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I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes a little over three years ago, when I was 19. When I was first diagnosed, I didn’t really know much about diabetes and the care that goes into dealing with it. As with any health condition, I’m still learning but it’s really comforting to know that I’m not alone in this fight and there are millions (literally) of people that are dealing with the same struggles I am! Follow along with my in my week in my life with Type 1 diabetes vlog.

Diabetic blogger, Bella Bucchiotti of xoxoBella shares a vlog about a week in the life with Type 1 diabetes.

I post a lot about my life with diabetes so that people like me know they’re not alone and also so that people that may not know much about the condition can educate themselves on what living with Type 1 diabetes is actually like. Over on my YouTube channel, I uploaded a day in my life video showing you how I change my blood sugar sensor and insulin pump, what I like to eat in a day, and more!

My Life with Type 1 Diabetes Vlog

Like I mentioned, I have Type 1 diabetes which means my pancreas creates little to no insulin. Insulin regulates the amount of glucose (or blood sugar) in the blood so it’s super important that I use an insulin pump that way my glucose stays at a normal level.

This day, I needed to change my blood sugar sensor and my insulin pump on the same day which I why I thought it was the perfect time to film this video! My insulin pump provides my body with insulin like my pancreas would and my sensor monitors my glucose levels throughout the day. When I first started using an insulin pump, a nurse went over everything with me but now, I’ve been doing it for two years and it’s super easy! For my pump, I use the Sure-T infusion set.

What I Use Daily

For my sensor, I use a Freestyle Libre and change it every two weeks. My top tip for applying the sensor is to use Skin Tac to really help it stick. I work out and sweat a looot, so it’s important that I use the Skin Tac adhesive to really help it stay on for 14 days. I love the Freestyle Libre because it connects to an app on your phone so you can monitor your glucose levels at any time. It also shows you graphs of your blood sugar levels throughout the day.

Eating a balanced diet and working out is extremely important for me. When I don’t work out, my blood sugar levels actually fluctuate but when I do work out, they tend to stay at more normal levels. With that being said, everyone is different and what works for me, may not work for you. It’s super important that you talk with your doctor to find a routine that works for your body and keeps you healthy!

Make sure to check out my day in my life video to learn more about how I live with diabetes and more about my journey. If you have any questions or want to see me make more videos like this, please let me know!

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Bella Bucchiotti

Bella Bucchiotti is a Canadian-based syndicated food, travel, and lifestyle writer, photographer, and creator at xoxoBella. She founded xoxoBella in 2015, where she shares her love for food, dogs, sustainability, fitness, crafts, outdoor adventures, travel, and philanthropy to encourage others to run the extra mile, try new recipes, visit unfamiliar places, and stand for a cause. Bella creates stress-free and family-friendly recipes for weeknight dinners and festive feasts.


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  1. Diabetes is now a very common part most of people’s life. You take it very easily and manage it. well done.
    inspiring blog.

  2. I really enjoyed reading your blog post about your life with Type 1 diabetes. It was very informative, and I found it very helpful. I know a lot of people who are living with the same condition that you are, so it’s helpful to be able to hear your perspective on the condition and learn more about the things you’re going through.

  3. I really appreciate your vlog about your life with Type 1 diabetes. I feel like a lot of people have to go through what you go through, so it was nice to get a detailed account of what it’s like for you. I really enjoyed watching you go through the process of changing your pump and sensor.