Heart-Shaped Pom Pom Bookmark Craft

These bookmarks are so cute and ideal for Valentine’s Day. They’re easy enough for the kids to make and heart-shaped pom pom bookmark craft is also a fun idea. They make a change from the sweet treats usually associated with this holiday, although one of these could be paired with some candies or another traditional Valentine choice to give double the love!

Valentine's Day pom pom bookmarks - a fun and easy craft for kids that combines the joy of making bookmarks with the festive spirit of Valentine's Day.

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If you want easy kids Valentine craft projects or you’d like to make something yourself, you’ll have so much fun creating heart shaped pom pom bookmark craft!

Kids Valentine's Day craft with pom poms on a stick.

Why You’ll Love This

Easy: These heart shape bookmarks are so simple to make.
Kid-friendly: Kids will find this creative project a breeze, although you might have to help little kids.
Unusual: If you’re looking for something other than candies and teddy bears to gift, these are ideal!

Valentine's day crafts for kids that include a heart-shaped pom pom bookmark craft and a pom pom valentine craft.

What You Need

A complete list of supplies and amounts can be found in the instructions card below.

Mini pom poms: As these are a Valentine craft with pom poms (here), you might like to choose Valentine colors for them, such as red, pink and white. Or use any other colors you want.
Glue gun and hot glue:  This is the easiest type to use and sticks the tiny pom poms to the cardboard well. Use regular school glue if you don’t have hot glue – it will just take longer to dry.
Wooden heart sticks: To stick the mini pom poms on to. If you can’t find these here, you can cut hearts out of construction paper and glue those to popsicle sticks.

A kids pom pom craft idea featuring a heart shaped pom pom bookmark craft. This craft kit includes pom poms and a wooden spoon, making it a fun and creative bookmark craft for kids.

How to Make Valentine Pom Pom Craft Bookmarks

For more detailed instructions with weights and measurements, jump to the printable recipe card.

Warm the glue and sort out the pom poms: While the glue gun is warming up the glue, you can sort the mini pom poms (allow about 35 pom poms for each stick).
Stick the pom poms on: Working quickly, stick the pom poms to the hearts, adding a few at a time. Start in the middle and work your way outwards.
Tidy the bookmark up: Let the glue dry completely and then pick off any bits of glue you see.

Valentine's day craft with pom poms and bookmark craft for kids.

Gifting Suggestions

Pair your Valentine craft bookmark with a box of chocolates or another kind of gift. You might also want to make something edible such as heart shape chocolate lollipops or a Valentine treat box.

Valentine's day crafts with popsicle sticks and pom poms, perfect for kids to create their own lovely bookmarks.
Valentine's day crafts with pom poms are a fun and creative way to celebrate the holiday. Whether you're looking for a pom pom craft or a pom pom valentine craft, there are endless

Valentine’s Day Crafts FAQs

Where can you find wooden heart popsicle sticks?

Any craft store should hold this kind of stock around Valentine’s Day, or you could just buy mini wooden hearts online and use regular popsicle sticks.

Would larger pom poms work?

Feel free to use slightly bigger ones if you prefer! You can take your pick depending what you find in the craft store. If you can’t find any at all, you can cut up pipe cleaners or scrunched up pieces of tissue paper instead.

What’s another use for these bookmarks?

If you’re making these for the little ones, you can use them to point at works or use the stick to follow the sentences. Giving one to someone who doesn’t really read? They also look pretty in pot plants or displayed in another way.

Fun Valentine's day pom pom crafts for kids.
Valentine's day pom pom crafts for kids. Create adorable valentine crafts using pom poms that children will love.

Pom Pom Valentine Craft For Kids

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to engage in a cute and creative craft like making heart-shaped pom pom bookmarks. This fun and easy pom pom craft is sure to bring joy to your loved ones

Heart Shaped Pom Pom Bookmark Craft

Cook Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Servings: 1
Author: Bella Bucchiotti
These cute pom pom bookmarks are so easy to make and they're perfect as a Valentine's Day gift.


  • Plug in hot glue gun and insert glue stick. While the glue is warming up arrange pom poms in the colors that you would like to use. (Each heart stick will hold about 35 to 40).
  • Once the glue is warm, apply glue at the top of the heart and curve around an inch at a time. Apply 3 pom poms at a time due to the hot glue drying fast.
  • Apply a dot of glue where the bottom of the heart is and place one pom pom in the middle of it to make the point of the heart.
  • Continue to apply small lines of glue with 3 pom poms at a time until the heart is filled completely.
  • Once glue is completely dry, take off any extra dry glue as needed using your hands.
  • The bookmarks are now ready to use.
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When it comes to easy Valentine crafts, this pom pom heart craft project is a fun project for older kids and also for younger ones with a little help from you. Valentine pom pom craft is easy and the finished heart shape bookmarks are really special and unusual. They’re a great Valentine’s Day gift!

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