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You know me, I am a natural free spirit. I love to travel all around this beautiful globe and go on adventures that will give me a memory and happiness for my whole life. Below I compiled a travel resource guide with my go-to stuff to get me going on my trips. Let me know if you have any you love to use and don’t forget to share this with your adventure buddy!

Travel and lifestyle blogger Bella Bucchiotti of shares a travel resource guide for all your travel planning needs.


Whether you are looking for a last minute flight to take you somewhere tropical or if you are just a babe on a budget, I got you covered with my top sites for everything you need and more when it comes to flying high! Who doesn’t love a discount?!

When you are a babe on a budget, skip on over to SkyScanner for some crazy deals on flights going pretty much anywhere! It has options to search by dates or month-long ranges. You can also use Skyscanner for hotels/cars, too

Hopper is an AMAZING resource for finding affordable flights in an instant. Just download the app, select the location you want to travel to, and Hopper will keep track of your specific flight and let you know when prices drop. This tracking is so handy!

If you want to know when the next flight out of Seattle is and how you can get on it, Google it! No seriously, go to Google Flights and instantly you will see top airlines compared right at your fingertips without having to navigate different websites!

I like to use Expedia when I am booking several components for a trip, as you save more. I also find that they have great deals, so watch for them. They also have a great rewards program and the best customer service I have experienced.

The cutest little website that’s easy on the eyes, and easy on your budget, too! Momondo has a calendar view lets you see which days are cheapest to fly which is great for flexible schedules. It is great that they check the small sites and airlines that most others don’t.

If you aren’t sure where you want to go and looking for deals, I find Kayak to be a great option. You can search flight deals from airports with handy date/month range filters. You can also set up emails to get deals from those airports.

Travel and lifestyle blogger Bella Bucchiotti of shares a travel resource guide for all your travel planning needs.


You want to rest your head on a soft or firm pillow tonight? The choices are endless when you refer to my picks for picking out the best hotels to give yourself some well-deserved R & R. Not to mention, you want to make sure the place you’re staying at is reliable AND cozy! Check out the accommodation planners in my travel resource guide below.

A fan favourite known all around the world. AirBnB makes it possible for you to really feel like a local in your newest destination. Whether you have the place to yourself or you stay with the owner and their brand new kitten, you will find a place you are bound to love on AirBnB.

Who knows where to find the best deals and prices for any hotel around the world? can help you out! Comparing deals from anywhere in your next city with a wide variety of properties from super luxury hotels to rental apartments and hostels.

If you regularly stay in hotels, is a great booking site to use because they reward you for your loyalty. For every ten nights you book with them, you get a night free. I love their rating system, specially the “Loved by Guests” feature which is based solely on real guest experiences.

Travel and lifestyle blogger Bella Bucchiotti of shares a travel resource guide for all your travel planning needs.

Tour Companies

Sometimes you need to be part of a tour company and let me tell you, they can be soooo fun! You can meet all kinds of new people from all around the globe or even from your city!

You may have seen me post about G Adventures before, because I have and frankly they are pretty awesome! Travel the world with them and you will be glad you did! Don’t be hesitant to sign up alone or with friends.

Travel Talk is one of the best tour companies for the adventure lovers out there. You can find a location, an activity, and anything in between to really customize your experience to be the best ever!

If you are someone who would prefer a smaller amount of people in your group, then Intrepid Travel is ready to make this intimate and personalized tour for you and other like-minded travellers!

Travel and lifestyle blogger Bella Bucchiotti of shares a travel resource guide for all your travel planning needs.

Travel Planning

For some of us, planning a trip is nothing short of addicting. To others, it is just something that ruins the whole thing. You don’t want to organize this chaos, but you also want to make sure you don’t miss anything! What is this traveler to do? Hmm.. If only some awesome gal listed three incredible travel resource guide suggestions below or something 😉

If you want to search how to get from Point A to Point B anywhere in the world, then use Rome2Rio. It covers planes, trains, buses, ferries and driving

Yep, no “E” in Journy because they’re too busy putting that “E” into “easy” for you! A vacation just how you want it, perfectly and effortlessly.

Professional Travel is the real deal! Need a hassle-free itinerary ASAP? They got you and whatever adventures you want planned!

Travel and lifestyle blogger Bella Bucchiotti of shares a travel resource guide for all your travel planning needs.

Hot Rides

Sometimes, public transportation just is not going to cut it. You need your own ride, but you also need it to be reliable, cost-efficient, and frankly you need a cool ride for those Insta pics. Duh.

Avis is another awesome company that is ready to serve you with a sweet ride in pretty much every corner of the globe. Not to mention, they are notorious for being pretty inexpensive! I use Avis a lot on my travels.

National might be one of those that you see at the airport, but may not pay close attention to. You should! They have locations globally and have options that range from a 4-passenger sedan to a minivan ready to fill up a soccer team!

Road trips are always a great way to go. provide competitive pricing for multiple rental car providers in a given destination. They have car rental services that are available to you virtually all over the world!

Travel and lifestyle blogger Bella Bucchiotti of shares a travel resource guide for all your travel planning needs.

Travel Insurance

Hey, life happens sometimes. And sometimes it is definitely NOT in the itinerary. So, prepare for the unexpected by getting yourself covered with travel insurance. These places have been highly rated for their customer satisfaction and affordability!

Travel Guard has some of the best reviews out there for travel insurance. With breaking down exactly what you may need to their stellar customer service, you can’t go wrong with them

File a claim, check a claim, and everything in between is done with ease and for a great price, too! Allianz is perfect for those of you that can be…prone to losing your luggage.

Using Amex if you are already an Amex customer is probably going to be the easiest route for you to take. Combine travel insurance that fits your needs without having to make a new account!

Travel and lifestyle blogger Bella Bucchiotti of shares a travel resource guide for all your travel planning needs.

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I hope this travel resource guide is helpful! Let me know if there is anything else that you want to see listed here.

Bella Bucchiotti

Bella Bucchiotti is a Canadian-based syndicated food, travel, and lifestyle writer, photographer, and creator at xoxoBella. She founded xoxoBella in 2015, where she shares her love for food, dogs, sustainability, fitness, crafts, outdoor adventures, travel, and philanthropy to encourage others to run the extra mile, try new recipes, visit unfamiliar places, and stand for a cause. Bella creates stress-free and family-friendly recipes for weeknight dinners and festive feasts.


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