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Cocktail kits are a wonderful idea for a Christmas gift and mason jar cocktail kits are so easy to make. You’ll have fun creating handmade cocktail kits and the lucky recipients will be thrilled with these fun and thoughtful handmade gifts. Along with the mason jars, mini liquor bottles and other ingredients, you’ll need to print the printable labels and then finish the DIY drink kits off with ribbons, bows or any other cute embellishments you want to add.

Three mason jars showcasing DIY drink kits.

Mason jar cocktail kits are well worth making. They’re more personal than just giving a bottle of liquor to someone, and the DIY ingredients and cute printed labels give them that charming homemade touch.

If you are a cocktail fan, you might like to try this kiwi jalapeno margarita or how about strawberry lemonade vodka shots or one of these TikTok cocktails?

A handmade cocktail gift kit, featuring a mason jar with a bottle of booze and a lime.

Why You’ll Love Them

Easy:  There’s no cooking involved here. Anyone will be able to create cocktails in a jar gifts with ease. All you have to do is pick out which ones you want to make, grab the items you need and assemble them. That’s at least some of your Christmas gifts taken care of!
Cute: It’s easy to grab a bottle of booze for friends, family, neighbors or whoever you’re giving a gift to. But coming up with something more personalized is well worth it, as the gift will be even more appreciated. It’s easy to find all the cocktail accessories you need and put these charming gifts together.
Versatile: A homemade cocktail kit is a great idea for Christmas but it’s also ideal for a birthday, anniversary or pretty much any special occasion you can think of! So, if you’re stuck for gift ideas, consider a DIY mason jar cocktail.

Three DIY drink kits featuring cocktails in mason jars.

Ingredients for Mason Jar Cocktail Kits

There are several different cocktail kits to choose from, so pick out which you want to make and gather the ingredients.

A DIY drink kit for a coca cola margarita is laid out on a table.

You’ll need ginger beer, lime juice and vodka for a Moscow mule, cold brew coffee, creamer and Irish whiskey for an Irish coffee, rum, lime and cola for a rum and coke, or a homemade margarita mix with tequila for margaritas.

A DIY drink kit with the ingredients for a tequila lime margarita.

How to Make Mason Jar Cocktail Gifts

For more detailed instructions with weights and measurements, jump to the printable recipe card.

Add the ingredients to a mason jar:  Put the ingredients in a mason jar, making sure the bottles are upright.
Attach the labels: Print out the labels and punch a hole in each one, then use twine to attach the labels to the mason jars.
The finishing touches: Add any ribbons, bows or decorative touches you want.

A cocktail gift kit featuring two DIY mason jar cocktail kits, filled with alcohol and other items for an exciting mixology adventure.

Substitutions and Variations

If your preferred festive drink isn’t listed, you can always come up with your own DIY mason jar cocktail mixes.

Three mason jar cocktail gift sets on a cutting board.

Any kind of mini alcohol bottles, soda or orange juice and garnishes can be used and since it’s a DIY kit, if the recipient isn’t so keen on one of the elements you include they can just leave it out.

Three DIY drink kits featuring cocktails in mason jars.

Garnishes include maraschino cherries, cinnamon sticks, simple syrup, lavender sprigs, party favors, sugar cubes, and more. Put as little or as much in the mason jar as you wish. The only thing you can’t include is ice for obvious reasons!

A person holding a mason jar with a tag on it.

Free Printable Labels for Gift Jars

A cloud icon with an arrow pointing down, perfect for DIY gift ideas or handmade gifts.

The Perfect Way to Present Mason Jar Cocktail Kits

The mason jar gifts with mini bottles, mixers and decorations are so cute. It’s the perfect gift for Christmas, an anniversary, wedding, bachelorette party, or any other special occasion, and the cute printed tags make it easy to create the cocktail.

A mason jar cocktail gift set with a bottle of jimmie's iced tea and a bottle of jimmie's.

Anything from an old fashioned to a coffee liqueur martini or any mini bottle of liquor with soda or fruit juice will work, and this is the perfect solution if you’re gifting someone who has everything, or seems to, and likes a drink!

Handmade cocktail gift kit featuring two mason jars filled with candy and liquor.

How to Store this DIY Drink Kit

Store:   You can make these ahead. If you’re including fresh ingredients, don’t make them up until you’re ready to gift them. If you’re using a mini bottle and ginger beer or another soda, you can assemble them weeks ahead.
Freeze: Hard liquor doesn’t freeze, so don’t try! You can keep the mason jar gift refrigerated or at room temperature, as you prefer.

Handmade mason jar cocktail gift sets displayed on a wooden cutting board.

Cocktail Gift Set in a Jar FAQs

How can you save money on a DIY mason jar cocktail?

Although these work out well priced when you calculate all the costs of the materials, it’s possible to save more money on them, by getting a full size bottle of liquor and dividing it up into little bottles (which you can buy) rather than paying the price for miniatures. These two-ounce shot bottles (here) would be perfect! Where can you get 1-quart jars for these mason jar cocktail gifts?

Where can you get 1-quart jars for these mason jar cocktail gifts?

You can find them in stores like Walmart, Target and so on, or you can order 1-quart jars (here) online (which is easier!)

Three mason jars with labels on them and a can of soda. Perfect as a cocktail gift set.

DIY Cocktail Kit Recipe

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Mason Jar Cocktail Gift Set

By: Bella Bucchiotti
Are you wondering what to give everyone on your holiday shopping list? Here’s a guide for easy to make cocktail kits that will be a hit!
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Servings: 3


Moscow Mule

  • 1 Can ginger beer, 6 to 8 ounce can
  • Lime, or small bottle of lime juice
  • 50 ml vodka, mini bottle

Irish Coffee

  • 1 Can cold brew coffee
  • 1 coffee creamer, small
  • 50 ml Irish whiskey, mini bottle

Rum and Coke

  • 1 Can Coke, 7.5 ounce can
  • lime , or small bottle of lime juice
  • 50 ml rum, mini bottle



  • Place all ingredients into the glass jar. Arrange them so that the soda, spirits, and add ins are all standing upright.
  • Cut enough of both types of twine to wrap around the jar twice. Leave a few inches extra for tying.
  • Cut the printable label and use a hole punch to punch a hole.
  • Attach the label and tie a knot, then tie a bow to complete the jar.
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It’s so simple to make a DIY mason jar cocktail and these gifts are always well received. You can make a mason jar drinks kit without too much fuss and tailor each one to the recipient’s tastes. You can use a regular size bottle if you want (although that isn’t going to fit in a mason jar so will need to be tied on!) or a mini bottle. Add all the ingredients plus garnishes such as a cinnamon stick, a mini bottle of angostura bitters or whatever else you like to a mason jar, print out the label, tie it on, and your gift is ready to give!

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