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Sugar cookies are so delicious. If you like cookies these are likely to be one of your favorites! It’s simple to whip up a batch of cookies and there are plenty of different sugar cookie recipes to choose from, such as Grinch themed cookies, dragon fruit ones, and more besides. Have fun coming up with new frosting colors and flavors and add decorations if you want, such as sprinkles and so on. There are plenty of wonderful sugar cookie recipe ideas to choose from, so grab your apron and mixer and get ready for some treats!

Pecan Sugar Cookies

A plate of pecan cookies with icing and pecans.
Pecan Sugar Cookies. Photo credit: xoxoBella.

Brown sugar pecan cookies are soft, sweet and gently spiced. This is an extra special cookie boasting toasted pecans, vanilla extract, dark brown sugar and more, for a rich and festive flavor.
Get the Recipe: Pecan Sugar Cookies

Grinch Crumbl Christmas Sugar Cookies

Grinch Crumbl Christmas Sugar Cookies. Photo credit: xoxobella.

Crumbl Christmas sugar cookies are wonderfully sweet sugar cookies with hints of almond and vanilla extract in every bite. These copycat Crumbl cookies are similar to the ones you can get at the Crumbl bakery but you can have fun making them yourself at home and not having to drive to the store.
Get the Recipe: Grinch Crumbl Christmas Sugar Cookies

Jumbo Christmas Tree Fruit Sugar Cookie. Photo credit: xoxobella.

You can make more things than just sugar cookies with sugar cookie dough, you know. Take this jumbo Christmas tree fruit sugar cookie pizza for example. The sugar cookie crust is topped with sweet frosting and then the Christmas tree cookie is topped with a selection of colourful fresh fruit of your choice.
Get the Recipe: Jumbo Christmas Tree Fruit Sugar Cookie

3D Stacked Christmas Tree Sugar Cookies

Food blogger, Bella Bucchiotti of xoxoBella, shares a recipe for 3D stacked Christmas tree sugar cookies. You will love these Christmas sugar cookies in tree shapes.
3D Stacked Christmas Tree Sugar Cookies. Photo credit: xoxobella.

This fun recipe for 3D stacked Christmas tree sugar cookies is a great project for Christmas time when you’re in a baking mood. The tree shapes are made of sugar cookie dough and feature green frosting.
Get the Recipe: 3D Stacked Christmas Tree Sugar Cookies

Easy Christmas Sugar Cookie Pizza. Photo credit: xoxobella.

Refrigerated sugar cookie dough, icing and candy toppings combine to make this unique Christmas sugar cookie pizza. The green, red and white colours give this holiday cookie pizza a festive look.
Get the Recipe: Easy Christmas Sugar Cookie Pizza

Christmas Chocolate Sugar Cookies and Buttercream Dip

Christmas Chocolate Sugar Cookies and Buttercream Dip. Photo credit: xoxobella.

Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without Christmas chocolate sugar cookies! Whether you enjoy homemade cookies and buttercream dip with a glass of milk on Christmas Eve or you prefer to snack on them on Christmas morning, they’re a real crowd pleaser.
Get the Recipe: Christmas Chocolate Sugar Cookies and Buttercream Dip

Food blogger, Bella Bucchiotti of xoxoBella, shares a recipe for easy dipped sugar cookie sticks. These chocolate dipped stick shaped cookies are so easy to make!
Easy Dipped Sugar Cookie Sticks. Photo credit: xoxobella.

Dipped sugar cookie sticks are sweet, tasty, bite-sized snacks. Why not make a double batch and take half to a cookie exchange or the perfect cookies for Santa? Sprinkle decorated cookie sticks also make cute Christmas gifts for friends, neighbours and co-workers.
Get the Recipe: Easy Dipped Sugar Cookie Sticks

The BEST Chocolate Sugar Cookie Cut-Outs. Photo credit: xoxobella.

Chocolate sugar cookie cut-outs remind me of Christmas. I make several varieties of them every single year. We all know that chocolate makes everything taste amazing. So, when you combine it with sugar cookies, the result is these easy chocolate cookies which are absolute perfection!
Get the Recipe: The BEST Chocolate Sugar Cookie Cut-Outs

Cinnamon Roll Sugar Cookies

A round up of sugar cookies with icing and cinnamon on a wooden table.
Cinnamon Roll Sugar Cookies. Photo credit: The Cookin Chicks.

