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Have you started shopping for Christmas gifts yet? It’s never too early to start. The sooner you finish, the sooner you can start really appreciating being around your friends and family. Of course, I always think buying gifts is one of the best parts of Christmas! Thinking about what to get each friend and family member involves creativity and planning.

Lifestyle blogger Bella Bucchiotti of xoxoBella shares a bubblgum dream gift guide with all things pretty and pink.

I’ve made all that much easier for you this year with my bubblegum dream holiday gift guide. Are you a fan of pink? Do you have friends that love pink? If the answer is yes, then you’re in the right place! Pink is one of the most popular colors for a reason, and I know you’ll love these cute gifts for a friend.

Growing up, pink wasn’t exactly my favorite color. I didn’t really hate it, but you wouldn’t catch me wearing anything pink or even owning anything pink. But once I became an adult, I felt empowered to like it without being embarrassed. And at this point, I am a pink convert! I love pretty much every shade of pink, from coral to bubblegum to blush.

There are many shades of pink, and they all evoke different emotions. In this holiday gift guide, we’re going to focus on bubblegum pink: not just because it makes great Christmas gifts for her, but also because it points to one aesthetic: soft, feminine, and delicate.

Kitchen gadgets, hair accessories, and shoes all take on a more flirty and feminine look when they’re washed with a light pink. You can almost imagine Barbie using the same pink mittens as one the cute gifts for her, or donning the same heart-shaped earrings that you got for your friend.

Bubblegum pink sometimes also takes on a more blush tone, which is more neutral than candy-colored. I love blush or flesh-colored pinks because they are a bit more neutral and a little more relaxed. It’s a great color for cute gifts for a friend. It works well on hair clips so they’ll go with most outfits, and it makes fluffy slippers look like soft clouds.

I know what you’re going to say, that not everybody loves or even likes pink. Like I said before, I used to fall into that category. I totally understand that not everybody will appreciate a cutesy pink gift for Christmas. Pink doesn’t resonate with everybody, but it doesn’t have to.

If your friends and family don’t like pink, then I’d suggest checking out another one of my popular holiday gift guides. I have plenty of color scheme gift guides, including peppermint, blue Christmas, and rainbow.

I honestly believe more people like pink than dislike pink. And if you have a friend who’s been feeling stressed out and could use a little self-care and self-love, pink Christmas gifts will do just that.

Pink gifts are also perfect for girls who grew up playing with Barbie, baby dolls, Polly Pocket, watched My Little Pony or loved the Disney princesses growing up. They all have an adult appreciation for pink. And honestly, they should. It’s a beautiful colour that’s elegant, cute, and makes great gifts for her.

All the bubblegum dream gift guide images below are clickable. I hope you enjoy the items that I picked!  Most of these are totally affordable for anyone and perfect for your friend, sister, mom or yourself! It also never hurts to treat yourself! #treatyoself

Bubblegum Dream Gift Guide Ideas

This pink gift guide is all things pink aka rosy, rose, rose-coloured, rosé, pale red, salmon, salmon-pink, shell-pink, flesh-coloured, flushed and blushing.

The colour pink makes everything look pretty!

Day to Day Pink

Every day is the perfect day to wear or use something pink. It’s not just for Wednesdays!

Way too Cute and Way too Pink

All the cute pink things that you want and already have on your Christmas list.

Get your Face on  

It is all about the pink packaging and products with pink makeup and tools that you will love.

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Bella Bucchiotti

Bella Bucchiotti is a Canadian-based syndicated food, travel, and lifestyle writer, photographer, and creator at xoxoBella. She founded xoxoBella in 2015, where she shares her love for food, dogs, sustainability, fitness, crafts, outdoor adventures, travel, and philanthropy to encourage others to run the extra mile, try new recipes, visit unfamiliar places, and stand for a cause. Bella creates stress-free and family-friendly recipes for weeknight dinners and festive feasts.


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  1. I want one of those backpacks and a fujifilm camera so bad! I’m not usually a fan of pink, but I still love this gift guide!

  2. I love the record player and the s’well bottle! I love the unique themes of your gift guides. Keep it up girly!

    Kayla |

  3. A blue polaroid instax mini & a blue crossly record player have been on my birthday/christmas list for ages!