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These days, with all the extra attention on the health of the environment, it’s becoming even more popular to embrace the “granola girl” lifestyle. What is a granola girl, you ask? A granola girl is someone who commits their life to being environmentally conscious, outdoorsy and laid back. Sounds pretty chill, right? Here’s what you need to know about getting into the crunchy granola girl aesthetic.

Woman at a wintery beach jumping over a puddle.

Going granola is about far more than the aesthetic. You have to walk the walk and talk the talk!

Woman at a rugged beach with a brittany spaniel dog.

Get Outside

One of the key tenants of being a granola girl is getting outside and enjoying nature as frequently as you can! Go for a beautiful, scenic hike through the woods with your best granola girls and granola guys. You can also try an adventurous activity that will awaken all your sense: a cold plunge in an icy outdoor tub or lake.

Woman on a mountain peak at sunset in a yellow jacket.

Getting out into the sunshine and taking in the natural vitamin D can also help you improve your mental health and make your life just that much happier. Whatever you can do to get outside and take in the outdoorsy lifestyle will help you on your granola girl aesthetic journey.  I am sure you will make a stop or two at some National Parks. If you live in the PNW, you know a granola girl or two!

Woman on a hike at sunset in the summertime.

Commit to Green Habits

Being crunchy in your lifestyle isn’t just about your leisure activities; it’s also about what you believe in. As a granola girl myself, I can attest to the importance of committing yourself to green habits. That means recycling all metals, plastics, papers, and other recyclable materials and upcycling things like secondhand clothes or furniture.

A woman on a hiking trail with stairs.

Make sure you also try to DIY or mend items like clothes whenever you can to help you reduce your purchases and lengthen the life of your items. Engaging in eco-friendly daily habits like these will help reduce your carbon footprint and make the earth a more livable place for everyone. 

Close up of a woman that is dressed like a granola girl.

Make Healthy Swaps

You can always make gradual lifestyle swaps in order to become more like a granola girl! These are simple practices you can trade out for your existing habits or products to help achieve an eco-friendly lifestyle. Maybe you could bike to work or take alternative transportation instead of driving. Or, you could trade out your chemical cleaning products in favour of organic ones.

A woman in the ocean at sunset with a winter hat on and a pink bathing suit.

Go for clean beauty instead of drugstore brands. You can also reduce waste and single-use products by investing in a nice reusable water bottle (Probably a Nalgene or HydroFlask) and some reusable shopping totes! Granolas are known to drink kombucha, yerba maté, and iced coffee — in a reusable cup. Choose a few habits and granola-fy them! 

A woman in a tank top outdoors drinking from a large water bottle.

Take Care of Yourself, Your Body and Mind

Physical and mental health are key to being an attuned granola girl. Embracing mindfulness and body-mind alignment is also a great way to live a healthier lifestyle. Try daily yoga, cold water dipping or meditation to improve your physical and mental health. Even walking outdoors in nature every day can go a long way to clearing your mind. Plus, you should always make sure that you exercise regularly and keep a balanced, holistic diet. This will help keep you grounded, healthy, and as stress-free as possible. 

A woman hiking with a large backpack and hiking poles.

Embrace Minimalism

It can be tempting to go out and buy a bunch of clothing and products to help you achieve the granola girl aesthetic, but fight back! Part of being a granola girl is embracing minimalism in your life. Being happier with less and making use of what you have helps provide a sense of inner calm and helps you curb any waste you may be accumulating by over-consumption.

A woman boiling water outside a tent at the beach.

Decluttering your space is another great idea. You can always donate anything you’re not using to a friend or community organization, which brings me to my next point… 

A woman in a tent with a brittany spaniel dog.

Give Back to Your Community

A true granola girl knows that making the earth better includes improving your fellow neighbours’ lives. Make sure you make time to give back to your community through regular volunteering or a monthly donation. Nowadays, it’s so easy to become absorbed in your life.

A woman sitting on a mountain peak at sunrise making coffee.

Look outward into your community and lend a hand where you can in order to make life easier for everyone. You should also try to get involved in the causes you care about, like citywide environmental initiatives, trail clean-up events or social improvement. 

Two woman on a cabin deck in the rain.

Surround Yourself with Like-Minded People

Along with getting involved in your community through volunteering and service, it’s important to think about the energy you surround yourself with. Building a community of granola girls and granola guys who also care about the environment, health, minimalism, and simplicity will help strengthen your lifestyle and give you plenty of pals to do outdoor activities with!

Three woman standing on a rocky peak above the ocean.

Nature-Inspired Style

Most granola girls prefer a more natural, earthy aesthetic in their clothing choices. They keep a very low maintenance appearance with little makeup and wear mainly earth-tone colours. This might include items like hiking boots, cargo pants, flannel shirts, and cozy fleece jackets. Comfort and practicality are key considerations, as granola girls often engage in outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and backpacking.

A woman looking over the edge of a suspension bridge.

Sustainable and ethical fashion choices are also important, so you might see them wearing clothing made from organic cotton or recycled materials. Thrifting and shopping secondhand for gently used items is part of the sustainable lifestyle. Ultimately, though, everyone has their own unique sense of style, and what one granola girl wears might look quite different from another.

A woman at a mountain lake that has snow.

What is a Granola Girl?

What is a granola girl?

A granola girl is someone who commits their life to being environmentally conscious, outdoorsy and laid back. They enjoy hiking, camping and other outdoor activities.

It’s Me! I’m a Granola Girl!

Although it is a trendy term, it fits me! I am an outdoorsy girl aka granola girl – someone who loves hiking, camping, sustainability, dogs, plants and being in nature. I’m passionate about living a sustainable lifestyle, from the food I eat to the products I use.

A woman walking at a rugged ocean beach in winter clothing.

I always enjoy meeting others who embrace the great outdoors and live adventurous lives. You can find many outdoor-loving granola girls on TikTok (like me) and Instagram (and me again). Just check out the #granolagirl hashtag.

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