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It’s safe to say that in some ways we’ve made a lot of progress in the past few decades and years. Things that used to be looked down upon are now more accepted, making life easier for those who felt discriminated against or misunderstood before. However, there are still many things that maybe should be more accepted in society or will be in the future. These 13 things that people wish were more socially acceptable today might resonate with you.

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Saying No to Invitations with No Explanation

Attractive dissatisfied young blonde woman wearing everyday stylish clothes and modern sunglasses isolated on colorful background wall looking to the side and showing palm saying no.
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Sometimes you want to be able to say you don’t feel like it without offending your friends!

Admitting You’re Wrong

Man looks aside on a blank copy space, stands with a guilty apologetic expression, pretends that he regrets that it happened. Admits his fault, but does not know how to change everything.
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If we as a culture were more accepting toward people admitting that they were wrong about something, we’d all be a lot kinder—and a lot better informed.  

Being Introverted

Woman in social isolation at home. Introvert avoids communication, sad in depression. Loneliness and self-isolation. Cozy home decor. Day off and sick leave. Woman in a pink hood.
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Many people agree that extroverts tend to get treated better than introverts, even if you have little say over which you are.

Not Being Passionate About Your Job

Businessman in his office making good-bad sign.
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Sometimes a job is just that—a job. People say they don’t want to be judged if they get in, get out, and get their paychecks.

Not Wanting Kids

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Some people don’t want children, but they shouldn’t be judged for that. Not having parental aspirations should be treated kindly, especially since you never know what someone’s reasoning is!

Having an Unpopular Opinion

Young emotional african american man with hands on ears gesturing don't want to hear and screaming while standing isolated over orange studio background, annoyed   guy ignoring loud noise.
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Whether it’s not liking dogs or thinking pineapple belongs on pizza, many folks say there should be more amnesty for unpopular opinions.

Staying Up Late

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A lot of people are more productive late at night, yet individuals who are early risers are often lauded for their discipline—what gives?

Saving Money or Being Frugal

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It shouldn’t be a big deal to be saving for something big—or to not have as much disposable income as others.

Going Braless

The young woman took off her bra with a happy face.
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Men do it all the time, so why shouldn’t women? #FreeTheNipple

Talking About Salaries

Successful business people giving each other a high five in a meeting. Two young business professionals celebrating teamwork in an office.
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Wage and salary transparency can be key in overcoming pay disparities, so many people say it should be a respected activity!

Looking Your Age

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Lots of people voted that looking your age—even if that means having grey hairs and fine lines—should be more socially acceptable. Age is normal!

Not Drinking for Any Reason

Girl stops friend from drinking alcohol. showing palm in enough or no gesture, being disappointed, smirking with dislike over gray wall.
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More and more, people are choosing not to drink alcohol. People say this should be normal—or even celebrated—since alcohol not for everyone.

Men Expressing Themselves

Young man holding red shape heart as romantic and health symbol with surprise face pointing finger to himself.
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You’re no less of a man for crying at The Notebook!

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