13 Reasons We Love Our Dogs More Than Most People

For those of us who have dogs and adore them, it’s totally normal to love them more than most people. After all, why shouldn’t we cherish our furry friends as much, if not more, than we do people? Here are a few reasons why we’re so crazy about our dogs. Dog owners are a unique bunch, and we can all concur that dogs are simply the greatest!

They Appreciate Our Attention 

Woman and her beagle dog meet morning in bed

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Dogs appreciate any attention that you give them. Whether it’s a quick pat on the head, a belly rub, or a full-on snuggle session on the couch your love and attention are welcome. 

They Keep You Active 

Silhouette man and dog jogging on the background of beautiful sunset.
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Even if your dog loves to lie around and snuggle and sleep with you they still love to get out and go for a walk or a run each day. This helps to keep you active and moving which is good for you and your dog. 

There’s No Judgment 

Happy dog  basset hound with ears up.   Beautiful kind dog. Pets
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No matter what you are doing(or not) your dog doesn’t judge you, they just want to be near your side. Pulling a weekend long Netflix and chill session? Been wearing the same sweatpants for a week? Your dog doesn’t care. 

They Are Protective

Rear view of young man with dog (labrador retriver) in nature at sunset.
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When you have a dog, there’s no need to be afraid. Your loyal four-legged friend is happy to alert you to danger and protect you from it if the need arises. 

They Are Good Listeners 

owner caressing gently her dog
Photo credit: Cristina Conti/Shutterstock.

Dogs are great listeners, and they never get tired of listening to you. While human companions may tell you to get over it or to talk about something else, a dog is always up for listening to you vent.  

They Are Your Best Friends 

couple of dogs in love sleeping together under the blanket in bed , warm and cozy and cuddly
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Dogs want to be your best friend and they are perfect for the job. Great listeners, fun to play with, soft and cuddly, and loyal. What more could you ask for in a best friend?

You Can Feed Them the Same Thing Every Day 

Beautiful brown Labrador eating food from its plate in the living room.
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While people would likely get tired of the same meal within a day or two you can feed your dog the same meal every day. A bowl full of dry kibble or a can of wet food and your dog laps it up like it’s a gourmet meal every night!

They Are Calming 

Golden Labradoodle dog at home on the sofa
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Dogs do a great job of calming us down when life starts to feel overwhelming. Just sit down with your dog and give them some cuddles and feel the stress just melt away. 

Dogs Are Loyal 

Woman playing with Labrador in park on summer day
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Dogs are loyal no matter what, you may never find your ride-or-die person, but your dog will always be by your side. There is nowhere else that they would rather be. No judgment, great listeners, and loyal to the end? We’ll take it! 

They’ll Make You Laugh 

A beautiful woman laughing while her pet is licking her face in a sunny day in the park in Madrid. The dog is on its owner between her hands. Family dog outdoor lifestyle.
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Dogs are incredibly entertaining! They can just their tails for hours or make faces and bark at themselves in the mirror. Put a silly hat on them and watch their antics as they try to take it off, dogs will keep you laughing. 

They Get Excited About Everything 

Funny looking Golden Cocker spaniel dog running through a field of wheat caught in mid flight with its ears bouncing in the air
Photo credit: SGM/Shutterstock.

Boredom is not a feeling that your dog knows. A walk to the park, meeting someone new, walking around the supermarket, or going for a drive are all the best things ever for your four-legged friend. 

They Love Unconditionally

St. Valentine's Day concept. Funny portrait cute puppy dog border collie holding red heart on nose isolated on white background, clise up. Lovely dog in love on valentines day gives gift
Photo credit: Julia Zavalishina/Shuttestock.

Dogs love their people unconditionally. Forget to take them for a walk or feed them their favorite treat? Not a problem, they are still wagging their tails with joy as soon as you come into their line of sight. 

They Are Cute!

A beagle dog wearing sunglasses and an swimming circle on a blue background. The concept of a summer holiday by the sea.
Photo credit: Viktorya Telminova/Shutterstock.

Who can resist those furry little bodies, puppy eyes, floppy ears, wrinkly wrinkles, and wagging tails! Can you even look at a dog without feeling happy to see it and a big grin on your face? 

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