From Museums to Monuments: 20 Best Things To Do in Indianapolis

Are you considering a visit to Indianapolis, Indiana? Whether you are planning a trip to attend a sporting event or convention, or just looking to enjoy a long weekend in the Circle City, you won’t run out of fun things to do in Indianapolis. Indianapolis is much more than just the “Crossroads of America” or a pit stop for racing fans. As a born-and-raised Hoosier, I can tell you that the city is a vibrant patchwork of culture, sports, amazing food, and fun outdoor activities. In addition to the well-known attractions like the Indy 500 and the world-class Children’s Museum, with a little research, you’ll find plenty of special hidden gems that make Indianapolis unique.

Indianapolis, Indiana, USA skyline on the White River at dusk.

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Ready to discover all that there is to do in Indianapolis?

1. Start Your Day Downtown at Monument Circle

Want to know why Indianapolis is often called the Circle City? Well, start your day downtown on Monument Circle and it will make perfect sense. The center of the city of Indianapolis is in the heart of downtown, and it’s a circle with the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument in the center. Hence the name Monument Circle.

Indianapolis, Indiana, USA skyline over Soliders' and Sailors' Monument at dusk.
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Grab a warm, strong cup of coffee at nearby Java House and explore the circle on foot. No matter what time of the year you visit Indianapolis, you’ll find something happening in the center of the city. From summer festivals to the beauty of the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument being turned into a giant Christmas tree during the holiday season, the ever-changing circle is well worth a visit.

Currently, the observation deck on the top floor of the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument is closed, but once it opens again, you can choose to take the 331 steps to the top and get a birds-eye view of the city and a nice peek at the downtown Indianapolis skyline. Unfortunately, there isn’t an elevator, but if you grew up in the city (like me!), you have to at least make it to the top once. You’ll have a new appreciation for the monument.

1. Saturday Morning: Downtown Indianapolis Attractions Walking Tour

If it’s a Saturday from June through September, check to see if there is an Indianapolis walking tour offered by Indiana Landmarks. These 60-minute tours focus on the history, symbolism, and stories of downtown Indianapolis.

Indianapolis, Indiana, USA skyline and canal.
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There’s nothing like getting an insider’s guide to a city, so this would be a fantastic way to start your visit. The guides have a wealth of information about Indianapolis and love to share it, so come with an open mind and lots of questions, and by the end of your tour, you’ll have a new appreciation for this midwestern city.

2. Lucas Oil Stadium

Lucas Oil Stadium is the home of the Indianapolis Colts. If you are in town during a Colts game, there will be a LOT happening downtown – it’s quite exciting. But, even if there isn’t a game during your visit, be sure to check out the stadium.

Lucas Oil Stadium Preseason Colts Football Game.
Photo credit: TheMann00/ Shutterstock.

With its large retractable roof and imposing size (it seats 63,000), you can’t miss the stadium if you are spending any time at all in downtown Indianapolis. You can take a public tour of this impressive building most Fridays (several times are offered). The tour lasts about sixty minutes and you’ll get to walk most of the stadium, see some behind-the-scenes areas, and learn some insider secrets.

4. Visit The Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art

The Eiteljorg Museum of Amerian Indians and Western Art is located in White River State Park and is one of only two museums east of the Mississippi dedicated to Western art. Along with the wonderful permanent galleries, there are always several unique exhibits to explore, as well as special exhibits geared toward kids.

The Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art is an art museum.
Photo credit: Umut Tolga Pehlivan/ Shutterstock.

One of our visits to the Eiteljorg Museum included a fascinating exhibit on Western film which the entire family enjoyed. Other highlights include works of art by Georgia O’Keefe and Andy Warhol. If you are looking for things to do in Indianapolis in June, the annual Indian Market & Festival at The Eiteljorg Museum is a fantastic way to enjoy the museum and learn even more about American Indians and Western Art.

5. Learn all about Indiana at the Indiana State Museum

Before you leave downtown, check out the Indiana State Museum. Also, located in the lovely White River State Park, next door to the Eiteljorg, this three-story museum is dedicated to all things Indiana. I’ve been on many a field trip to this museum with my kids and I never get tired of exploring it and learning more about Indiana history.

