11 Travel Lessons Learned the Hard Way

Travel is supposed to be fun, relaxing and exciting, but things don’t always work out the way you plan. Anyone who’s travelled is sure to have their own travel lessons. There are things that caused unnecessary stress, such as forgetting to pack a necessary item or maybe overlooking a visa or travel insurance. Whether you’re packing for a trip now or considering one another time, take a look at these 11 travel lessons learned when trips went awry so you can be better prepared for your upcoming vacation!

Bring Your Own Water Purification Tablets

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No matter how “tough” you believe your stomach to be. It’s ALWAYS better safe than sorry. You do not want to spend your vacation in the bathroom because you drank the water. 

Always Check Your Flights Carefully Before Pressing Purchase

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Is anyone else always way too excited when purchasing a flight? Well, be sure to verify the date AND the date format. Other countries do not use the same format as the United States (dd/mm/yyyy vs. mm/dd/yyyy). Also, beware of using an airline consolidator.

Don’t Lose Your Passport

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Yep, this one seems obvious. But it happens to the best of us. Keep close tabs on your passport at.all.times. And, always check the seat pocket of the airplane before disembarking (passports like to hide there). 

Driver’s Licenses Are Not Valid in Every Country

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I’m sure you are aware you need a form of identification to travel, but be sure to look up the specifics. Your driver’s license is not going to be a valid form of ID in every country. 

Always Packing Some Anti-Diarrhea-Type Medicine and OTC Painkillers With You

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This brings me back to #1. In case you weren’t proactive, be sure to pack ant-diarrhea and some ibuprofen to shorten your time spent in the bathroom. 

Always Purchase Travel Insurance

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Getting sick or hurt abroad can very quickly add up. Travel insurance can help avoid this unnecessary stressor. You can typically purchase it for pretty cheap before your vacation. 

Not Traveling When Young

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We live in a strange world where we spend our best years working and “saving” until we are old and retired. Don’t do this. Make time for travel when you are young at healthy. 

Packing Too Much 

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I know you think you need a different pair of shoes for each day of the trip. But you don’t. Pack light and enjoy the opportunity to purchase that new souvenir T-shirt. This also can save you from paying additional baggage fees upon boarding the airplane. 

Not Checking the Taxis 

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Always, always, always check to make sure you are in a real taxi or the correct Uber. If you happen to make this mistake and escape being kidnapped, they will still likely still rip you off. 

Confusing Time Zones/24-hour Clocks 

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There are only a handful of countries that do NOT use the 24-hour clock. Yep, America is one of them. Be sure to understand this when traveling as it could lead to some costly travel mishaps (including missing your flights or showing up on the wrong day).

Forgetting To Tell Your Bank You Are Traveling Abroad

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Your cards will be locked and it will be virtually impossible to fix them while you are still traveling. The banks are just trying to protect you and your money but this can lead to a major headache. 

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