBella.

What a delicious dish this spicy tahini miso ramen is! It is quick and easy to put together, and really tasty. If you are looking for a spicy tahini recipe, check out this ramen recipe with chicken and tofu.
Get the Recipe: Miso Ramen with Chicken, Tofu and Spicy Tahini

Chicken, Veggie and Ramen Stir Fry

A pot of ramen with chicken and veggies.
Chicken, Veggie and Ramen Stir Fry. Photo credit: Averie Cooks.

This recipe only needs 15 minutes to make and is so easy! It has plenty of chicken, veggies and noodles for a satisfying family meal.
Get the Recipe: Chicken, Veggie and Ramen Stir Fry

Black Garlic Ramen

A glass pot of black garlic ramen noodles.
Black Garlic Ramen. Photo credit: Food by Maria.

Aged garlic and ramen are perfect partners for an earthy and delicious dinner. This has the flavor of take out, but comes together easily for a weeknight meal.
Get the Recipe: Black Garlic Ramen

Crunchy Ramen Noodle Salad

A bowl of ramen noodle salad with cabbage and cranberries.
Crunchy Ramen Noodle Salad. Photo credit: Sugar and Soul.

You only need 10 minutes to make this great side dish. It is crunchy, crispy and can feed a crowd with budget friendly ingredients.
Get the Recipe: Crunchy Ramen Noodle Salad

Ramen Noodle Stir Fry

A pot of stir fry made with ramen noodles.
Ramen Noodle Stir Fry. Photo credit: My Incredible Recipes.

If you need a delicious family meal that is budget friendly and easy, then you are going to love this ramen noodle stir fry. You can add in your favorite veggies and protein to make this a personalized dish.
Get the Recipe: Ramen Noodle Stir Fry

Chicken Yakisoba

A skillet with yakiosoba noodles, chicken and veggies.
Chicken Yakisoba. Photo credit: Carlsbad Cravings.

With tender chicken and crisp veggies, your family will fall in love with this easy recipe from the first bite. You are going to want to make this for a weeknight meal, or a way to impress weekend guests with your culinary skills.
Get the Recipe: Chicken Yakisoba

Bacon Miso Ramen

Bowls of bacon mison ramen with veggies.
Bacon Miso Ramen. Photo credit: The Crumby Kitchen.

This fast and filling meal is going to be a favorite! It features broth, tender noodles, crunchy veggies and of course bacon for a flavorful addition to an easy meal.
Get the Recipe: Bacon Miso Ramen

Ramen Carbonara

A bowl of creamy ramen carbonara.
Ramen Carbonara. Photo credit: Jo Cooks.

Ramen noodles, creamy egg sauce and salty bacon come together to make the best budget friendly dish. You can have this on the table in no time for rave reviews from your dinner companions.
Get the Recipe: Ramen Carbonara

Ramen To Go

Bowls of ramen noodles to go.
Ramen To Go. Photo credit: Noshing With The Nolands.

Make ramen noodles a part of your meal prep for the week with this easy and tasty recipe. You can add your favorite veggeis and protein for a grab and go meal to satisfy you until dinner.
Get the Recipe: Ramen To Go

Spicy Ramen

A bowl of sicy ramen noodles.
Spicy Ramen. Photo credit: Carlsbad Cravings.

You only need 25 minutes to get these spicy noodles on the table. You are going to love the tender noodles, crispy veggies and spicy sauce together.
Get the Recipe: Spicy Ramen

Moroccan Ramen

Eggs, chicken thighs, tomatoes and ramen in a bowl.
Moroccan Ramen. Photo credit: The Stay at Home Chef.

This budget friendly dish has a little bit of everything in it! Eggs, tomatoes, and chicken thighs with ramen noodles for a cheap yet filling dish.
Get the Recipe: Moroccan Ramen

Spicy Peanut Noodles

A pot of peanut ramen noodles with chopsticks.
Spicy Peanut Noodles. Photo credit: Britney Breaks Bread.

This flavorful ramen dish is perfect for a take out fake out. No need to leave the house, or hassle with ordering from an app. This fast and filling dish makes for fast food at home!
Get the Recipe: Spicy Peanut Noodles

Kimchi Ramen

A bowl of ramen noodles with kimchi.
Kimchi Ramen. Photo credit: Food by Maria.

What could be better on a chilly night than an easy and tasty bowl of ramen? This recipe is an upgrade from those little packets. It has kimchi in the mix for a one of a kind flavor.
Get the Recipe: Kimchi Ramen

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