Indiana State Museum that houses exhibits of science, art, culture and history of Indiana. It is also a site of the largest in the state IMAX screen.
Photo credit: f11photo/ Shutterstock.

Although I always love checking out the new exhibits, my favorite permanent gallery is on the top floor and shares history and tidbits about famous Hoosiers. For those who grew up in the city back in the day when we had department stores downtown, an outing to the L.S. Ayre’s tearoom was always a special treat, especially during the holidays. The Indiana State Museum has a recreated L.S. Ayre’s tearoom, so if you visit when it’s open you can experience the same nostalgic lunch many Hoosiers remember.

Finally, be sure to explore the backside of the Indiana State Museum as it’s located right on the lovely canal that runs through the White River State Park. The back of the building has stones for all 92 Indiana counties with something in them that relates to that county, so it’s a lot of fun to find your county if you are an Indiana resident.

6. Explore Newfields and the 100 Acre Woods

Formerly known simply as the Indianapolis Museum of Art, The Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields is a world-class museum perfect for art lovers. Not just an art museum, The Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields is an entire campus with something for everyone in the family to enjoy.

Inside the art museum, you’ll find galleries dedicated to art around the world, modern and contemporary art, and a variety of special exhibits. Lately, there have been regular immersive exhibits such as The Lume.

Photography taken at Newfields, Indianapolis, Indiana.
Photo credit:Chad Kelham/Shutterstock.

One of the most unique (and special) parts of The Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields is The Virginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature Park, often referred to locally as the 100-acre Woods. At the Nature Park, you’ll discover life-sized sculptures along a scenic path.

Works of art such as “Funky Bones” by Atelier Van Lieshout 7(and made famous by the John Green novel “The Fault in Our Stars”) blend in perfectly with the natural surroundings. Kids especially love that they can play on many of the sculptures.

7. Compete at Duckpin Bowling in Fountain Square

Located in Fountain Square (a designated cultural district of Indianapolis) is the always-fun Atomic Bowl. Never tried duckpin bowling? It’s a unique take on regular bowling, where you use smaller balls and smaller pins. It was actually quite common in the early 1900s but was overtaken by what we consider regular bowling.

War memorials and skyline at twilight.
Photo credit: Sean Pavone/Shutterstock.

After a round or two of bowling, enjoy sandwiches or pizza in the connected cafe. Atomic Bowl is located in the basement of the beautiful Fountain Square building, which is worth exploring too. The entire Fountain Square district is chock full of trendy restaurants, local boutiques, and upscale thrift shops.

8. Learn About a Great Author at the Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library

Was Slaughterhouse Five required reading at your high school? If you grew up in Indiana, there is a pretty strong chance that you read at least that one, the most famous Kurt Vonnegut novel. As an Indiana native, Kurt Vonnegut is memorialized at the Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library located near downtown Indy.

The sign for the Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library.
Photo credit: Rachael Martin/Shutterstock.

Although the museum is interesting in its own right, try to time your visit to arrive just before noon when for a small upcharge you can take a guided tour. The guides have so much knowledge about Kurt Vonnegut and his writings and their stories will make the author come alive.

After your museum visit, head over to Mass Ave and check out the larger-than-life Kurt Vonnegut mural.

9. Stop into the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site

The Benjamin Harrison Presidential site is located at the home of the former 23rd President (President Benjamin Harrison) of the United States on Delaware Street just north of downtown Indy. The beautiful home was built in 1875, is a designated national historic landmark, and is a lovely example of an Italianate Victorian house.

Stately home of 23rd USA President Benjamin Harrison welcomes visitors. Expansive porch with columns and balcony, plus large corbels and chimneys.
Photo credit:Barbara Kalbfleisch/Shutterstock.

The docents at the site are wonderful and do a fantastic job of not just showcasing the home’s many features and furnishings, but also really making former President Benjamin Harrison come alive. The stories they share include personal tidbits about life at home and within the family – it’s really fascinating.

