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If you know me, you know that I am a fiend in the kitchen. I like to throw it down and come up with all kinds of recipes – even when I don’t really have anything in mind! Here are a few things that people who love cooking can relate to and I’d love to see if you have any you would like to add!

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Looking Up Recipes on Pinterest Gets Me Hyped

Ok, so I know this isn’t directly kitchen-related, but I love looking up ideas on Pinterest to get me ready for any creative thoughts that may pop up! And the pictures get me every time, so I just have to save them to try them for later. And yes, I know I can’t make them all….but maybe I will.

Once the holidays arrive, I am all over Pinterest searching for gifts for bakers (ya, sure I am one) and the best kitchen gadgets under $50.

My Signature Dish Brings All the Boys to the Yard

And by boys I mean Beau. But nonetheless, if you have ever been to my place, chances are that you have had my pesto chicken – I can’t help that I make it so good! But I’ll never spill my secrets! 😉

I Like To Pretend I’m on My Own Cooking Show

You are 100% lying if you have said that you have never acted like you were on the Food Network while cooking. I can be a grown-up about it – I already have a name picked out if they ever ask me for my own show.


My Kitchen, My Rules

So, I am the boss in my kitchen so don’t try to mess with my steps. I like to think of myself as a pretty laid back, happy person. But if the system isn’t broke, don’t fix it, because I won’t let you. 😉 Hey, I just like my things orders in the way I like them and so what if they may be color-coordinated?!

I’m Your Girl For Get-Togethers

Having a potluck? On it. Family reunion? Gotcha. Friends just having a BBQ? Oh – it is on. I am your girl for bringing anything and everything homemade when there is a party involving food. From salads to meat-lovers to my fav gluten-free desserts, don’t you worry because I have it covered!


Educating Myself on What I’m Eating

Not only do I love what I eat, but when I am the one cooking and preparing the ingredients, I am learning about nutrition and the actual stuff going into my body. Putting healthy food into my dishes helps me understand what fuels me for the day or may help a sweet tooth craving. Knowing exactly what is going into my dish not only educates me, but also guarantees me that I won’t have an allergic reaction. Don’t get me wrong, eating out at my favorite restaurant is great and all, but sometimes, especially with my celiac, accidents happen which doesn’t turn out so well for me.


Grocery Shopping is a Full-Contact Sport

Just kidding..kind of. When I am at the supermarket, I am on the hunt and can’t nobody stop me! It actually is so much fun for me – finding foods that I need, some that I don’t, and even others that I haven’t even heard of! I’m no stranger to some strange foods because I am always down to try anything new that I may see. And not to mention – FREE SAMPLES!


Empty Fridges Don’t Scare Me

Only have some peanut butter, Ramen noodles, and frozen chicken? Yeah, I can come up with something bomb in just a matter of minutes. I mean, maybe not exactly with those ingredients…because that sounds rough. And maybe you should get a few more groceries. But, I’m always down for a challenge when it comes to maybe not having everything you need for a full meal.


I Know I’d Make Gordon Ramsey Proud

There’s no idiot sandwich over here! I know that the Hell’s Kitchen master himself would look at me and smile. Ha – I wish! But I know I could probably hold my own in his kitchen while he’s yelling expletives at the other contestants.


Cooking is Actually Really Therapeutic

At the end of the day, I would rather cook something of my own than order out – even if I had a long day. There is just something so therapeutic about cooking that helps me take my mind off of everything else going on. Isn’t stress cooking a thing? Because I am def guilty of that! Then when you’re in a great mood, the sky’s the limit when it comes to trying out new ideas or just whipping up a batch of cookies for your neighbors. At the end of the day, cooking is just the best!


I could go on and on about what else I love about cooking but I think I’ll leave you with that. What are some of your favorite things about cooking? Love your well-organized cabinets or do you and your partner have a fun recipe you like to do together?

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  1. I don’t think I love cooking quite as much as this to be able to relate. I like enough to not like food from a box though.