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Do you know how many days are left until Christmas? You better get a move on getting your gifts and stocking stuffers! I really don’t want any of my followers to be rushing to get their gifts so late this year. It’s so stressful to wait until the last minute to get your presents. Don’t do that to yourself and start early this year. Consider this your Christmas reminder!

Lifestyle blogger Bella Bucchiotti from xoxoBella shares a blue Christmas gift guide with all things blue.

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This year, I want you to have a blue Christmas. Not a sad one of course, but a happy one full of blue gifts! Blue is one of my favorite colors, and it seems like most people really like blue. Even when I was in grade school, it seemed like everyone’s favorite color was blue. Knowing that, blue Christmas ideas are a pretty safe bet.

One of the best things about blue gift ideas for friends is that blue comes in so many shades. It isn’t just light blue or dark blue: there’s ice blue, midnight, teal, sky blue, turquoise, periwinkle, aqua, and so many more. Blue comes in so many fun variations that blue stocking stuffers and Christmas presents are pretty universally well-liked.

Blue is a very relaxing color, and it’s a color that isn’t often associated with Christmas. You usually only see the most sophisticated Christmas decor in shades of blue and silver.

But I think we should make the blue Christmas aesthetic more mainstream, mostly because it’s so underrated. Who wouldn’t want more blue in their Christmas decorations? I certainly do.

Blue Christmas reminds one more of the simple natural beauty of Christmas. There’s always a place for bold reds and greens, don’t get me wrong. That classic color scheme is classic for a reason. But blues, silver, and whites are more about wind chill, snowy days, and simply enjoying cold weather. That’s more what this holiday gift guide revolves around: the simplicity of winter and finding the joy in it.

Because blue is so universally well-liked, it’s going to be difficult to find someone who doesn’t like blue. You’re pretty safe to buy any shade of blue on this holiday gift guide and have very happy friends. Of course, that doesn’t mean every gift is perfect for everyone.

You probably already know which friends prefer what shades of blue from what they’ve worn and what they decorate their space with. Think about that, but most importantly, follow your gut!

If you’re stuck on Christmas ideas and aren’t sure what to do, here’s a good place to start. For your friends who like fashion, consider a blue beanie and blue mittens. Your friend who loves to stay home and bake will probably love a blue pot, blue mug, or some kind of fun blue kitchenware. Blue cameras are very trendy for your friend who posts every day on Instagram.

One of the best things about blue stocking stuffers is that you really can’t go wrong. Most people love blue, and there’s a blue to match your BFF’s aesthetic perfectly. All you need to do is think about your friend, pull up the Blue Christmas song on Spotify (or wherever you stream music), and click through my Blue Christmas holiday gift guide.

 Great Accessories

What goes great with blue? How about blue accessories!

Fun Stuff

All the fun staff that we don’t really need, but we want to get for Christmas.

To Love

We all look good in blue, so pick a blue thing to wear….or two!

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