In addition to touring the house, there are typically a few special exhibits at the site that cover anything from period fashion to political cartoons. Thanks to the combination of the history of the home itself, special exhibits, and Presidential information, the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site is especially interesting for history buffs.

Fun things to do in Indianapolis with Kids

Indianapolis is a fantastic getaway for families with kids. There are plenty of fun things for the whole family to do – no matter what your child’s interests.

Saints and Sailors monument in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.
Photo credit: Coy St. Clair/Shuttestock.

10. Take the Whole Family to the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

The Indianapolis Children’s Museum may be the most amazing children’s museum you’ve ever encountered. As the world’s largest children’s museum, it houses four stories of fun for kids of all ages. The museum is one of the top Indianapolis attractions, especially if you are visiting with kids.

A dinosaur "breaks out" of the wall at the Indianapolis Children's Museum in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Photo credit: James Kirkikis/ Shutterstock.

Plan on spending at least half a day if you want to get the most out of your visit. From dinosaurs to science, this museum has it all. There is even an operating carousel on the fourth floor.

Not only will your kids be incredibly entertained, but they will also be educated – which is exactly what a children’s museum should do. Growing up in Indianapolis, we visited the children’s museum often and I continued that tradition with my kids – we were there at least once a month until they hit their teen years, and they will still tell you it’s the best museum around.

11. Go Wild at the Indianapolis Zoo

Back over in the White River State Park off of Washington St. is the Indianapolis Zoo and White River Gardens. The Indianapolis Zoo is a wonderful place to take your kids when you are visiting the Circle City. As you explore, you’ll discover habitats designed to mimic the animals’ natural environments.

Entrance to the Indianapolis Zoo. It's the only institution accredited as a zoo, an aquarium, and as a botanical garden.
Photo credit:

Some of the highlights of the zoo include the Dolphin Pavilion, complete with dolphin shows and underwater viewing, and the amazing Simon Skjodt International Orangutan Center which is an award-winning exhibit designed to stimulate the Orangutan’s abilities. From sealife to the animals that live in the forest, the Indianapolis Zoo educates and showcases hundreds of species.

In addition to fantastic habitats, there are also a variety of hands-on exhibits including touching a stingray or petting a goat. When your kids need a bite to eat or a break from the animals, there are plenty of food options, a fun playground, and even a splash pad.

12. Experience the Thrill of Racing at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum

If there is one thing Indianapolis is well-known for, it’s race cars. In fact, Indianapolis is known as the racing capital of the world. Thanks to the Indianapolis 500, we know and love our race cars. The whole month of May, leading up to the Indy 500 is a fun time to be in the city.

Some of the historic vintage race cars on display at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum.
Photo credit: Bruce Alan Bennett/ Shutterstock.

Even if you don’t visit in May, be sure to visit the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum to learn more about the fascinating world of Indy car racing. You’ll see everything from vintage race cars to the latest and greatest versions. And, learn quite a bit about the history of racing at the same time.

For an extra fee (and well worth it), sign up for a “behind the scenes” track tour. You’ll get to visit the racetrack itself, stand atop the Victory Podium, and even “kiss the bricks” like a real Indy 500 winner. If your kids like cars they will love visiting the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Unique Things to do in Indianapolis

Although Indianapolis is not one of the largest cities in the US (it’s currently slated as the 18th), it is large enough to find plenty of unique things to do.

State Capitol of Indiana after sunset.
Photo credit:Joseph Sohm/Shutterstock.

13. Learn a New Craft at GRT Glass Design

Have you ever wanted to learn how to blow glass? Well at GRT Glass Design you can do just that. Sign up for a class on your visit and in just a few hours you’ll have a lovely glass creation of your own.

A Glass Blower Shaping Molten Glass into a Piece of Art.
Photo credit: Stefan Malloch/ Shutterstock.

You can take a sampler class, enjoy private instruction, or even plan a group class with family or friends. Some of the fun options for glass objects you can create include a paperweight in the shape of a heart or bird, a flower or flower dish, a mushroom, or my personal favorite, a bubble bowl.

If you don’t have time during your visit to Indy to create your own work of art, at least stop in and check out the beautiful glass items for sale, or maybe have a custom piece created just for you.