As soft as an actual cinnamon roll, these sugar cookies are everything. The cream cheese frosting gives a creamy addition to the spice of cinnamon. These fluffy cookies are sure to be a staple, especially around the holidays.
Get the Recipe: Cinnamon Roll Sugar Cookies

Dragon Fruit Pitaya Cookies

Sugar cookies with dragon fruit icing on a cooling rack.
Dragon Fruit Pitaya Cookies. Photo credit: Box Mix Recipes.

Ditch the plain sugar cookies! These exotic cookies are not only eyecatching, they are packed with flavor! The combination of different textures is like a symphony on your tongue. An all-around great cookie, enjoy it as a sweet treat, dessert, or on special occasions.
Get the Recipe: Dragon Fruit Pitaya Cookies

Round Christmas tree sugar cookies on a white surface.
Stacked Sugar Cookie Christmas Trees. Photo credit: Wow It’s Veggie.

If you like to be extra, make these showstopper Christmas tree sugar cookies. They look complicated but they are shockingly easy. Stack stoft, chewy homemade sugar cookies with swirls of green icing and your favorite Christmas sprinkles. Serve at a holiday party and watch the batch magically disappear.
Get the Recipe: Stacked Sugar Cookie Christmas Trees

Frosted Christmas Tree Cookies

Christmas tree sugar cookies on wire rack.
Frosted Christmas Tree Cookies. Photo credit: Play Party Plan.

Add some texture to those flat, cutout Christmas tree cookies by using a different frosting technique. Bright, light, and fluffy – these simple sugar cookies are next level creative!
Get the Recipe: Frosted Christmas Tree Cookies

Gold Embellished Christmas Sugar Cookies

Round up of Christmas sugar cookies on a cooling rack with icing.
Gold Embellished Christmas Sugar Cookies. Photo credit: Modern Honey.

These gorgeous holiday sugar cookies are made with a variety of frosting techniques, which adds character to each cookie. Use white icing, embellished with gold sprinkles to add a sense of elegance. These would be beautiful for a Christmas soiree.
Get the Recipe: Gold Embellished Christmas Sugar Cookies

Grinch Heart Sugar Cookies

Four sugar cookies with red hearts on a wooden cutting board.
Grinch Heart Sugar Cookies. Photo credit: Kim Schob.

Add some color to your holiday cookies this year by making these adorable Grinch Heart Sugar Cookies. Soft, sweet, and ready for your next Christmas party or holiday movie night!
Get the Recipe: Grinch Heart Sugar Cookies

Prettiest Snowflake Sugar Cookies

Round sugar cookies are arranged on a table.
Prettiest Snowflake Sugar Cookies. Photo credit: Entertaining Diva.

Celebrate the winter season with delicately designed snowflake sugar cookies. These are a staple for the season and can be added to a gift box for a simple, homemade treat.
Get the Recipe: Prettiest Snowflake Sugar Cookies

Ginger Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies and gingerbread cookies on a plate with a cup of milk.
Ginger Sugar Cookies. Photo credit: Easy Dessert Recipes.

If gingerbread cookies and sugar cookies had a baby – it would be these. These have the spice of a gingerbread cookie and the softness of a sugar cookie. Soft, flavorful, and sweet like a dessert, these ginger sugar cookies will feel lke home for your tastebuds.
Get the Recipe: Ginger Sugar Cookies

Snowman Mug Decorated Cookies

Three sugar cookies decorated with icing and sprinkles.
Snowman Mug Decorated Cookies. Photo credit: My Family Dinner Ideas.

These charming snowman mug decorated sugar cookies are so cute you don’t want to eat them. However, these are too good not to eat. Enjoy with a cup of cocoa and cozy up by the fire on a cold winter night. These will not only delight the tastebuds, but are beautiful to display!
Get the Recipe: Snowman Mug Decorated Cookies

Old Fashion Sour Cream Cut-Out Cookies

Old Fashion Sour Cream Cut-Out Cookies. Photo credit: The Creative Bite.

These classic sour cream Christmas cookies are easy and fun to make. Test your creativity with different piping methods and impress your loved ones! This is a great sugar cookie recipe because it leaves the cookies with a cake-like softeness that is difficult to find in most recipes.
Get the Recipe: Old Fashion Sour Cream Cut-Out Cookies

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