How to Make a Crochet Star Garland Christmas Decoration

Discover how to make a crochet star garland, and you will have a gorgeous decoration to enjoy during the holidays. You might even want to make this crochet star pattern garland for your friends, too. Don’t worry if you’re relatively new to crocheting because this crochet star garland pattern is easy to follow, and the cute crochet stars are simple to make.

A homemade crocheted star garland on a Christmas tree.

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With a crochet hook, yarn and some spare time on your hands, you can use this free crochet pattern to make your own crochet stars garland to your desired length.

A crochet stars garland. with twine and bells.

What You Need to Make Crochet Christmas Stars

Along with this free crochet pattern, you need either acrylic yarn or worsted weight yarn, a crochet hook size 6mm or a smaller hook for small stars if you prefer, jute twine, and some little brass bells.

The materials to crochet a holiday star garland for Christmas.

You also need a very basic knowledge of crocheting, such as knowing the difference between slip stitch, single crochet, double crochet and treble crochet for example, along with making a magic ring or magic circle, and some basic abbreviations like SL ST, next ST and SC in next stitch!

A DIY Christmas craft garland for the tree.

Learning How to Crochet

You might like to invest in a beginner’s crochet book or watch a video tutorial or two, before grabbing your yarn needle and making the first star ornaments from scratch if you are a crochet newbie.

A hand crafted crocheted star garland hanging on a mantle.

How to Make the Crochet Star Pattern

Gather your supplies and follow the simple crochet star pattern to make the stars and star points. See below for full instructions and step-by-step photos. Once you’ve finished the crochet star pattern, you can thread the crochet stars onto twine and add a little bell between each one.

Crocheting a star holiday garland.

Crochet Christmas Stars Variations

You can make the crochet star pattern exactly as written or you can mix things up a little if you prefer. For example, you might like to use red, green and white worsted weight cotton yarn rather than just white yarn.

How to crochet stars to make a garland.
Crocheted starts with twine and bells.

Perhaps instead of the little brass bells, you’d like to pick another festive decoration for this Christmas ornament such as angels, Christmas tree shapes or anything else that conveys “Merry Christmas!”

A christmas tree with a handmade garland decoration.

And if it’s not Christmas anytime soon, you can omit the bells and just use the simple crochet star pattern to make a non-Christmas decoration, perhaps a starfish-themed garland for the bathroom or a cute, colourful garland for a child’s room.

A star garland made for a holiday decoration or decor.

Best Type of Yarn and Twine to Use

So what kind of yarn and twine works best with this free pattern? Worsted weight yarn always works well, or you might like to choose an acrylic yarn with similar yarn weight which is easy to “block” (this means the stars will hold their shape well and you won’t have a star point curling up).

A handmade Christmas decor garland.

As for the twine, any thickness is fine, since a crochet star barely weighs anything, so opt for light, medium or heavy, whichever you happen to have. Another option would be using string or even some of the yarn to connect each crochet star and bell. So, feel free to get imaginative!

Crocheted starts on twine with bells.

How to “Block” the Crochet Stars

Once your crochet stars are done, you will want to block them. This stops them from curling up at the star points. You can use hairspray or another kind of fixative once you’ve crocheted them. Before blocking them, you should tuck the ends of the yarn in, for a tidier look.

Threading crocheted stars with twine.

Handmade Holiday Decor

This type of garland is well suited for a minimalist Christmas, as it adds a cozy and warm touch to your decor without being too flashy or overwhelming. The natural texture and simplicity of the crocheted material make it the perfect addition to a minimalist Christmas tree, mantel, or wall. Plus, it’s a sustainable and eco-friendly option that you can use year after year.

DIY Crochet Star Garland

A homemade crocheted star garland on a Christmas tree.

How to Make a Crochet Star Garland Christmas Decoration

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 2 hours
Total Time: 2 hours 5 minutes
Servings: 2
Author: Bella Bucchiotti
Learn how to make a DIY crochet star garland and you will have a gorgeous decoration to enjoy during the holidays.




  • Crochet 15 HDC into the MR, Sl ST to join at the end of the round. Chain 1.
  • SC into each stitch in the round then SL ST to join.
  • Chain 5. In the second stitch from the hook, SL ST, SC into the next stitch, HDC into the next stitch, DC into the next stitch. This will form a triangle.
  • Skip two stitches and SL ST into the next stitch to attach the point of the star to the center.
  • Repeat step two–four to create four more points to the star.
  • Weave in the ends and cut the excess.
  • Use a darning needle and 2-ply twine to string the stars by sewing through the base of one point. Place a bell in between each star.


  • There will be 10 stars and 10 bells for a 6ft garland.
  • One ball of Lily Sugar n’ Cream cotton yarn should make two garlands
Abbreviations (These are the US abbreviations):
MR: Magic Ring
SL ST: Slip Stitch
SC: single crochet
HDC: Half Double Crochet
DC: Double Crochet
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Now you know how to make this crochet star garland, you will want to get started! Why not make one for yourself, perhaps to hang on the wall or Christmas tree, and another one or two for friends?

Finished projects are so satisfying, and this is a great pattern if you want to make a Christmas ornament for the holidays. Happy crocheting!

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