14. Try Tasty Bites on a Food Tour on Mass Ave

If you love good food, Indianapolis is your city. With dozens of amazing restaurants to choose from all over town, the question isn’t can I find a great place to eat, it’s which one? With a food tour on Mass Ave, make it easy on yourself and try several.

Street Sign for Massachusetts Avenue. Known Locally as Mass Ave, it is famous for its Arts, Food and Theaters.
Photo credit:Jonathan Weiss/ Shutterstock.

Mass Ave is another of the Indianapolis cultural districts, and it is FULL of terrific restaurants, unique boutiques, and plenty of public art. On a Mass Ave food tour, you’ll get to check them all out. Enjoy touring the area with a local who knows good food and knows Indy. Not only are these food tours perfect for foodies, but they are also ideal for history buffs who like to learn the background of a city.

I’ve done food tours before in other cities and I’ve found it’s one of the best ways to get a flavor of the city in a condensed period of time. Plus, the guides can help you plan the rest of your culinary adventures and they know all the best places in a city to visit.

15. Explore the Indianapolis Catacombs

If you love exploring unique places, then a tour of the Indianapolis Catacombs is a must for your next trip to Indy. The Indianapolis Catacombs are located downtown under part of the Indianapolis City Market. They consist of a series of tunnels that were originally used for transporting and storing goods in the late 1800s.

Old abandoned tunnel in the underground wine cellar. Entrance to the catacombs in Odessa, Ukraine. As a creative background for staged dark design.
Photo credit: A_Lesik/ Shutterstock.

Today you can join a tour with Indiana Landmarks to learn more about the history of the tunnels and check them out for yourself. The tours last about half an hour and run from spring to fall on select Saturdays. An alternative way to enjoy the catacombs (if you are 21+) is on one of the Catacombs After Hours Tours. This tour includes a drink to enjoy on the tour and while hanging out in the catacombs.

Outdoor Fun in Indianapolis

If spending time outdoors is something you enjoy, you’ve got plenty of options in Indianapolis.

The skyline of Indianapolis, Indiana is reflected in the city's Canal Walk
Photo credit: James Kirkikis/ Shutterstock.

16. Whisk Away a Day at Eagle Creek Park and Nature Preserve

Once you enter Eagle Creek Park and Nature Preserve you’ll forget you’re in a city the size of Indianapolis. This lovely park boasts miles of trails, the gorgeous Eagle Creek reservoir with a beach for sunning and swimming, water sports like kayaking, and fishing, playgrounds, and more.

Midwest Fall - Fall Autumn leaf color at Eagle Creek park Indianapolis Indiana.
Photo credit:Saeng M / Shutterstock.

Your furry friend is welcome to hike the trails with you and have fun in the bark park. And, if you like a challenge, you can get tickets for the Go Ape Treetop Adventure and enjoy the zip lines, rope ladders, swings, and rope/wood crossings. It’s not for the faint of heart.

17. Check out the Holliday Park Ruins

Holliday Park is a hidden gem on the north side of the city. We consider it one of our favorite free fun things to do in Indianapolis. The park itself has some easy hiking trails through the woods along the White River and a fantastic nature center.

Old Ruins of Holliday Park in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Photo credit; Nicholas J Klein/ Shutterstock.

However, the highlight of Holliday Park is the ruins. Although they look like they’ve been there forever, they’ve actually only been in the park since the early 1970s. The ruins were brought to Indianapolis from New York City when the building they originally came from was being torn down. The ruins are made of Indiana limestone, so it feels fitting to have them in our city.

18. Walk, Bike, or Run the Indianapolis Cultural Trail

Getting outside in a city can feel a little daunting, but thanks to the Indianapolis Cultural Trail, Indy has plenty of easy-to-enjoy options. The Indianapolis Cultural Trail connects the six Indianapolis Cultural Districts (Mass Ave, Fountain Square, Indiana Ave., Broadripple, The Canal & White River State Park, and The Wholesale District) and gives residents and visitors alike an easy way to enjoy moving from one area to another on foot or via bike.

Cultural trail in downtown Indianapolis on August 22, 2015.
Photo credit: KYPhua/ Shutterstock.

