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Well now that December is upon us – you know what that means….It is my birthday month! Oh yeah, and it is all about the holidays. Almost forgot about that. No matter what you celebrate in the winter months, do it with some fun. You need this ultimate winter bucket list and fun winter activity ideas that even all that is going on in this crazy world can’t ruin! Happy winter, y’all!

Lifestyle blogger Bella Bucchiotti, shares a some fun winter activity ideas and a winter bucket list.
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Doesn’t it feel like I JUST gave you the ultimate Fall Bucket List?! Why has this year been both the slowest yet fastest year ever?! Regardless, it is time to get ready for winter with this ultimate winter activity list and a winter bucket list.

Whether you have been planning to make a DIY coastal farmhouse winter wreath, host a hot chocolate party, or make another ugly Christmas sweater, there is always a long list of winter activities to embrace the winter lifestyle once the weather starts turning chilly.

Lifestyle blogger Bella Bucchiotti, shares a some fun winter activity ideas and a winter bucket list.

As the temperatures drop and the days get shorter, there’s something undeniably special about the winter season. It’s a time to slow down, cozy up, and embrace the magic of the season. Whether you’re snuggled up by the fire with a good book, having a have a Hallmark Christmas movies scavenger hunt or taking a walk in the snow, there are endless ways to enjoy the winter vibe. I pulled together my top recommendations for your winter to-do list, whether you call it a winter bucket list, winter wish list, or holiday agenda.

One of the best things about winter is the opportunity to embrace all things cozy. From soft blankets and fuzzy socks to warm drinks and comfort food, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of being snug and warm on a cold winter day. Whether you’re spending time with loved ones or enjoying a quiet night in, make sure to take the time to indulge in the simple pleasures of the season.

Another thing that I like to do to embrace the winter vibe is get outside and explore. Whether you’re taking a walk in the snow-covered woods or hitting the slopes for a day of skiing, there’s something special about being in nature during the winter months. The crisp air, the quiet stillness, and the beauty of a winter landscape can all help to rejuvenate the soul and bring a sense of peace and tranquility. There are so many great winter activities to add to your list!

Ultimately, the winter season is a time to slow down, reflect, and appreciate the beauty of the world around us. Whether you’re enjoying a cozy night in or exploring the great outdoors, make sure to take the time to appreciate all the season has to offer. So, embrace the wintertime with this bucketlist of ideas, and let the magic of the season fill your heart with warmth and joy.

My Winter Bucket List

  • Write a positive “Year In Review”
  • Create a collage of all of your happiest memories of the year
  • Go all out on holiday decorating
  • Make some DIY Christmas gifts
  • “Adopt” a family in need
  • Do a random act of kindness every day
  • Enjoy peppermint white chocolate hot chocolate
  • Create your own holiday drink – alcoholic or non!
  • Donate blankets and food to an animal shelter

  • Go for a “hay ride” and look at holiday decorations around your neighborhood
  • Make dinner with in-season veggies and fruits
  • Watch Hallmark holiday movies with the gals
  • Host a fundraiser to raise money for charity – penny wars are always fun
  • Go sledding – duh!
  • Have a snowball fight with kids
  • Create a hot cocoa bar for your roomies
  • Send out Christmas cards
  • Bake holiday-themed sweet treats

  • Learn how to ice skate
  • Relive childhood and write a letter to Santa
  • Kiss your beau under the mistletoe
  • Take a picture every day
  • Sing Christmas carols – Facebook/IG Live them to spread cheer!
  • Create a gingerbread village
  • Decorate a tree
  • Wrap presents a fun way. Check out my Pinterest board for inspo!
Lifestyle blogger Bella Bucchiotti, shares a some fun winter activity ideas and a winter bucket list.

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Lifestyle blogger Bella Bucchiotti, shares a some fun winter activity ideas and a winter bucket list.

More Winter Activities List Ideas

  • Dress up a snowman
  • Drink hot cider
  • Look at snowflakes under a microscope/camera
  • Donate jackets
  • Start a new tradition
  • Host a virtual ugly Christmas sweater party
  • Make a DIY ugly Christmas sweater!

  • Visit a local Christmas market
  • Plan out New Year’s resolutions and plan to keep them
  • Get your family matching PJs
  • Roast chestnuts
  • Spend an entire day decorating the house
  • Find a new, cute pair of earmuffs
  • Discover a new holiday coffee drink
  • Run errands in a Santa hat

  • Download printables to colour while you watch holiday movies
  • Make breakfast in bed – Try these tasty Amercian pancakes
  • Have a winter movie marathon weekend
  • Try different flavors of candy canes
  • Leave treats for Santa and his reindeer on December 24
  • Make your own Advent Calendar
  • Let your pets have their own Christmas (presents, dinner, play in snow)
  • Volunteer at a soup kitchen
  • Make food for your neighbors or the elderly
  • Check in on your loved ones, even when the holidays are over
Lifestyle blogger Bella Bucchiotti, shares a some fun winter activity ideas and a winter bucket list.

All the Best Winter Bucket List Ideas

I wish you all a happy holiday season, but you can still do most of these things after the holidays have passed! Be safe, be smart, and be happy! I can’t wait to see how you all spend these winter months with your loved ones while being wrapped up in your comfy clothes and lots of good food around. How will I be celebrating my birthday and these next few winter months? I will be spending this season with my beau, and my #1 Beau.

Do you have any other suggestions for what to add to this winter bucketlist or any fun winter activity ideas?

Pin image credits: Aloha Hawaii and Jesica Martinez at Shutterstock.

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