Valentine’s Day Ideas for People who Don’t do Romance

With it quickly approaching – a very Happy Valentine’s Day, loves! A day filled with love, red roses, and lots of feels is just around the corner – such little time to get things done! But, I kind of have a serious question to ask all of you. Do you or a loved one suffer with romanticitis? A common, and treatable, aliment where you just straight up don’t do romance? I mean, I totally get it. Sometimes you’re just not down with all the mushy, lovey stuff other people might do. And that is absolutely cool, too! Today’s post is Valentine’s Day Ideas for people who don’t do romance…can you relate?

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With Valentine’s Day being right around the corner, you may think there isn’t a lot that you can participate in with being more of a non-romantic person and all. WRONG. YOU ARE WRONG! Here I am to help with some of the Valentine scaries by listing some creative, fun, and no romance involved ideas you can do all the while staying in your comfort zone! Keep reading for all the Valentine’s Day ideas.

Valentine’s Day Ideas

Create Your Own Brand of Valentine’s

You know how back in school how we took Valentine’s Day so seriously? We would premeditate on what little Valentine our crush would get or the silliest one for the person we least liked. Nowadays, we can make our own and give them to whoever we want! Make them your style and make them funny! Instead of getting all mushy you can simply say things like, “You are very aesthetically pleasing,” “I tolerate you,” or my personal favorite, “I give you a 7/10 which is just above average.”

Host A Horror Movie Marathon

What is the actual opposite of Valentine’s Day? Probably Halloween! Have some friends over for a fright night movie marathon! If your loved one isn’t one for typical sappy Valentine’s night in, try buttering them up by speaking their love language and rent out their fav scary movies. This is probably my one of my favourite Valentine’s Day ideas. Scary movies not for you?? Then you can’t go wrong with some cheesy romantic comedies for Valentine’s Day.

Volunteer Instead

You can spread the love by serving and loving your fellow man! Take your mind off the cut out hearts and lip-shaped cakes by going out and doing some good. Go see if there are any puppies at local shelters that need some extra loving today – because no one can resist hugging and kissing puppies!

Clean the House

When it comes to showing appreciation to someone you love (but know they really aren’t one for huge romantic gestures) you can clean the house for them and make the place look spotless. Like come on, who WOULDN’T want their entire house all sparkling clean when they get home from work? They’ll love it and if anything, it is therapeutic and a great distraction for you!

However, you are celebrating this Valentine’s Day, let me be the first to say have a fabulous day doing what you love, with who you love – no matter what that looks like. And if you don’t have a special someone, just remember that YOU are all you need and that February 15 is pretty much National 75% off Chocolate Day! Woo woo!

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Check out my Valentine’s Day Treats blog post if you are looking to do some baking. What are your Valentine’s Day ideas this year?


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  1. Stephanie wrote:

    These are so awesome, thank you. Hubs and I are DEFINITELY down for a horror movie marathon!

    Posted 2.9.20 Reply
  2. TweenselMom wrote:

    These are great tips if you don’t have a date on Valentine’s Day. Making use of time wisely is such a great idea.

    Posted 2.10.20 Reply
  3. Rhia wrote:

    I love these alternative ideas, thanks so much for sharing!

    Posted 2.10.20 Reply
  4. poohsteazo wrote:

    I don’t really do valentines. But when I do, it’s just really low-key. Almost 3 years ago I was single back then, I remember my mission team scheduled a Medical Mission during Valentines. That’s a better way to celebrate love I think… love for everyone, especially those who barely have anything

    -Crickete, The Things I Have to Say

    Posted 2.10.20 Reply
  5. We don’t do Valentine’s haha! We really think it’s just another reason to spend money when you can literally date whenever you want.

    Posted 2.10.20 Reply
  6. Tracy wrote:

    Valentines is my favourite holiday!

    Posted 2.10.20 Reply
  7. It’s funny, in our relationship, I would definitely say that hubby is more of the romantic. But for me, I like acts of completed house projects…that’s romance for me! LOL. But I love these ideas. I’ve tried the horror movie idea before, but I’m too chicken!

    Posted 2.10.20 Reply
  8. Kuntala Banerjee wrote:

    Perfect for me as I dont spend out on Vday. Cleaning the house is perfect for me as I struggle with time always.

    Posted 2.10.20 Reply
  9. Hannah N Bryan Holyfield wrote:

    The idea of cleaning the house sounds perfect! It would mean a lot to my spouse and would be great for my sanity:)!

    Posted 2.10.20 Reply
  10. Renata wrote:

    I am quite the romantic type but my husband is not so we might choose the Horror movie then 🙂

    Posted 2.10.20 Reply
  11. Fae Celine Ong wrote:

    I love the idea of volunteering, giving pets new home and to love them. Cleaning the hous is a great idea as well

    Posted 2.10.20 Reply
  12. Bindu Thomas wrote:

    These are really nice ideas for someone not celebrating Valentine’s Day. Thanks for sharing.

    Posted 2.11.20 Reply
  13. Raina wrote:

    Haha this is such a fun post! We just stay in with our kids 😊

    Posted 2.11.20 Reply
  14. It makes me sad that some people are anti-romance. I mean, love is for friends, family–EVERYONE!

    Posted 2.11.20 Reply
  15. Jhentea Guzman wrote:

    Nice post.

    Posted 2.12.20 Reply
  16. Catherine C. wrote:

    Such a thoughtful post, I know someone who hates romantic gestures even if she did have a boyfriend. Haha.

    Posted 2.12.20 Reply