8 Fabulous Fall Date Ideas

Now that the weather is cooler and the days are shorter, how are you supposed to spend these breezy and fun days? Are you looking for some fabulous fall date ideas? There is so much to do, especially now with Fall being pretty much the favorite child of all of the seasons! From sweaters to flannels and from Halloween to Thanksgiving, Fall has a little something for everyone 

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Fall Date Ideas…In No Particular Order

Well, I have the perfect list of fall date ideas that I’m working on that I think you’ll love. So grab your S.O. and get them excited about the sweater weather by tackling this list together! Also, please don’t forget to tag all Halloween pics with #MeAndMyBoo 😉

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Go to a Pumpkin Patch/Harvest Festival

Cities and small towns everywhere host activities from pumpkin patches, hay rides, and entire festivals. Find one near you (or far if you want to make a road trip out of it!) and get ready for some fun! As well as benefits for your sexual health. You can even have a goal of going to a different one each weekend, if you’re in an area that throws a couple of them. They usually offer some sort of pumpkin patch and, not to mention, very adorable photo ops for you and bae!

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If they have apples, make sure you pick some. Nothing is better than crisp apples fresh from the tree.

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Host a Bonfire

Send out a Paperless Post to all of your close friends and the two of you can host your very own bonfire night! Throw together a fun s’mores bar, have him fire up the grill and throw a few burgers and hot dogs on, and you can have fun or scary movies playing on a projector outside. Maybe even throw it on Halloween and have everyone dress up with a contest that have different categories like “Best Couples Costume”, “Most Creative”, and “That’s Not a Real Costume, Jim”.

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Not a bonfire fan? How about a picnic on a crisp fall afternoon instead? Don’t forget a blanket to cozy up in!

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Visit a Haunted House

Ready to get spooky? Find a haunted house near you and hold on to your love tight because things are about to get ghastly! There has never been a time where I have gone through a haunted house without some kind of funny story afterwards. One of you is bound to scream like a little girl or accidentally trip over a cast member. It’ll be terrifying at the moment, but a hilarious story later for sure!

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Go for a Scenic Drive

Now that the leaves are changing colors but have yet to fall, take a drive around a scenic area to take in all of the beauty Fall has to offer. While you’re driving, put on a playlist with sweet songs that mean something to both of you. Take your time driving and take it all in. Pictures are great, but don’t forget to enjoy the moment just sitting there together with the one you love.

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While you are out, don’t forget to stop and take photos of all the autumn colors! This is one of my favorite fall date ideas!


Bake Fall Goodies

With pumpkin and apple being the stars of every dish during this season, find some yummy goodies on Pinterest or remake some family recipes with your sweetheart! Pretend you’re on a cooking show and get crackin’! To enhance the fun and to look back on it one day, set up a camera to record your shenanigans to really feel like you’re on the Food Network preparing dishes for the masses! It also will be so sweet to look back on later to see how silly and fun it was to make a mess but also something so good!

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Fox Run Halloween Cookie Cutter Set
Kaishane Halloween Cookie Cutters
Ann Clarke Fall Thanksgiving Cookie Cutters
Wilton Autumn Cookie Cutters
R & M Fall Cookie Cutters
Fox Run Halloween Cookie Cutter Set
Kaishane Halloween Cookie Cutters
Ann Clarke Fall Thanksgiving Cookie Cutters
Wilton Autumn Cookie Cutters
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Worry that you aren’t much of a baker? Here is one of my favorite no-bake Halloween Bark alternative to try out.

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Blogger Bella Bucchiotti of xoxoBella.com shares some fabulous fall date ideas with you to try. You will love these date ideas for autumn.
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Scary Movie Marathon/Theaters

Whether it be the new IT movie or throwing together your own classic mashup at home, snuggle close and get cozied up with babe for a frightful fall date night! For some reason, there is something so romantic about being scared out of your mind while having your love comforting you. But, only do this if you both love scary movies and you have a stock of cialis. If they aren’t either of your thing, snuggling up together on the couch watching rom-coms is just as romantic and probably what I am going to do.

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Check out my post about Halloween movies to watch this October!

Carve a Pumpkin

Nothing is quite as romantic as the two of you, elbows deep in pumpkin guts! Grab a few pumpkins at your local market or pumpkin patch and get your carving on! You can even have a super cute little competition between the two of you. You both pick something you want to carve and whoever does it the best wins bragging rights! Woo!

If you are looking for some pumpkin carving inspiration, take a look at this post for ideas.

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Go Camping

What a beautiful way to bond – throw together a couple of sleeping bags, a tent, and rely on a campfire to cook your food! Camping can be super romantic come Fall time, especially since you don’t have those pesky Summer bugs and humidity ruining the fun! Get cozy over a fire and take long, intimate strolls through the wilderness. Camping is already so much fun, so why not add your person to the mix?!

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If you don’t think you are going to be able to make camping happen, how about you try to get out for an autumn hike through the falling leaves instead?

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Whatever fall date ideas you choose to do during the literal best season of the year, be sure to include your person in everything you do. These are great bonding experiences where you can see the real them, even if they are screaming from being scared by someone in a ghost costume! Enjoy the cooler days and snuggle up with the person you love!

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