In fact, there are dozens of bike shares along the trail, so if you are visiting and don’t have your own bike with you, you can affordably rent one at any of the stops and return it at a different one when you are finished. If you haven’t experienced Indy by bike, this is a fun way to try it.

19. Restaurants in Indianapolis

Indianapolis is quite a foodie city. From down-home cooking to upscale dining, the city has it all. If you don’t know where to start, you can’t go wrong with any of these delicious options.

Grab a Bite and Souvenir From the Indianapolis City Market

The Indianapolis City Market is the home of the original Indy Farmers Market (established in 1821) and still offers farm-fresh veggies in season. However, through the years, it has developed into so much more. Conveniently located downtown, City Market houses a wide variety of food stalls with options from green smoothies to fresh seafood. You can even get your hair cut or pick up a unique gift or souvenir. It’s become a wonderful place to get a feel for and flavor of the city.

The Indiana State Capitol as seen down Market street.
Photo credit: Roberto Galan/ Shutterstock.

The Garage Food Hall

Food halls are becoming all the rage, and the Garage Food Hall on Mass Ave is a fantastic example of why they are so popular. The Garage Food Hall is home to outstanding food vendors, a terrific bar in the center, and plenty of seating. It’s fun to go with a group, let everyone decide what they want (I’m a fan of the Cuban or Seafood spots myself), grab a drink, and then meet up in the middle.

An authentic cuban sandwich on pressed medianoche bread with pork, ham, cheese, pickle, and mustard.
Photo credit: Foodio/ Shutterstock.

The Livery on Mass Ave

One of the top restaurants in Indianapolis is The Livery. With mouth-watering Latin American food, amazing cocktails, and a spectacular outside patio, the Livery is a perennial favorite for diners in the know. Although everything on the menu is delicious, the empanadas (try the corn and the chorizo versions) are fabulous. Add in the Carriage House cocktail and you’ve got a dinner you won’t regret.

Freshly baked empanadas with different fillings.
Photo credit:Caftor/ Shutterstock.

Greek Islands

Greek Islands is one of those classic old-school restaurants that have been around forever. Just south of the circle, the outside might be unassuming, but as soon as you enter, you’ll know you’ve found a hidden gem. Greek Islands is absolutely a local favorite, with gyro meat that melts in your mouth and creamy hummus ready to be soaked up by warm, fresh pita bread. Opa!

two greek gyros with shaved lamb and french fries.
Photo credit:Joshua Resnick/ Shutterstock.

Bazbeaux Pizza in Broadripple or on Mass Ave

If pizza is your thing, Indianapolis has no shortage of options, however, Baxbeaux is a fan favorite for locals and visitors alike. The original Bazbeaux opened in Broadripple in 1986 and after several years of serving award-winning pizza in that neighborhood, opened a second location on Mass Ave in 1989. Today there is a 3rd Bazbeaux location in Carmel, Indiana, and all three spots serve up the mouth-watering, piping-hot Bazbeaux pizza.

Tasty pizza on table against stove in kitchen.
Photo credit:Africa Studio/ Shutterstock.

In addition to fantastic pizza, Bazbeaux has an excellent craft beer list, delicious salads, and sinfully cheesy garlic bread. You won’t go wrong at either Indianapolis location, and both are kid-friendly if the family is along for the ride.

20. Get Buzzed at Some Indianapolis Breweries

As a well-known beer city (recently voted top 5 by USA Today), Indy has more than its fair share of craft breweries. Here are a few fantastic ones to get you started.

Sun King Brewing

Sun King Brewing is the most famous of the Indianapolis craft breweries. With multiple locations throughout the city, it’s easy to find a place to enjoy Sun King favorites like Wee Mac and Panchanga. They often do limited special releases related to things happening in the city like a show or seasonal event which is a lot of fun. Sun King Brewing has actually expanded beyond Indiana with its first location in another state located in Sarasota, Florida.

Beer flight on polished wood table at brewery in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Photo credit:Matt LeClaire/Shutterstock.

