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When you have a mom that really doesn’t want “things”, what do you get her?  The answer is your time!  Planning some activities and outings together is the perfect way to celebrate your mom’s special day. Today’s post is the first of several Mother’s Day posts and it documents a very special mini getaway to Rowena’s Inn on the River.

Rowena's Inn on the River Pretty Estate Resort

Rowena’s Inn aka Pretty Estates Resort

Pretty Estates Resort is home to Rowena’s Inn on the River and it is a local boutique bed and breakfast gem. It is located in Harrison Mills, BC (Canada). For anyone living in the Lower Mainland or Fraser Valley it is a perfect local getaway.  You can stay in the historic inn or in one of the private cottages that are on an estate on the Harrison River. My mom and I stayed in one of the charming cottages.

Our Cottage at Rowena’s

Our charming cottage had heated-slate floors, a private patio, a huge soaker tub and a wood-burning fireplace. Whether you’re staying in the inn or in a cottage, each suite has a room with a view. It was a pretty perfect location for us to spend some time together, explore the estate and eat some amazing food.

Rowena's Inn on the River Pretty Estate Resort

We stayed in the Fenn Cottage. Every little touch is taken care of for you. The fireplace is set up with kindling and wood, there are candles and a Keurig in the kitchen area. Each cottage has a guest book that we enjoyed looking through.

Rowena's Inn on the River Pretty Estate Resort

The entire estate is beautifully landscaped and also includes Sandpiper Golf Course. It is a wonderful place to spend the weekend to relax, read, play golf, lie by the pool and eat some amazing meals!

Rowena's Inn on the River Pretty Estate Resort

Dinner at Rowena’s Inn

Our stay included a gourmet dinner at the inn.  The menu was paired with Fort Berens wines as part of Harrison Uncorked. Before each course of the meal, the chef came out to explain his inspiration for the dish and where the ingredients were locally sourced. My mom and I really enjoyed the meal and agreed that each course of the meal was more amazing than the next.  We had:

  • local roast squash soup with birch wood chantilly
  • roasted beet root salad with farm house chreve and balsamic
  • Harrison River salmon wellington or duck tajine
  • apple and brie tarte tatin
  • avocado chocolate mousse with spicy snickerdoodle cookies (shown below)
Rowena's Inn on the River Pretty Estate Resort

Breakfast at Rowena’s

Breakfast at the River’s Edge Restaurant was included in our stay, too. You can eat in the restaurant or out on the patio with an amazing view of the pool, Harrison River and golf course.

Rowena's Inn on the River Pretty Estate Resort

Even if you don’t have time to take your mom away for the weekend, you can make a reservation at the Rowena’s Inn Mother’s Day brunch.  As well, Mother’s also golf for free from May 6th to 8th at Sandpiper Golf Course. You can find details for the Mother’s Day activities here.

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  1. Wow, if I lived in the area, I’d DEFINITELY go to this resort! It looks so beautiful and peaceful!

  2. This is paradise I suppose! I really liked the pictures , I could feel the amazing atmosphere. I wish I couls=d also spend some time with my mom we live miles away.

  3. You’re sweet! Not everyone I know of the same age as yours will do such thing for their momma. I liked the cottages and the view, it gives you a peaceful, rural ambiance – Sonnie