My Paris Adventure

I never thought I would make it to Paris and, this past year when I finally did, I spent the whole trip in awe. My picture-perfect Paris adventure was full of food, culture and language barriers lol.  🙂

The Louvre

It’s a magical place filled with everything a girl could ask for. These images were taken at sunrise at The Louvre. It was absolutely breath taking to be surrounded by so many old buildings that were so rich in culture and history.

This is one of my  favorite images of the whole trip. It’s so pretty!

Eiffel Tower

I went to the Eiffel Tower twice while in Paris. Both times the weather was not the best, but still it was so dreamy. I honestly couldn’t believe how tall it was in real life! Every Paris adventure requires a trip or two to the Eiffel Tower!

Paris trip tip: If you’re looking for the perfect pictures, I would recommend going around sunrise. The locations aren’t busy at all. I think Paris likes to sleep in.

This Paris trip I also hired photographers that were local or really knew the area well. That really helped because they knew exactly where to go! You need to come home from your Paris adventure with lots of photos.

These photos are by Olga from Flytographer.  

Blogger Bella Bucchiotti of shares photos from her trip to Paris, France at the Eiffel Tower. Photos by Flytographer.

A huge thank you to the amazing Meiry for taking these images and making this morning in Paris so magical.  I loved the tower so much!

Paris Trip Vlog

You can watch my Paris trip blog below or on YouTube with better quality.

These images were taken in this cute little area we stumbled upon just while walking. The streets in Paris are lined with cute cafes, flower shops, and stunning architecture. Everything is picture perfect.

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Palais-Royal & Buren Columns

These next two images are at Palais-Royal, which is a beautiful palace right in Paris. In the courtyard of the palace are the Buren Columns, which are 260 black and white striped columns. They very much resemble modern public art that we would find in a city today…except these are certainly not new!

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This adorable little area in called Montmarte. It is filled with stairs and so many colourful, cute buildings. You could probably spend a full day walking around here. I wish I had more time to stay… guess it just means I have to go back!  It is just so full of character.

I am sure you recognize La Maison Rose where I shot these photos. It is a very popular photo opp for tourists! Hadi from Shoot My Travel took these photos.

My Paris AirBNB

When I spent the morning with Miery, we walked around and just grabbed photos as we went around the area I was staying…in the cutest AirBNB ever! If you ever go, see if you can book the one I stayed in. It is just a few blocks away from the Eiffel Tower and in the most adorable neighbourhood. The perfect base for a Paris adventure!

Blogger Bella Bucchiotti of shares her Paris adventure and also shares her fun vlog.
Blogger Bella Bucchiotti of shares her Paris adventure and also shares her fun vlog.

So Much to See in Paris

Blogger Bella Bucchiotti of shares her trip to Paris France and also shares her fun vlog.
Blogger Bella Bucchiotti of shares her trip to Paris France and also shares her fun vlog.
Blogger Bella Bucchiotti of shares her trip to Paris France and also shares her fun vlog.

These last two images were taken across the bridge and down by the water. Nicole and I set up a special picnic to end my trip. Nicole traveled with me as my photographer through Italy and then we met for a day in Paris. She is so lovely and is the perfect travel photographer companion.

My trip to Paris was beyond amazing and I would love to go back one day and see more. I felt like I saw so much while I was there but I know there’s more to see.

Next time? The South of France!

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  1. Annaliese wrote:

    What absolutely dreamy pictures Bella! Looks like the total trip of a lifetime!!!

    xoxo A

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  2. sophia lu wrote:

    wow the photos do look so amazing!! you’re making me miss paris hahaha 🙂

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  3. Melissa Chee wrote:

    What an amazing trip!!!

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  4. These photos are so beautiful! It looks like you had an amazing time.

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  5. Brittney Kubicki wrote:

    What incredible photos!!

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  6. Alex wrote:

    I loved watching your video and your pictures are GORGEOUS!

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  7. nicole simonetti wrote:

    this looks like the -dreamiest- trip! so happy to follow along w/ you & all your opportunities. you look amaze, and it’s no wonder when you’re feeling those parisian vibes! x, nicole //

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  8. Kimberly Myers wrote:

    Oh my, I’m jealous! Sounds like you really had a wonderful time at Paris! I absolutely love those ruffle dress of yours <3

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  9. Adriana wrote:

    I mean you just have the CUTEST pictures ever!! These are so dreamy! I love Paris!!

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  10. I love your photos! You need to just make a travel photo book because you take the cutest shots! Paris would be so fun to visit one day.

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  11. Audrey Knizek wrote:

    OMG! All of your photos are absolutely stunning. I’ve been to Paris twice and could go back countless more times and never get bored. So happy you had a fun trip.

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  12. Sami Mast wrote:

    I really want to visit Paris again! These photos are beautiful!

    The Classic Brunette

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  13. Super cute photos! My husband and I took photos there right after we were engaged!

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  14. Azanique wrote:

    What a beautiful trip! Paris is definitely on my bucket list for travel 🙂

    -xo, Azanique |

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  15. Deborah wrote:

    Oh what gorgeous photos! Looks like you had quite an adventure!

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  16. Sarah wrote:

    Paris is amazing! But these pictures are even on the next level, I love them!

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  17. Wow! it looks like you had an incredible trip! I will definitely be using this post for photo inspiration when I make it back to Paris 🙂

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  18. Jenna wrote:

    As always, your pictures are perfection, darling! You’re making me majorly miss my favorite city!

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  19. Grace wrote:

    Your trip to Paris looks absolutely magical! I can’t wait to visit Paris!

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  20. Molly Moon wrote:

    Looks like you had a great trip!

    Molly // Miss Molly Moon

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  21. Sounds so fun!! I really want to visit Paris!!

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  22. These are gorgeous! I hope you had fun!

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  23. Jaunté Williams wrote:

    Your photos are so beautiful. Thank You for sharing the names of the photographers, I am going to Paris in September and have been trying to find the perfect photographers. Now I know who to book.

    Posted 8.7.18 Reply