St. Joseph Brewery & Public House

If you enjoy good beer in a unique location, then St. Joseph Brewery & Public House would be a great option. The brewery is housed in an old catholic church and still feels like a catholic church inside. So, when you dine or drink at St. Joseph, you are enjoying the unique experience of a brewery in a church! They also have a lovely, dog-friendly patio, so feel free to include your sidekick when you visit.

Close up of craft beer tasting flight at local brewery of small pint glasses in a row on a tray with rainbow variety of dark malt stouts to golden yellow hoppy ales on bar, with taps in background.
Photo credit:VDB Photos/Shutterstock.

Centerpoint Brewing

Housed in the interesting Circle City Industrial Complex (CCIC), Centerpoint Brewing has a spacious, industrial feel that mirrors the entire complex perfectly. The taproom is the perfect place to hang out with friends, enjoy a flight of beer, and play games or watch sports. Although they don’t serve food, there are plenty of options on nearby Mass Ave that you can have delivered.

Hands pouring a flight of beer samples.
Photo credit: Nate Luebbe/Shutterstock.

Start Planning Your Trip To Indianapolis

Start planning your trip! The nearest airport to downtown Indianapolis is the Indianapolis International Airport. It’s a lovely light-filled airport located about 15 to 20 minutes from downtown (depending upon traffic). Although you could get by without a car if you plan on spending most of your time downtown, in general, Indy is a city that is best explored with a vehicle, so I’d suggest renting a car to get around.

Interior view of the terminal at the Indianapolis International Airport (IND), the largest airport in Indiana and a hub for FedEx.
Photo credit: EQRoy/ Shutterstock.

Book a Hotel in Indianapolis

Although there are dozens of hotels in Indianapolis, there are a few that stand out and should be at the top of your list of places to stay in Indy.

Indianapolis skyline and the White River at twilight.
Photo credit: f11photo/ Shutterstock.

Bottleworks Hotel

Bottleworks Hotel is a unique boutique hotel located on the old Coca-Cola bottling plant near Mass Ave. Since its opening, it’s been garnering award after award as one of the top boutique hotels in the country. If you like bougie luxury in a fun location, choose the Bottleworks Hotel.

Crowne Plaza Train Cars

A different experience can be had by staying in one of the train cars at the Crowne Plaza downtown. Connected to the old Union Station, this Crowne Plaza offers the unforgettable experience of staying in a beautifully renovated train car. Kids and train aficionados alike love these accommodations.

JW Marriott

If you like luxury you can count on in a fantastic location, go for the JW Marriott. Since it’s located right next to the convention center and Lucas Oil Stadium, it’s the ideal lodging if you are in town for a Colts game or convention.

FAQs: Indianapolis Things to Do

What is Indianapolis best known for?

Indianapolis is known as the “racing capital of the world” thanks to its strong racing tradition and the Indy 500.

Is it worth visiting Indianapolis?

Indianapolis is a fantastic place to visit. With world-class attractions like the Indianapolis Children’s Museum, dining fit for any foodie, and plenty of professional sports, the city has something for everyone to enjoy.

Does Indianapolis have a good nightlife?

Indianapolis is home to a variety of theaters offering Broadway-quality shows, plenty of venues with live music (especially in the summer), and frequent football, basketball, and baseball games.

Is downtown Indianapolis safe?

Like any large city, there are areas of Indianapolis that are safer than others. Use good common sense when traversing the city, don’t walk alone late at night, and follow all the other safety guidelines you would use when visiting a new location.

Indianapolis - Circa September 2016: Indianapolis Motor Speedway Gate 1 Entrance. IMS Hosts the Indy 500 and Brickyard 400 Auto Races VI.
Photo credit: Jonathan Weiss/ Shutterstock.

So Many Fun Things to Do in Indianapolis!

That wraps up this guide full of just some of the fun-filled things to do in Indianapolis. From the thrills of the Indianapolis Speedway to the wonders of the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, there is truly something for everyone in Circle City.

Whether you are in town for a convention or sporting event or just want to enjoy an action-packed Midwestern weekend getaway, you’ll find plenty of fun to be had in Indianapolis – so much so that I’m sure you’ll leave planning your next visit!

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