Reasons Why Having Your Birthday on Christmas is Neither Holly nor Jolly

I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is, my birthday is literally just around the corner! YAY! The bad news is, no one realizes it because my birthday is December 25. Yup – Christmas Day. Like, I would even take Christmas Eve, Mom! For my fellow December babies who feel like their birthday on Christmas is forgotten because it is overshadowed by a fat guy with presents came down the chimney – this one’s for you.

Tim Mossholder

People Straight Up Forget Your Birthday on Christmas

I mean, you can see my dilemma. And honestly, I don’t blame them. First of all, who isn’t stressed around the holidays. Between traveling, making food, buying presents – life can get pretty wild and things like a birthday on Christmas is the last thing on anybody’s mind.

Bruna Branco

I Even Forget What We’re Celebrating

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, you know it is December 25. All I know is that I’m forever torn when it comes to being excited for my birthday or for Christmas. When I was younger, I was pumped for Santa, but at the same time I knew it was for Christmas and not my birthday. It was a weird time. Let’s face it…a birthday on Christmas is not ideal.

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Brooke Lark

Are My Gifts For Christmas or My Birthday?

Not to mention, people are buying gifts FOR EVERYONE ELSE IN THEIR LIVES. So, in their own way, it’s like everyone is sharing in on my birthday. I think this just should mean that I get both Christmas and birthday presents, please and thank you! 😉

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Irene van der Poel

Never Had a School Birthday Party

Although they can seem cheesy and some kids didn’t really enjoy them growing up, I never was able to take cupcakes or a treat into class for my birthday like other kids! And in the days before Facebook reminding you who’s birthday it is, no one knew it was your birthday unless it literally happened during school.

Tim Zänkert
Cristiano Firmani

Look Who I Share My Day With

Even if you aren’t religious, Christmas is to acknowledge the birth of Jesus. I don’t get to have my own special day in the middle of May or have a fun summer blowout party on a random day of the year. My birthday is literally the most well-known day around the world. Well, I guess that’s kind of cool, too!

Adam Tarwacki


HOWEVER – it doesn’t always suck. Knowing that all of my family is going to be together that night for dinner and that I never had to go to school the next day was always so fun. People are always so excited and hopeful during the holidays, and I know you can’t help but to get those good feelings, too. Maybe it isn’t so bad after all. 😉

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