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This beautiful pumpkin centerpiece is made with pumpkins along with succulent cuttings or succulent stems. It’s cute, colorful and perfect for the fall. Can you picture this succulent pumpkin in the middle of your Thanksgiving table this year? A bright orange pumpkin, perhaps surrounded by smaller ones and even some white ones, filled with succulent plants and maybe even some pine cones or sphagnum moss, is sure to look great.

A handmade autumn centerpiece featuring a white pumpkin adorned with succulents and moss on a tray.

Succulent pumpkins offer both a rustic and elegant look. Try this fun project tutorial for yourself. It’s really simple to make a succulent topped pumpkin and you’ll have fun creating your own.

If you love crafting, you might also like to try making some bath supplies for yourself or as gifts, maybe bath bombs or shower steamers. Clay name ornaments for gifts are also easy to make yourself, or what about boozy hot chocolate gifts?

A Thanksgiving succulent centerpiece featuring a pumpkin filled with succulents and moss.

Why You’ll Love It

Easy:  This is a relatively simple project and you don’t need to have green fingers or know anything about gardening or plants.
Creative: Although the stores have no shortage of Thanksgiving and pumpkin themed items this time of year, nothing beats being able to make your own cute decorations, and you are going to love this one!
Giftable: Why stop at just the one succulent pumpkin? Make a few more for your friends, family and colleagues!

A stunning Thanksgiving succulent centerpiece adorned with pumpkins and moss.

What You Need for a DIY Succulent Pumpkin Centerpiece

You need pumpkins in whichever colors or sizes you prefer. You also need jars to go inside the pumpkins and hold the succulents and he succulents themselves.

A (handmade autumn centerpiece) filled with succulents, pumpkins, and other plants.
A handmade autumn centerpiece featuring succulents and moss on a tray, perfect for Thanksgiving decor.

A bag of dirt – either succulent mix or cactus mix – and a spoon and sharp knife are also handy. You might want to use hot glue or spray adhesive if you’re going to add extra embellishments, but that’s optional.

Handmade autumn centerpiece featuring white pumpkins filled with succulents and moss, perfect as a Thanksgiving or pumpkin centerpiece.

How to Make a Succulent Pumpkin Centerpiece

For more detailed instructions, jump to the printable card below.

Prepare the pumpkin:  Use a sharp knife to cut a big circle out of the top of the pumpkin and take out the seeds. Ensure the circle will be big enough for the container you’re using.
Fill the container: Half-fill your container with dirt and then add succulents one by one, pressing some more dirt around the base of each one. Add a small amount of water.
Assemble the pumpkin succulent centerpiece: Next, nestle the container into the pumpkin, using burlap or moss to cover the gap between the pumpkin.
The finishing touches: Add greenery, dried flowers or any other decorations you like, and then display the succulent filled pumpkin as a centerpiece, adding a white pumpkin or two, or some pine cones if you want.

A Thanksgiving succulent centerpiece handmade with an arrangement of succulents and moss.

Substitutions and Variations

Spanish moss, pine cones, dried flowers, burlap, and other decorations can be added to the DIY Thanksgiving centerpiece.

An enchanting display of succulents nestled amidst vibrant pumpkins, creating the perfect Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Consider adding mini pumpkins, white pumpkins and smaller pumpkins to the overall display if the table has enough space.

A rustic Thanksgiving centerpiece featuring a pumpkin filled with succulents and moss.

If you love succulents you can mix and match large, medium and small succulents to personalize the pumpkin succulent centerpiece.

How to Display a Succulent Topped Pumpkin

Succulents in pumpkins look gorgeous as a table centerpiece. Although succulents like to be outdoors or on a sunny windowsill, this pumpkin succulent arrangement for Thanksgiving will be fine on your table for a few days even if that’s not in the sun.

Create a stunning Thanksgiving decor by crafting a Succulent Pumpkin Centerpiece. This unique centerpiece features a group of pumpkins adorned with succulents and moss, adding an organic touch to your festive

How to Care for Your Succulent Pumpkin

Succulents are called that because they hold a lot of water and don’t need watering often. You can water them once a week, ensuring the soil is completely dry before watering. As there isn’t a drainage hole in the pumpkin, don’t add too much water because it can’t drain.

Three pumpkins transformed into a stunning Thanksgiving centerpiece adorned with succulents and moss.

If you enjoy crafting, you might like to plan your Christmas decorations ahead. Perhaps try this dried orange garland or salt dough gingerbread men garland.

Succulent Pumpkin FAQs

How do you care for the succulents when it’s time to throw out the pumpkin?

You can leave the succulents in the container in the pumpkin or carefully remove and put them in a larger one if you want them to grow. I love this pretty succulent planter (here). Succulents thrive on sunlight and prefer at least 6 hours of it daily, so it’s best to keep them somewhere sunny if possible. Caring for succulents is not to difficult even for someone inexperienced with plants.

What kind of succulents are best and where can you buy them?

Any kind of succulents will work in this pumpkin centerpiece. Try Lowe’s, Walmart, florist stores or garden centers and perhaps mix and match big succulents with a flat top with long skinny ones for contrast.

A festive and natural Thanksgiving succulent centerpiece featuring an arrangement of succulents and moss on a tray.

Step-by-Step Succulent Pumpkin Guide

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Succulent Pumpkin Centerpiece

By: Bella Bucchiotti
An easy to follow pumpkin succulent centerpiece tutorial DIY! A planter is a perfect fall home decor or tablescape idea.
Prep Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Servings: 1


  • 1 Sharp knife to cut pumpkin
  • 1 Spoon to scoop seeds


  • pumpkins
  • jars
  • succulents
  • dirt
  • miscellaneous items , Moss found under trees or at flower shops, pine cones, dried flowers or greenery, burlap is an option instead of moss as well.


  • Cut a large circle around the stem and remove the seeds. Make sure you open the pumpkin enough to fit in your container.
  • Before placing the container in the pumpkin, fill it halfway with dirt.
  • Remove the succulents from their pots and gently separate and remove some of the dirt. Fill your pot with a variety of succulents and add just a bit of water.
  • Place the container in the pumpkin. Use moss or burlap to cover the gap between the container and the pumpkin. Add any dried flowers or other greenery you wish.
  • Arrange your pumpkin on your table with any other pumpkins or greenery.


How do I take care of my succulents? 
  • Do not over water.  Succulents can be watered once a week and sometimes less.  Let the soil dry out before watering and don’t add too much water as there is no drainage hole in the container. 
  • When you want to remove them from the pumpkin, you can leave them in the container or replant them in a larger container to allow them to grow. 
  • Succulents prefer at least 6 hours of direct sunlight a day, so put in a sunny location. 
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Fresh pumpkins often feature in seasonal decor and can be used to create a special Halloween or Thanksgiving centerpiece. A solitary pumpkin, or several, will work, but why not take your centerpiece to the next level by adding succulents and making the pumpkin into a succulent planter? Your amazing centerpiece will be the talk of the table for all the right reasons. Although this is an elegant looking decoration, it’s super easy to make yourself at home with this easy to follow tutorial.

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